3 Ways of print Fibonacci sequence in python


Simply amazing especially in these troubled times

Cool video. Don’t know if I agree with everything, but the visual transitions were really nice lol

In the fatman and the trolley case, it is categorically wrong to push him in front of the trolley because you can’t be sure if the machinist could brake in time and you can’t posibbly believe even in this hippotetical scenario that a man in the way can stop a moving trolley (you even consider that you can end up killing a person for nothing, no greater happiness would be obtained). I think we would just hope for the best given the ammount of uncertainties… whereas while you drive you know you can’t brake and you know that you will save the five workman

Materialism has its limits. For what we spent in Vietnam we could have bought Bolivia.

Amazing! Thank you for inspiring me to learn more.


It’s so weird how when Charlamagne interviews a black person and criticizes them like he did to Lil Mama, anyone from a reality show, Birdman etc, no one bats an eye. When Charlamagne doesn’t suck a white person’s dick he gets bashed for it….

Words can’t describe how engaging & inspiring every single video you have ever done has been to myself, and countless others. You are doing something amazing kaptainkristian, beyond immediate comprehension & understanding. This work that you’re doing will live on, and I am forever grateful to you.

Sir why r u always so restless. plzz be slow stop youself from shaking and plzz, while teaching dont move so much because it dont let us to concentrate


Julian Treasure


So Brusspup is a girl? Cool

I hate doing rough drafts and reflections I hate them I still have a lot to do

My pronounce isn’t clear, less vocabulary and too long to think about what I wanna talk


What the name of the softwear which read the text?

The civil war was not fought over slavery you twit. The civil war had absolutely nothing to do with slavery

After I watch this video, I realize that Daymond John also has Brooklyn accent

You feel somehow, but that does not justify your opinion. Wearing or not wearing something is optional, blowing your emotional reaction to it out of proportion to underline your importance is just attention seeking, since you may feel you weigh less on the scale of achievements to a world class scientist.

It was interesting to see there was another culture that had the idea of sacrificing royalty for a better communion with nature.



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