01 Python 3 MySQL Database Access – Create Database and User


Show her money or power you do not need all this complicated senceless psychology.

A link over voluntary control and language is created lightly. Inherent understanding of grammar is needed. Different languages, even sign languages, are only superficially different and involuntary gestures are the primary tool for communication, the same in all cultures.

Bunch of bullshit more psychological warfare go ahead somebody please ask me why..

They are all very talented! The girl is really good-she reminds me of Frank Burns in M*A*S*H. He was such a good actor you forgot he was actually very handsome

U make good points but, u make many leaps of logic and very poorly link cause and effect. the larger point gets lost, which is that fractional reserve banking is at the root of exploitation or what you call enslavement.


Hello sir uploard the frist chapter 5 importan question answers

Watching this in 2017 😄

Third, The nasty conspiracy of 1979 was engineered by the bastard carter, britain and france. Savak was a decent secret police which all the countries have. SAVAK was like CIA, FBI, KGB and all other intelligence service. I wonder why it’s okay for other countries to have intelligent service but for Iran is a big deal?!!!Under Savak Iran was safe. There was not that much killing as mullas are doing today. As a matter of fact all these bastards from khomeini to khamenehie who are ruling Iran were in Shah’s jail and arrested by Savak. And see what happen to Iran and to the world now! The nasty illegal regime of Iran was the first official terrorist government in the middle east. As soon as khomeini came to power he made the terrorist group; hezbollah, in 80’s. Today khamenehie support all the terrorist groups around the world and made the middle east up side down by an indirect war. hamas, hezbollah, houti and all others are supported vastly by mullas. If you have any question about the nasty conspiracy of 1979 feel free to ask. I was the witness and I was in the middle of it when it happened.

Great great talk.

Idot idot blooming idot

All the great info we get for FREE! I love GOOGLE!

Disliked because it’s WatchMojo and for no other reason.

A question…

Thank You for this, I am very bad with English!


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