Алгоритмы на Python 3. Лекция №11


It’s wHat so it wouldn’t be pronounced H-Wut, it would be pronounced W-Hut

Thank you for the tutorials Mr. Sato. These videos are helping me prepare for the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) essay questions. However, Mr. Sato, what are some strategies, answering an essay question if I do not have knowledge of the essay topic? I do not know what essay questions are on the CSET. Thank you for your advice.

Ain’t that just like the book of Eli

This linguist wasted two year of her life studying the way Trump speaks and found out what what every one else knows in 5 minutes, that he is a fucking idiot.

Can you guys make few types of nukes? Like cheaper for one s that have small range and low damage, and very expensive for high range and high damage.

I think he was on the moon while giving this speech lol

I sit a lot awkwardly around people but I don’t hate my family or anyone… But maybe it depends on the person

YOU are the Hyperbole BS!!!!!!

Thoughts don’t influence actions! Even more, you can’t control your negative self image by saying – now I am going to believe in myself and going to look at myself in a positive light. That’s just the usual garbage we find everywhere. Why do they let someone so incompetent on the subject talk about it at all!? Oh, I am loosing confidence in these TEDx talks.

How destructive, even aliens hate us

This was interesting AF

Biggie Flow has the sexiest grouping of words you will ever read or listen to.. Eminem has a special way of writing as well which makes me consider him one of the best ever.

Just gave you few dollars by cicking on banner ad

Lol humans are resourceful…it really works for me

There will be communism. Everyone will remain on handouts.

You come across as a MASSIVE faggot in this video. Not the rarely used gay slur, but the general douchebag faggot sense. So high up on yourself for really taking this seriously and researching. With only an inclining of backbone you wouldn’t default to the, “well there must be a valid reason if they’re so upset”. Instead you should, as an adult, be able to recognize idiots that would get offended over a shirt aren’t to be taken seriously.

An Idiolect sounds like something that we would call a language for idiots lol

Man make your videos beter if you want eny likes.

Jack àte iop and toke drugs

Salman plz consider this question


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