Brett Cannon What’s new in Python 3 6 PyCon 2017


Im gonna remember the word K. I.S. S-Keep It Simple Stupid 😂

I’d love to see the game get another year of development, spent on optimisation, polish, sound engineering and UI design.

3. Hong Kong

That’s why I want to become a physicist. Super cool.

4:38 “If this were true, I would say that the Shudras are the greatest because everyone longs to touch the feet of God. As the Shudras are born out of His holy divine feet, they must certainly be the most adorable. Know if Has the caste system to be accepted, then the Shudras should be respected as the highest caste. And if you are reluctant to accept that, everyone should belong to the highest caste, then all will be equal. Due to the totally absurd dogma of the caste system, people have been paralysed mentally.”

Hmm… Guess my brain is more developed than yours

Nice belt, cliff!

You know you had a lot of work to do when you reach the end of this video 😛

Hi can you give me some points about how to compare different policies? Like tax vs subsidies vs regulation vs information provision vs tradable permits. This is for the evaluating points of the final essay. Thank you!!

Thank you for the good work, my professors.

I love world of goo and this game you are awesome Tango!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I can’t understand your


The humane treatment of prisoners is what any moral/sane riot should hope to gain by rioting against a current system, unless they feel the judicial system is being too lenient. A better prison system is both practical and moral. To try and regress to a point where it’s inhumane, which will cause Anarchy is to display that you are either unable to think logically or more likely that you want a particular outcome, which is the destruction of a social structure by any means possibly, even if it means the inhumane treatment of it’s outcasts (an immoral position).

There is nothing that beats Generals zero hour and then Supreme comander

I am from South Tyrol, here the dialect is still really present and no one speaks Standard German, but it’s really similar so everyone can speak it to. Since there are almost as many German people as Italian people in South Tyrol (Because it is located in Italy) everyone knows Italian too, because it’s easier than German.

If you don’t know how to fix our world then please.

I WISH I got 7 hours of sleep per night. And I don’t even study!

The green shirt looked terrible

No, wide spaces between words means “i’m trying to reach at least 4 pages on this essay but i have nothing to say and have already repeated everything several times”

This is suppose to be funny but people, this is fast becoming our reality


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