Basic Input and Output : Python Tutorial #3


This video is so cringeworthy

That’s trippy as fuck oh my god

I made some coffee for you.

Great work.

SUPPORT WAR AGAINST BREEDERS & BREEDING! OUTLAW HUMANS REPRODUCING! MANDATE VASECTOMIES & ABORTIONS! NOBODY has given their consent, their permission, to be forced into this world by their stupid breeding parents.

Leader can neither pass a law nor perform governmental actions

Its just a toon

Internet, e-mail and browsing.

Did you see that on Tumblr? -__-

I’d love to hear this guy’s take on the Panzer Language from the Panzer Dragoon series

I personally never seen any of my friends write i agree… because…. All my friends would write something like this. It is irrefutable that in order for the successful growth of a nation necessitates an adequate and constitutionallized education system.

I think the percentage of women in STEM jobs doesn’t matter. People should get hired based on their abilities. One shouldn’t automatically get hired just because they are a certain race or gender.

Woow our plans are pretty similar! I’m also taking a gap year next year and I was also planning on working first and then some kind of work/volunteering abroad and backpacking through south-east asia! And I’m Dutch as well 🙂 (I’m 100% Dutch though and currently living in the Netherlands)

Early Release: Too fucking bad, (I don’t have a damn explanation.)

Do not forget the God of Heavens just by these kinds of entertainment!


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