[1] How To Make A Calculator In Python 3


I guess I’m just talking to myself.

BULLSHIT! The proto-Indo-European language is MUCH MUCH older than that and originated in Anatolia (Asia Minor, present-day Turkey). Indo-European languages were spread via Neolithic farmers, not a bunch of nomadic steppe niggers.


C quoi se jeux? … je vais regarder et après je commente :p

You are a life saver! I still dislike microeconomics

You are such a cool prof. I wish 1% of my professors at my “ivy” league university were that realistic

Thankyou, i have my english A level exam tomorrow and i got some interesting notes from this which should prove beneficial. much appreciated

You explained it better than my professor

Because I really love this game and am not sure if my computer can take the graphics

애벌레가 무척 귀엽네요

Эт афтоняк, екнэк.

“But it ain’t been real good.”

To give up your humanity, it to give up life itself. As moral men, they ought to die as moral men.

Thank you this makes things much clearer

Pinches anuncios, portesen serios hps de youtobe

Al quran


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