Building OAuth2 login link with Python 3 urllib urlencode


Why dont uni profs just do a hand out where it states the type of ref in one column n the order in the other. Good grief they make it more difficult than it has to be!

Cossacks should’ve been in the list.


That is exactly what we need, stories from all the people of the world. What keeps us ignorant to poverty is that we usually compare ourselves with the neighbours, people around us. Every person in this movie is equal, what makes us different is environment.

I can also understand Plautdietsch. A Dutch speaker can not most of the time.

Wow. Awesome.

How is this admirable? Shouldn’t we hold this man to a higher standard if we are going to study him? – – – Foucault reading himself: “I don’t really care if I understand Foucault and what he has to say. I really just want to take my own understanding of him and do whatever the hell I want with it to justify my view of the world.

Thank you so much God bless you, I have a Twelfth Night Coursework essay due in for December, was really struggling with the essay writing and analysis at A Level but no more seeing this video. I got an A at GCSE English Literature, was predicted a C, got that A with a lot of help from your videos. You are really helping people with these videos continue. Thank You so much!



If summer became winter suddenly then as a producer I would stop producing sun balms. Then why doesn’t supply change? How can supply remain the same? help please…….

No entiendo :”(

Why was it canceled I was really looking forward to this :'(

This is a great video for those who want to major in Marketing.


Bill gates was a better man, this guy was an asshole, a genius, but still an asshole


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