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Zaal3 Sylvain Viollon – Tornado and IO in Python 3


One teacher says use hook, other says do not, I am not sure whether I should use it or not

-If it’s 0, then we get a contradiction because by our method, there should be a 1 here then

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It’s despicable that a so called man of God, an Indian priest, supports such discrimination..what a loud of bull..I don’t a believe any “God” would accept such discrimination..this is mans way of controlling the masses. India will never improve and it’s true they are still one of many ” racist” countries, but ironically racist to their own people.


Rick and Morty. more of it. more and more and more and morty and more of it

I voted for Trump, Volunteer at my local church feeding homeless vets and passing out clothes. I am a member of a church and I enjoy sculpting wood.. I also know that the history of philosophy was invaded by marxism along with our schools because once you hold power there you can often sway public thought… Lucky for us, the US is a majority Christian nation who leans center right thus the power swung to Trump because Obama took it too far left and showed America what south America, Cuba and other commie nations know… It does not work.

You’re the direct object because you’re being hit, or ‘verbed’.


Got My Exam on Monday!!

Every time i watch your videos – im so amazed. wish we had you in South Africa.

Removed and re-uploaded? For those of us who watched the first version, what part was changed so we can re-watch more specifically?


Omg. The Scorpio races one….the first day of November! that’s my birthday!

My god this is everything I’ve wanted people to realise

I freaking love Nando de Freitas! His talks and lectures are always great!

Faith based on understanding is the true key to freedom – blind faith is useless. The first bump in the road it’s gone.


Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 14 – Button Function


I love India, I like the scenery and culture of India, I hope to have time to travel to India in the future.

You may of read Splintered by A. G. Howard

Great video, thanks a lot! I used this structure in my design and technology HSC trials, and it went great (I think) the words just flowed so much easier using this and it made essays a breeze

Check this video for the solution to combat schools ill effects on your kid’s creativity. v=XmM4kXMHLTA

This is really your best video yet. Thank you so much!

If Kelly Anne interviewed Kelly Anne, would it solve Quantum Theory?

His brain glitch, he’s just sayin’ shit, when it comes the time to make a speech

Just out of nowhere.

Did the game get relest yet if it did i wunt to play it

Niranjan rijal ji k yo 4 years course ko laghi pani applicable xa tah ki 3 year bbs ko laghi matraw ho teyo kura jankari gari dinu peryo sir.

Well, that’s the tricky thing.. I can’t prove it to you. I only know what happened. I didn’t use drugs though people like Ram Dass and others experienced altered states through LSD, etc.

Can anyone write my essay?

Dewan public schl, hapur

Empathy is Love, non empathy is a person locked up in his own psyche out of fear. Love is energy, order, fear is entropy, disorder. At it’s core it goes even deeper than homo empathicus, it’s actual energy physics. Here is a quote from the sci fi series andromeda, which is actually true: “We say atoms are bound by Weak Attractions. Why not admit the Truth: The Universe is held together by Love.” Love and you will empathise, neurons will mirror in kin to the emotion, shaped by the energy.

I think she had some good points in there, thanks for the upload.

The Iliad

Holy shit I wish I had this knowledge during my time in school…

What program is he using for this presentation?

I am learning my 3rd language…it takes work.

You’re so beautiful


If only he could live another 50 years


Super Intermediate Python 3


Damn so many add also freaking can’t skip even one

This is the truth.

Excellent video! I studied rhyme schemes in an advanced poetry class, English 290-V, and we went over some of the techniques you just shared. Perhaps, you should’ve attended one of the lectures and school the professor when he started talking trash about Eminem. The professor only wanted to accentuate the brilliance of Shakespeare and other boringass, archaic poets by force feeding their crap down our throats.

Didn’t knew ted ed talks could be stupid too

My handwriting changes according to my mood

Xhosa has pretty much all these sounds, I’d maybe exclude the last one.

God bless you for radical and easy tips to write essay.

Homie’s trippin not to give props to that Phoenix motif

The goverment is just telling us lies and bullshit


Lol had to watch this for school

A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of

I’m a big fan of chomsky and hate trump but trump also won even tho being out spent two to one. He did have the benefit of over a billion dollars in press coverage tho

Oh man, I legitimately am looking forward to studying Zoroastrian myths.

Hello sir


Modulo Colorama para Python [3- Cursor]


Great stuff. The random cuts to people unrelated to the story while another person is talking are a bit distracting/strange.

Yes they do, because my language is Arabic! And you showed enough examples in your video, we call it “I’raab”

Nah do this for sahbabii he thug on steroids

“If you are a rock be a magnet, if you are a plant be sensitive, if you are a man be love”

Their ‘jokes’ make me want to kill myself

It was good at first then she started rambling. I’m not an expert at all and but i don’t think thats good and her hands would probably distract too much from what shes saying. She shouldve taken bits and pieces from her little speech and put them togther.

RIP Alex ~ Hope there’s more “yummy bread” and “banerries” waiting for you in heaven.

Lol I’m just wondering if he couldn’t figure out how to actually rearranged them himself.

Also I’m taking my first coding class right now (C#) and this game is a lot like the pseudocoding we use for problem solving.

You are a god send. You deserve all the high-fives in the world.

Hey Jacka boy. I love your turbo dismount videos and every video you make

Don’t look at me like that!

Knives, or selling knives, we will put you in jail. Its for your own

Rounded letters 🙂

They don’t look gay, nor conceive of themselves as ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’,

Nice but waste of time

Hello friends

Thank you, for your video.


Monte Carlo Simulation and Python 3 – Simple Bettor Creation


Thanks perfect timing. Hope I pass

Great explanation for this subject. This content is super clear and solid.


+Oliver Jack listen to this. It’s very interesting

Hope to see a day where all these unfairness and untouchablity are abolished and its an equal oppurtunity for all

Thugger the GOAT

Is he single? Because I find him oddly attractive and fascinating.

+Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM

Can civilizations or groups (tribe, village, family) exist without any form of economics?

More people should read Emerson, one of the greatest without a doubt, not just as a writer, but a thinker. His words are always with me, a great teacher of life. I’d love to see a video on Carl Jung, please!

A solution – probably used more than once – create a Lingua Franca, an Esperanto.

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Have you studied Bruno Ganz’ vocal technique for Hitler in “Downfall”?

Pretty informative! I’m an Iranian, and I’ve never watched a video as accurate as this one!

Nice video!!


Python 3.x Tkinter Tutorial 7: Messagebox


I came thinking this idiot white privilege white kid is an asshola.

I’m studying musicology right now

Fun Fact: Fun Fact

Dont ever do book lists again

X: 495; y: -3705


Sir if we take the example of sugar even we dont use it directly for example we make tea or coffe so we add in that in this context is it an intermediate good?

That was fire

3. As others mentioned, US backed Saddam invaded Iran right after revolution, and Politicians used the War to get rid of

What if the dots on your i are little swastikas?

You are too good

Your narration was a bit slow. Well it was boring. But the information. Oh my! You had me glued for the entire 13:10 mins. Very informative. I’ve woken up! But how do I escape the cage?

I really like these but I don’t like the extra added cheese

👈 صنایع

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Sir on page 87 ,11 standard State board history book, Q 2,C Choose the correct alternative…what is the answer from among those options?



Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 15 – Button Events


Too vague built a shelf :L

Negative marking ahe na?????


What is the name of the music????

Fuck this brahamanism Hinduism don’t go to any temple never pay money to idols so called god start producing 5 child each family and unite

Personally, I think it’s a department they don’t want to pay for since they spit out movies all the time

People are buying it on ebay for $600 wtf

This has inspired me and is so beautiful… thank you

I read Paper Towns today and I finally understand “This Machine Kills Fascists” on his laptop wowie

Music is so distracting I am sorry!

2. [ʔəhː] 2a. add [ǃ͜k̚]

Hasan Khalil isn’t a very good interviewer, he seem to only have a wikipedia understanding of who he’s talking to and doesn’t seem listen to the responses.

My idea before the video starts: I assume it didn’t work out because the child would need an environment in which everyone spoke Klingon, or at least have a parent who was fully fluent in Klingon without hesitation. That’d be too hard unless this guy was completely fluent in Klingon and the language itself is fully developed. I assume its not since its not widely spoken and was made up.


How To Create List In Python 3


Great job. Talk about clarity!! slick..

Good video

Hahahahahaha WTF

More automated jobs = richer economies. Countries are already experimenting with a standard wage regardless of employment for citizens and discovering that there are huge emotional and psychological benefits compared to the current status quo. Creativity will flourish when menial jobs no longer exist.

I’m so offended by his “one and only life” … that’s complete and utter.. how could someone be so small minded, not to be aware of reincarnation?

All those conlangs are composed with english sounds, boring

Exam in one month

Ummm….Microsoft created the first tablet in 2002. iPhone I wouldn’t call beyond revolutionary. There were touchscreen phones (though few) before it. The iPhone just brought it to the next level. The GUI is debatable depending on what you call commercially available. And I’ll give you the iPod.

V. My idea works (details, data)


1.The Lord of the Rings


When you move really really slow during rush hour and everyone starts screaming at you 🙁

Fapping like there is no tomorrow


They don’t teach people what actually matters, we have lost our way, there was a time 100 years ago when we lived in peace, Empires spread across the Earth, trade flourishing, Europe united, under Emperors, stable and ethnically one, and then in 1914 some fucks fucked up everything

If you just fast forward to the portions where Mr. Clifford is teaching, that is where all of the information is hiding. This video should only be 4-5 minutes.


K-d Tree in Python #3 — Finale


Truse me these guys are fine. Just look at the ap psych crash course host.

He talks like an idiot because he IS and idiot. Case closed, next case!

My God this is worst than racism in America. that is the dumbest racism ever. OMG! they are so dumb. I am speechless!


Indians are the most racist nation on the earth!

Actually has been a year and a half….


Reneau…100,000 subs! Looking forward to a million subs. You an amazing person that I aspire to be.

Real pronunciation of Gautama: Gow thuh (th like in theocracy) muh (muh sound like in mermaid)

I only have one Question

It is nice

+1 for having native american heritage

Statistics proving that women are treated unfairly in STEM fields do not prove that this is caused by shirts.

I love the tag team dynamic!

Biri hayrına Türkçe’ye çevirseydi..

Waste of time tbh. Only thing that was worth it was the quote at the end (of the President of Uruguay), as I believe that is the only quote which is actually useful to anyone. Additionally, the documentary feels like it has an ulterior motive it’s trying to push, especially with all the emotional things within it.

Simple. to the point. great job. thanx

Please guys do the. right thing

What is the message of this video? You’re an idiot…

Indo Europeans in India follow Indo European and Dravidian religion of Hinduism

Annoyed that both sides thickheadedly claims to be the reasonable and ethical side all the while demonizing the other side.


Diferenças entre o Python 2.x e o Python 3.x


Thank you

Back across the square red rock in the sea. His head opened and stuff

Hehe I want to to F. U. Floating University FTW! *seriously though that was a great lecture on politics so many thanks to BigThink

Robbins is the best out there, but he has a strange sense of fashion.

If he would have been my professor at uni I would have had a huge crush on him..

I came here 2 days before he started this and from this series i got addicted to his channel

Damnit shes hotter than a 1000 degree glowing knife

Has this guy analyzed Simlish yet??

Eccentric, and has a strange obsession of hats….I hope she doesn’t wear

– King Charles V King of France

Modern Marvel movies have a bizarre combination of character styles they are trying to unify.

This was so helpful please do maths x

Endure work bow unemployment need flee sort lucky analyst.

Rubbish Kumar is the biggest asshole who is completely sold out pimp of NDTV.

Title should be “Steve Jobs talks about himself”

First time I realized the term Educated Idiot was real… My little brother came back from college and kept using big words as If he was so smart. Then life caught up.