5.1 Métodos de listas (Parte 1) – Tutorial de Python 3 em Português


The Buddhism philosophy is great. The teachings leads you to the path of ‘awakening’ or self-realization.

Would they rescue Donald Trump is he was president?

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Do British and Australian actors doing “American” accents (or any other actors whose first language is not an American dialect). McNulty in The Wire, Jesse in Preacher, Al in Deadwood, Margot Robbie in The Wolf of Wall Street…

Chinese is not a language! Haha.. so many are saying they’re learning or know it!

This actually helped me, thank you

((( the media ))) is owned by ((( jews )))

Mediation is only way, as buddha said, is the best choice, not only to end sufferings but in some extreme cases where rationality becomes ambiguous, and only it(mediation) can maximize welfare and utility.

This was amazing, thank you!

Awesome, you did brilliantly! I actually applied to English Lit at Newcastle too but knew that in my circumstances I’d never manage the grades. I’m sure you’ll have a blast! And same here, it’ll be fun to chat about our courses! 🙂

I’m so confused my topic is family violence

Sir, i couldn’t get the terms “upwards to right” or “upwards to left” in context of slopes, please explain?

In the other 2 scenarios: the fat” man and surgery, I can murder someone to save 5


Why didnt i discover you until now… my exams tomorrow many thanks!

Can you please do a video on ncs? 🙂


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