Steve Dower I Installed Python 3 6 on Windows and I Liked It PyCon 2017


Charlemagne ruins the show

Friend :’ (-_-) ‘

Piano Sonata No. 32 in C minor, Op. 111; II: Arietta: Adagio molto semplice e cantabile.

I said biiiiiiiiiiiiitch.


I would also like to point out that this automated read mispronounces Charles Sanders Peirce’s last name. It reads it as “Park”, so wherever you hear “Park” it is referring to Charles Sanders Peirce (pronounced “purse”).

Government main job main compalsary kar do, apne aap global bhasa ho jayegi.

He just tells you what you want to her.

U r red lipstic is fabulous

Thank you so much

Happy New Year!!

Rick and Morty is the best show ever hands down

So its utter fucking fake

– the people who oversee the slicing and packaging of the bread;

I honestly prefer when fan service is subtle or actually makes sense to the plot. To me Legend of Korra despite its many short comings handled it’s fan service very well.

Dennis Reynolds knows so much about accents

Is cheaper to have payed workers than slaves.

Sins of a Solar Empire

You are awesome! When I have some difficulties I just watch your videos and I understand your explanations very quickly. Thank you very much professor!

This is such BS.

Have we seen any English, American, Japanese, French, Australian individual use Hindi or Sanskrit or any Indian language word/phrase when they wanted to find a synonym or a better word to explain something? I guarantee that the answer will be a big NO. But what do we Indians do when we are having conversation in Assamese, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telegu, etc…we inadvertently slip in a English language word and that apparently is so common-place and rampant almost like as effortless like breathing air in our speech… Now, tell me that you find that downright insulting, slave-like, humiliating behavior?! And on top of that pseudo-liberals in India instead of making us move towards Indian languages actually think that using Sanskrit is an “imposition” …. wow! just wow!



Python 3 Tutorial: 13 – Slicing


Hi friends 🙂

To evaluate the professional / specific

The number of market signals that come from consumers on what and how many to produce is all but nonexistent. The decision to produce is primarily based on the cheaply and effectively a market can be through advertising and horizontal and vertical integration with the tens or hundreds of other products that were pushed onto consumers. No consumer asked for “Cool Ranch Doritos”, but the money used to study addiction to fat, sugar and salt as well as to study the ways to manipulate consumer interest resulted in reports stating that producing this product would take advantage of enough weaknesses of the US consumer that it would be profitable.


He is so amazing! I love to listen to his music it helps me relax or study or even help others and I go to sleep! Ugh I love it!💜💙💖❤

Thanks for this content

Hi Ben! I’m Anaïs! I have just watched your video and I would like to have advices on how to get an HR job in USA when you’re native from an other country? Thanks a lot!

I can’t understd ur speak

I wish there was a crash course philosophy on straussianism

Technology has caused people to lose their humanity. Let’s lay off the cell phones, laptops, video games,& Television. What is so important that we as humans lose our souls to the machine.

Wow it actually looks really better with the color tweak.


Thank you a lot you good reason for i got high scour in test 7

If anyone is interested in the proof:

Alaaa ya quieroque subasmas la serie por que es de los creadores de litter inferno siiii y like me gustaba mucho esa serie like!!!



Waste of time


I’m just thinking or Grover and the legend Pan from Percy Jackson

My head hurts..


How to install Python3 + Pygame on mac os x – Mac computer


Mr. Clifford is a lifesaver.

They can’t be harvard students they are so stupid


Schade das es diese wunderbare doku nicht auf deutsch gibt oder..? Obwohl diese doku mal auf n-tv lief, es ist die beste doku die ich je gesehen habe

Youshould make avid of mandaen

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Lol, i just wanted to type that after you said.

All cultures hear the gospel uniquely (_Peace Child_ book/movie). I wonder what would’ve been the result if he had translated the gospel then asked the Piraha to pray themselves and ask God to reveal Himself personally to them? No need for any human to convince them – as Billy Graham said, “a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument”.

Hi I would like to ask how can we expand our vocabulary?

Our teacher showed this in school

Entrepreneurship and establishing a business should have its own crash course series.

(Ooh give you up)

2: Be attractive



Thank you! I’m learning it a lot and enjoying it as well

They forgot about slovakian.


Python 3 Advent Of Code Day 3 Part 1 & 2


I live in America but i have always found the german language very interesting n i would love to learn it 😅😄

What a load. My life and career put me into contact with a great variety of people, and I have never met a human being who sounds or talks like Donald Trump. This billionaire is no every man.


You’re wrong about Lance Armstrong…his emotions didn’t make him win 7 times…it was STEROIDS! (2013 Hindsight cha cha cha)

Why people do not learn from this tribe?

Skinner is a lot like Freud. He will forever be remembered even though much of what he said isn’t taken seriously anymore. His Skinner Schools for autistic children have been largely replaced.

Charlamagne is a fuckin’ paranoid DOUCHE!!

3:42 In every case I want to see you get snow balled in the face.

Not taking into acount the ideological biases (and racist rantings), there is at least two points of scientific controversies still going on that I can think of :

This is perfect for writing my stories ^_^.

I’ll always stand against this leftist bullshit. Until my last breath. MAGA

Thug notes the best channel ever made. Continue Keepin it real dawg!

Bernie should’ve been elected. Now we have to have carrot face over here.

Should call this sleeping music not study music


Day 23: Web Scraping in Python Programming – Part 3


Waw, i love to watch your video, so sweet

It’s like debating a Christian…

Devlin rejected the distinction between public and private morality,

Readers must give this site “fetching lobon only” (Google it) an attempt. I can read about all kinds of subjects. Some of the subject areas include medical science, history and modern literature. This website is my personal favorite! It has truly exceeded my expectations. My son is also finding out how to read through the help of this website. It will help a lot.

Surprisingly accurate! (There’s a lot of rumors about Klingon and Klingon speakrs, so therefore extra nice to see someone who’s done their research properly.) {majQa’!} (“Well done!”)

I am a programmer


You might be thinking of “talents” through the lens of, “I’m 13 and I’m as skilled of a painter as an art-school professor,” or “I’m extraordinarily good at sciences or maths.” But you have been misled, my friend, that is NOT what “Talent” is!

Its really freightening how jewish actors are always soooo far better than the rest! Is there a reason for this Mr. Singer?

I checked the Wikipedia. Picture is wrong, the video Lao Tzu wear Chinese Buddhist monks clothing. https://www. google. com. hk/search? q=佛教主持&newwindow=1&safe=strict&hl=zh-CN&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjV2-OJ5IrVAhULlJQKHWCaB94Q_AUIBigB&biw=1280&bih=592

And im English, why else would we be watching this video? no-one else does gsce’s. anyway he just sounded new zealand(ish?) at that point 🙂

d. Businesses pay for the resources on resource market.

I can’t explain why, but the hosts of this subject make me feel uncomfortable. Kinda like being in an awkward scene but you’re the only one who picks it up. I like the female, but the scripting gives me this cringe feeling from both. I have social anxiety and get “sympathetic cringes” often, it’s really hard for me to watch this, even though I really am interested in the subject. I feel almost like the male host is way too stiff and the female host tries to overcompensate. Why is he “Mr.” but no one else on this channel feels the need for a title.

Six months?! Sorry, I don’t have that kind of time.

Why is Charlamagne acting as if he is above Martin? Angela at least seems to understand what Martin’s talking about.

In the end I salute all the Social workers who struggle for this issue everyday. May God really come in the dreams and slap them and wake them up from this stupidity which is harassment to another human. He has no right to serve these rules on anyone on this entire planet

She missed one thing. He also has a tendency to repeat parts of sentences for emphasis. “It’s going to be the greatest wall you’ve ever seen. . .the greatest.” I don’t think he speaks like everyday people. I also don’t think he speaks like a child although he does use very rudimentary, unsophisticated language. I think the cadence of the speech is off.

Looking at the playlist. . . RAINBOWS!!!

Yes, you can, but Trump is not doing that. He’s not that smart. He is just unfiltered, insecure and self-obsessed.


Can you add gone with the wind to your list?


Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 10 – Start Menu


If you think this is fake news because it doesn’t agree with what you believe in then suck it up SNOWFLAKE!

Net neutrality is bring eroded just one way power is trying control the web

Why people resistance change more logical question.

I can’t wait until you make a gaming channel

Brilliant vid, very helpful. Will there be any labour market videos coming soon?

The disregard for authorial intent is why I never enjoyed English. I always found authorial intent so interesting and revealing about the greater context for why that author decided to write stuff.

The most important thing is to familiarise yourself with the sound and tempo of the language. Listen to a radio station or watch movies in target language (no subtitle on, because you are focussing on sound and delivery) and listen and watch how the person moves their mouth and form words and over accentuate this process at first, really enjoying the process of having your mouth and facial muscles form the word and produce the sound. Become an expert at this skill by itself. Once you have immersed yourself for a few months in this then recede to watching very basic programmes with the subtitles on (watching first with target language subtitle on so you get familiar with the words written and spoken, then watch with English subtitle. Watch a particular segment for a few minutes do not read the subtitles and get into the flow of the language, try and see if what is said makes any sense (for instance Italian is obviously Latin based and there is a large cross over of Latin words in English). Then go over the segment again and correct yourself. Do not worry about grammar at all, because you are dealing with material that is grammatically correct, this facility will kick in automatically. Then go back to watching movies, and toggle between higher levels of language usage and the lower levels until you can drop the more basic stuff away. The last step would be to read basic texts, newspapers and also to try converse.


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Si! Ya extrañaba Little Inferno. Ojala este juego tenga una historia y una jugabilidad igual o mejor a la de Little Inferno,

“Kids aren’t afraid to take a chance… If they don’t know, they’ll have a go. They’re not frightened of being wrong” & we program this out of them with tests and curriculum aimed to prepare them for the next level of education.

Wow, finally an easy to access and understand guide about referencing. Great!

So people were not speaking any language until that Anatolian language spread and came to them? And French came from nowhere in the middle-age? (Latin, anyone?)

Great job

You explained succinctly in 2:15 mins what my economics professor couldn’t in 5 lectures. Amazing.

Ahem. Where are the women writers of the 20th century (take Simone du Beauvoir “Second sex” or Toni Morrisons works for influence)? And non-english/non-western culture influential books (I mean what happened to “Crime and Punishment” by D-skij)? Come on, WM, you can dig a little deeper and do better!

From the time we still had tomorrow

I wish I’d found your videos 6 months ago – Thank you so much. Soooooo helpful!!

What a legend, this guy actually taught me French and Maths!😂

…there was no mention of “survival of the fittest”. I think if there was only solid moral reason to eating a person, it would be the first one to die. Just wait for the first person to die (the weakest). In this way, murder is left out of option. I agree with what one guys said, murder is murder”. Period.

Teach me like teaching a child


How To Remove An Object From A Dictionary in Python 3


I speak 9 languages

Evolves language? “He uses language in a way that everyone hears something different”

Die Blumen gebe ich der Frau. (Same meaning like SViOdO)

I have read him in the past, and he does a lot of talking, so hang on! If anything I can take away from his message is his energy. His energy ignites the GIANT within you. You do not have to be a world renowned, guru, or famous. Your GIANT may not have that capacity, but it certainly encompasses the thing that satisfies you.

What program does khan use for his videos any idea?

Why does no one think that the only route that is possibly fine – is if the cabin boy kills himself to feed the others? Otherwise, lottery, consent, or not, in all cases it IS murder. Someone else taking the life of another.

Stefan… Okay. I see the farm. But, how do I stop paying my taxes? 🙂

Presidents are just puppets that obey their leaders!

“I hope the world lasts for you.” I like it.

I speak english at school and spanish at home

This is a cool looking game. It reminds me of when I had to write a few assembly programs dealing with registers and doing math operations. Those were the days seeing all the different outcomes different students got by making tiny mistakes in their code. 🙂

What balls this guy had.


Need to be writing an 15 paragraph essay about the cold war right now oops

After Cyrus the great, Reza shah and his son M. R. shah were the most likable kings of Iran.

I write with a mix of about 3/4 of these examples. I also mix capitals and lowercase thought words but it’s never the same each time. Sometimes I write neat and sometimes sloppy. Sometime all lowercase and sometimes all caps. Soooo… Can any of these studies be true?

Couldn’t Batman find himself to be a Rule Utilitarian after all? If he were to kill the Joker, he would set about a precedent for the city of Gotham that vigilante justice is acceptable, which would mean that the society in the long run would suffer from people making quick and rash judgments that Batman could never judge, being committed to the same belief himself?

What institution do you go to? Nice video btw!


4:04 Why do you have glue on your desk?

PositEEve slope lol


Python 3: Function Decorators


What is wrong with having sex with animals?

I’m sorry its not you sir, its me.. i cant understand your accent

You will be assimilated.

This woman is an idiot, I wouldn’t use her to analize my dump

Evil is made not born.

Sometimes when people speak I can’t understand what they are saying.. it’s clear to others but to me it isn’t. why the fuck is this? I am not deaf or anything..

Great stuff, very inspiring!!

Member berries

In terms of technology, infrastructure (internet, cable), sure. Forgive the exaggeration. The point is that “the West” will always be ahead of “the developing” world because that’s the way that the West likes it.

He is so quiet in these old ones!

Nice vedios I think Its covering the moral and ethical portion of our life. it’s give the moral responsibility towards society as well as a moral responsibility of an individual toward the doing ethical dilemma


So palms sweaty – moms spaghetti you think is “impressive”? holy shit those are childish lyrics. the Lyrics in Metal are a million more times intelligent than modern Rap. you only picked & like Eminem is because he’s so popular. he lyrics are as if a 12 year old Boy wrote them. Old school Rap and many of Ice T’s lyrics are Good.


Dang that’s deep.

…but I lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.- John Green

For thesis help, please feel free to message us: https://m. facebook. com/Research-Ink-Thesis-Consultant-and-Statistician-147248315863777/

I literally typed ‘music for making thesis’ and this showed up. thank you :)))))))

Superb explanation… But where is the remaining part? Essay body and conclusion i cannot find your link.. Please provide

I just realized this john green wrote the fault in our star wow.

Eso es sola mentira y me boy a des suscribir


Guide To Python 3 Variables


I’ve stopped at 0:03.

Love it…we are all humans..leaves of one tree, drops of one ocean…citizens of mankind…:-) brilliant work..

Well then any 13 yr old is as good as buddha….cuz i found his ideology to be a vey basic human intellectual. thought..

And DR Kerry Spackman Winner of the 2009 KEA World Class Award for Creative Thinking, Kerry is one of those rare polymaths who can operate at the highest international level in multiple disciplines. He has a unique ability to make complex topics simple and engaging. say in his book the winner bible:

The future of Feminism

-Economists use three main measures to achieve the goals above: GDP, unemployment rate, inflation rate → GDP most important: value of all final goods and services produced within a country’s border within a specific period of time (usually a year)

I don’t quite understand why there has to be a perfect 50/50 split of men and women in every field. Why can’t there be fields that are simply dominated by men and other fields that are dominated by women? As long as there is an equally easily achievable opportunity to enter every field for both sexes, it is perfectly fine for there to be deviations.

He did’nt really say much at all in this segment

Fools… how I pity them. 😂 And yes by the way, I DO have a Rick and

Thank you very much for a well-balanced, structured and useful lecture!

Intertextuality is just the production companies ways of making sure they will make money, not caring at all about art, depth in the history & proper script writing, directing cleverness, etc. It is what basically kill a movie / franchise. The best recent example is Kingsman 2, a producers-making-money kinda movie where 100% of it is intertextualised. Huge turd, while the first one was in fact watchable and likeable according to me…

Nice…A must watch for Intermediate students..

Well base on the situation, the truth is that, the law is made by men, and only the living can face law’s intepritation, if the boy was not kill for other to survived there will not be anthing to talk about today and the will not be a room for what we are talking about today, all men are living today base on secrifse that some made many years back. let us exame a situation were a woman is pregnant and expeting a bay but what could happen is that the preregnat is etopic pregnat, it’s fifty fifty, so no man will like to trad with his life, the pregnacy must be terminated for sorvivrer of the mother. so there are situations that demand for a radical solution, in other to allow contnuity of man esistence.

Its so sad how man does not realize what its doing to our planet aka earth we created all this heck! how can we be so cruel to our OWN planet at least aliens do better than us and the worst thing is that no one cares about animals YOU KNOW ANIMALS HAVE A LIFE TO AND ITS U AKA HUMANS WHO HAVE NO LIFE a human: a piece of sh*t an enemy to earth cares about nothing does not help the poor…

Perfect video for getting the basics right. thanks bro.

Dukkha is not mean suffering at all, for the some reason

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Python 3 Tutorial 11: Dictionaries Pt 1


-2 current day economic systems are market economies and planned economies (which comes down to who owns and controls the factors of production) → Karl Marx classified these as Land, labour, and capital

Man’s search for meaning, Meditations, Ordinary Men

Weak list


Www. helpwithassignment. com

1987 = Good Song


I get that this is the opinion of those at the WatchMojo office, but how did you guys not include, or even mention, The Divine Comedy or Paradise Lost?

4:25 well, wouldn’t it still be better jobs, just fewer of them

Now we’re all gunna have the same context – reckon the examiners will clock?

8 million lonely people watched this

This is some quality damn content here. 30 minutes, no annoying nonsense, interesting subject matter, and an engaging and likable host.

And though the discipline is still in the making and in its infancy, it is developing and spreading fast.

That’s a great question and I’ll try to explain why we live in the Matrix. We are living a lie because the Fed and US economy is caught in a policy failure of the early 1990’s: the investment class (or.001%) have policy partnered with poorer households( Mexico /china) with a much lower resource cost to business and put American households income under considerable downward pressure. The investment class like the renewed profits made by offshoring their businesses. The once high US consuming households who think their jobs were safe have increased their debt and saved little (commonly called a Minsky Moment).The fourth money supply trick is that wall street and Washington can distort important commodities (oil) and currencies through fiat money printing to emulate interest rate drop on the average consumer. When you can’t lower interest rates there is the ‘good news’ of lower oil (et al). By keeping the US dollar high compared to other countries(purchasing power) Americans feel rich (thus socially stable) and the one and only lucrative export still protected is military( and associated) sales. The middle east must be kept unstable for four reasons: 1. to keep the US oil supplies high and at the right price. 2. Keep middle east leaders needing US military protection creating multilateral instability 3 To ensure Israel expansion further beyond GASA. 4 Keeping the US as the worlds only super power will keep the US dollar as the worlds gold currency. Only a few in Washington understand this plot and it is in conflict with a moral America who could not possibly think that their own governments could be causing so much unbelievable grief to the world. Reality is stranger than the fictional storey of the Matrix which is a great movie.

Do you have a video on elastic supply?

5:24 dumb lol

Yeah we do. in modern greek we have four cases.

Bless his southern heart XD

“go get a voice coach” – to mke ppl listen to u 😂

According to this video im artistic, creative, good selfesteem, optimistic, ambitious, expressive, social, talkative, imaginative, and childlike. honestly if i think about it thats all true.

Had no idea that this was a thing, but I’ve always done it, thought that’s what it was what you were supposed to do


Why 60 seconds only…..

Taher ben jelloun is a very popular and famous Moroccan author