Animation in Python 3: Vector / Turtle Graphics


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It has nothing to do with “gender”, which is an unecessary term anyway. But with sexual biology. There have been countless studies which show that men are naturally better at maths and sciences and that women are better at languages. So naturally more men gravitate to STEM fields amd it’s a good thing that they do, simply because they are better at it and we would want to have the best scientists we could have in each field. The fact that women are less likely to make it into peer review can be explained through the bellcurve of probability of intelligence. While women cluster around average intelligence, men are more spread out, which means there are way more male idiots but also way more geniuses. Since it’s those geniuses that produce a vast number of important scientific discovery it is only natural that men are “overrepresented” in peer reviewed articles.

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I am aware that you wrote that incorrectly on purpose. However…

1232 .880436 W | PID: 4436 | 500 .626421 Could not recognize the mime type of coui://pa/terrain/earth. json


Rick and morty is for autistic children who like to think they’re geniuses, because they have a pessimistic outlook.

If what he’s doing with the medication he owns doesn’t break anybody financially and is accessible to those who need it, then fine. He’s cool. That’s why i hated him. If what he’s saying is true then who cares about any of this other bullshit. If it’s not true, crucify him, no matter where he comes from.

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Sir ur lectures r awesome.

Same with Prison Architecture way overpriced for what you actually get. Seems indie devs are getting greedier and want more.

I was screaming at the screen only to figure out I was wrong 😅 hope to see more


Superb things shown by you on static friction!!!!!!

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Everything in the world is connected, and can be linked together one way or another.


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