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Thugger is like Pablo piccaso

Why do we lose sight of these truths?

Is this lady for real?

Self confidence is easy when you realise that the other guy is self-conscious too. And I mean ALL the other guys. The interviewer, the boss, the teacher, the lecturer, the potential date. Next time you approach an interaction with another human being that seems daunting, remember (or just imagine) that that person is scared of being found out as lacking. And, the bigger they are, the further they have to fall, and the more terrified they are of that potential fall.

Young thug IS NOT evolving language, hes clearly DE-EVOLVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magnifique. Merci

For others, this answer might not be acceptable because it can be hard to live if you feel as though you have many things wrong with you but I advise anyone struggling with depression to think “What am I going to do about it?” because just living for vitality isn’t living but merely existing and the difference between that and death is the continuous of a heart beat but not of a soul. Try to turn your Depression into a passion, a reason, and a purpose to live. I you hate the way you look try make make-up, plastic surgery, new clothes, or think outside of the norm to make yourself look the way you want to. There is a solution to every problem even if it hasn’t been found or cost more then you have work toward finding it or affording it.

I think dudley, s action would be justified if it was based on parker, s own wish. i mean ‘consent ‘ may be coecive but wish’is a different thing[sacrifice on his own decision] ; in philosophical manner but logically, how could we know it was based on wish[sacrifice] not based on coercion.

Sir itni shudh hindi ni ATI……

I would just say, be yourself.

Copyto 0

Should of looked at gza


Cate was the best Bob from Not There.

I was thinking about body of this essay. Using the introduction above what are we going to write in the body of essay? Are we going to support our idea that diet is also important and give some reasons why or what?

Does this remind anyone of Harrison Bergeron?


I reckon this is my experience exactly.

His accent is adorable and just fine. He just needs to find a new gf who appreciates it.

Ma’am plz add text in vdo and add more data 11 min for 5 is may time consuming…… baki aap vry cute ho ma’am……

Worthy to know,

Me inspiro


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