06 Python 3 MySQL Database Access – Excel to MySQL


C u pl. let me know what is the scope after completed MAin eco. or phd

Its not about how many languages you speak it about how you use it in real world to communicate.

Hahaha I was just assigned to watch this for my class. I’ve been watching +CrashCourse for years now, this is the greatest homework ever!

Roses are violets are blue so is your hair you fucking weaboo

Maybe it helps you. 😀

To devolving and improving? .

If that’s the future then the Communists were hipsters

Yet with the tap on her iPad, a hologram appears that she can use as a touch screen!

Just one brief practical question.

Great lecture, I love how “to the point” it was presented in.

Thou shalt not kill.

ii) If he selfishly says No way and attemps to run. I will think he’s a probably a selfish coward and a worse person than at least one of the five on the track. So I’ll throw him over.


Did no one else hear that Illuminati shit

This is soooo painful to watch as a scripter

“You could rattle the stars…” ToG

Even just 100 years ago that world sucked so much half of us would probably take our lives if we were teleported there. Humanity have grown so much more full of respect and tolerance (of minorities), and life is so much easier now and less filled with diseases, ostracism etc.


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