Alex Martelli – Exception and error handling in Python 2 and Python 3 – PyCon 2016


No people has ever lived in peace, ever! I would bet all my money on that “the native amaricans” had fights as well, not to mention injustice! the leader was the strongest and the smartest was the shaman. Now this system would work today too if it was not “unethical” toward the less fortunate in life.

What is SO wrong about caring about the correct usage of a word? It is pretentious and annoying to correct every single mistake but for fuck’s sake can people just use the right form of words like your and you’re or there, their, and they’re. Is it SO hard to spell a word correctly? Most browsers have spell check and grammar check. Pay attention in English class.

Can’t thank you enough for the invaluable insight. Dil maange more.

I’m not crying, you are crying

Hi Liz is there any of your video about body paragraphs???kindly give me the link??

I never realized he sounds like Zoidberg

Just be yourself for God sake it’s innate.

Especially if they are in leadership positions (for more information,

Thus mankind is given a job to create jobs for the robots.

This video is fantastic

Beautiful music, esp love the one about 33 minutes in

“if you want that elbow room just take it”….lol like to see that big bob bout sit down and you taken half his space…..his face reaction….priceless

Easy peasy lemon squeez

Watched all 3 back to back and now I want more! Wish I had this in high school instead of the teacher I got who was sooooo boring and dry good god!

Although I turned down the amount of rhymes for this speach.

Watched over 30 of your videos for my UNC Chapel Hill Econ 101 final. Thank you for making sense. You’re a life saver!

I hope the world lasts for you… Wow.

Quit playing with that rubber ducky, im trying to study!!!!


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