ASCII Art Cat in Python 3


I am interested to have a copy of this system. how ca i get it? i am now connected with the HR department. this will be a big help and will facilitate the information dissemination to all our employees.

Yaay Foucault! You never cease to amaze me! Good work guys! Many thanks from france ๐Ÿ™‚

My dad personally doesn’t have an interest in YouTube and hardly watches YouTube videos but when I showed him Prince Ea’s videos he literally cried. He kept saying “So true man.” I NEVER see my dad cry or get tears in his eyes but this really got him AND me. I’m really happy he watched this with me.๐Ÿ’˜

Granth hsiab consider sweeper filthy

Anyone who cannot see the bullshit is brain dead or has no mind of that works on its own creep from hell you want him as anything but a reality con man dream on u. s.a. SAD

Ahhhh the beginning of this made me so anxious. 60 seconds!? Thanks for explaining it again.

@1:41 ….. wth was that? clue – eye

Allow me to ask… where are the Thacians within this “history” you are teaching us?

There’s also the ablative case, used in Latin with certain prepositions in the singular. (In the plural, it’s the same as dative.) And there’s the vocative case, used for addressing the second person and sometimes similar to the nominative: (“Kyrie” is Greek for “O Lord.”)

The 12 stages are similar to legends of zelda a link between worlds

I really wish that you would do a basic yoga routine because I really liked your other video on yoga โ˜บ xx

Hey eve, I am in year 11 and I have made all my mindmaps for English lit, and know that I have created them what would you recommend me to do like should I just recap my notes I made on my mindmap or something else xx p. s your highlight is poppin๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”ฅ

@WolYou My pet theory is that hope/faith/religion were necessary for our early ancestors to survive and this hardwired predilection became genetically ingrained through natural selection. Hopeless humans simply don’t do well in extreme survival situations.

The breaks were responsible only in the first story the second the man that took control is responsible in the second

You forgot the Indo Europeans in America.

I Enjoy these videos and they help me, im taking macro next year so i will be back but its the end of this semester for me..

… AND IDIOTS GO TO INDIA FOR enlightenment???

Your videos are very very helpful to me. thank you sir..!!

Bascally if the USA made Wheat (Which it does) It’s cheaper cause the USA is good at it.

“A 30 second answer is ideal” according to the caption at the beginning…then she talks for three minutes. Thanks for the consistent advice.

What about Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan or Robin Hood?

Tl;dr skip to and don’t waste your time.

She twiddles and flinches like she’s uncomfortable, but talks and talks about herself. I wouldn’t hire her. Also, rule of the skirt– answer long enough to cover it, but short to keep the interest.


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