01 – Installing OpenCV 3 for Python 3 on Windows


It’s pronounced scare-city, by the way!

@hamnat don’t you have some homework to do?

And when household income is zero

Why are you reading this? Why are you not doing your work. stop procrastinating

Not all Austians are dark and disturbin – *Hitler walks in

Alain: slow down. I can’t keep up.


One of the best!

Very inspiring

Thanks for understanding

Yes, “Rosling’s soothing assurances are analogous to a physician telling her lung cancer patient, not to worry, don’t get treatment. There’s lots of good news: your teeth have no cavities, your vision is excellent, and I see no symptoms of flu.”

Soooo…your saying that the libertage from crash course US history was actually secretly Canadian the whole time. My world view just imploded.

E-lasticity, what a guy

אכן מעורר מחשבה



Hahaha very funny video :D:D:D

My brain rhymes, like no other.

Ariel, can you expand on your statement, “Skinner’s philosophy is one of the most misinterpreted works in the history of social science”

Yay existential crisis…

Axis of evil


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