01.- Curso Python 3.X ¿Qué será lo que tiene Python?


3 people got heart attacks soon after

If you take requests then… demons, please!

That story was fucking depressing, very helpful though.

Most of these empty suits (politicians that she speaks of) are just drones who practice their shtick and use teleprompters to get through a single sentence, not as in an aid to complete a speech without breaking eye contact with the audience, as was originally intended.

با سپاس از دانشگاههای آمریکا که در نهایت روشنفکری و سخاوتمندی در طی ده سال گذشته تمام دروس خود را به رایگان در اختیار مردم جهان قرار دادند. اینبار یک مجموعه از دروس « فلسفه عدالت» دانشگاه هارواد را برای دوستان مشتاق انتخاب کرده ام که توجّه دقیق به آنرا پیشنهادمیکنم

How many languages do you speak?

Holy fuck i rewatched this and thought about it, youre a fuckin genious

People can be offended about everything, if we would avoid offending everyone we would never get out of the door, it is simply impossible.

What a load. My life and career put me into contact with a great variety of people, and I have never met a human being who sounds or talks like Donald Trump. This billionaire is no every man.

You point out that sexist/racist/whatever is pleasurable, but so is being morally outraged. And outrage culture is exactly that: a hedonistic outlet that allows us to righteously harass and denigrate people in a way that would be wholly unacceptable if they hadn’t been declared as valid targets for violating social norms. The people “calling him out” were harassing him in a way that’s socially acceptable — this is where the slur “crybullies” comes from: harassment being justified by either portraying yourself as the victim (“so how dare you question behaviour”) or speaking on behalf of the supposed victims (whether they actually exist or not).

When does it comes out


I love your expression

Right… but if you like everything you have and you like your easy access clean water and easy access to food, the medical technology and knowledge, the education for your children (as bullshit as the system is) that feeds him the knowledge of past generations, the warm when its cold and the cold when its hot, the entertainment you have, the power you have, the ability to make this video, the technology to make this video and everything you enjoy and consider a necessity then you’d be best staying in the farm. You can’t make money out sadness but you can put a price on joy. And it profits everyone if they male you happy and you become a “slave”

@DeeJaySoulStep I don’t doubt that ISN has a complex grammar but it’s only existed for about 30 years; I presume it’s still evolving. The main point is: nobody had a clue what was going on until Kegl went in and I doubt that even Kegl (the window for native-speaker language acquisition having long since closed for her) understood every sign, point of grammar, etc. And I don’t know what stage the research had reached by the time this documentary footage was made.

Beautiful 🙂

Well what we’re in danger of losing is freedom of expression. Honestly I think the shirt looks quite ugly and I would never wear it myself, but to say it is offensive or that he can’t or shouldn’t wear it is ridiculous. Women graduate less in stem areas because men and women are different. One isn’t better than the other, but the interrests of people tend to fall in line with their gender identity. You say that we might only think these are facts because they have been engrained into our society, but let me ask you this. Why is it that the majority of men in the fashion industry are gay? They are men, so if your theory that it is the cause of societal pressure were true then you’d assume that sexuality wouldn’t be relevant, right? Yet it is. It seems that men who are genetically more feminine also share the same interrests as the majority of women. So would it not be the logical conclusion that genetics and actual biological differences between genders plays a major role?

The views are gonna spike up now😂😂😂 #lastminuterevision

Iron Man 2 (2010)


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