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Python 3 Tutorial – String Formatting


I am Bengali..we are free to think


JACK!!! YOU’RE STUPID!!!!! you can make your program loop a bunch times by using the jump command and putting the arrow at the beginning of your program

1.Free Money

I think the new Star Wars wouldn’t be anything of note without riding off the old films. None of the new elements or characters in the movie hit me hard. All my emotional reactions came from things or plot devices imported from the old films.

I suppose your way of thinking is kind of easy going, everything should be peaceful. Now you conquer peace with a war.

I realize that it is not the fault of any person who has ignorant beliefs that he or she has those ignorant beliefs – because somewhere somehow he or she must have encountered what he or she considered to be compelling enough evidence in order for that evidence to be treated as if it were proof of those ignorant beliefs being correct, and yet it still angers me that such beliefs are had. I hope to not be so ignorant of my having any ignorant beliefs of my own, and so I try to avoid belief like the plague – at least insofar as I am able to do so.

Let me say “English must be for use, not to confuse”.

Age of mythology

No Harry Potter. No 1984 or Brave New World.

The shows very existence is a super meta-commentary on our reality.


Dude looooooove you that was so clear and helpful thnks a lot

Stop interviewing her. She doesn’t answer any questions. She does not participate in the interview.

Why the hell do you care? What did he do for you? Nothing he created changed your life for the better if you’re honest about it. Toys, just fucking toys.

Really nice series, you can get a nice sense of appreciation for what myths there are. Also Thoth is fricking adorable

Kek, that cracked (CODEX?) installer music @ 17:07 until the end.

Koo! My dear sir, may I point out the simple fact that you have left out the No. 1. conlang, which is in fact the Plukanian language of the Kin Dza Dza galaxy.

I am in tears, because I can’t believe how cruel humanity is, it’s not fair, I pray to Bhagwan Valmik Ji that he will show these people that they are doing bad………. Bhagwan Valmik Ji is the guru of gurus

Also, Persia is what Europe used to call the area since the language was officially Persian. Yet, Iran is made up of many people with different languages: Persian, Azeri Turkish, Kurdish and many others. They’re all Iranians not necessarily Persian.

Great video but the sound of the chalk on the board is soooooo annoying and creeps me out


Python 3 Pattern Program 1 – Printing Stars in Right Angle Triangle Shape


This video is igzactally how it is in every school acrross the country, the reason kids dont care about school is because teachers tell them what happends after, so why even try when all the jobs will be take and gas will cost $6 and war willl never end whats there to live for? myspace? these kids wana die on facelift “face book”!! instend of care about the future so blame the student for not carring? or blame the teacher for teaching too much? you be the judge. I had a 4.00 all 4 years to make$8

I always have my hands in my pockets, and I really didn’t know that the position of the thumbs really says anything! It’s just uncomfortable for me to stand with my entire hand all the way in my pocket, soo..

Well the ending force me to subscribe and like the video

I’d order me a Mongol pizza

In my assignment were doing a research paper argumentative essay, and we can’t use first person no I me and my we have to use third person ):

Thank you so much!

I understand the concept, I think.

It is so hard to learn a lots of language

….I practice all the voices during the video

Few people who call themselves Marxists have ever even bothered to

Omg love him

This is how the hunga games startssss DEAD GAGAGAHAHABSUAH

We want iran without mullahs. american government support them

The thing people need to study william shakespear

I need someone to conversate in Spanish.

Cossacks πŸ™

Thank you! I will watch the 15 minute review for AP Macro since my AP test is tomorrow. Thank you again!


[Part 18] Python 3 for Beginners – Try, Except, and Finally


The mental squirming in this comment section is simultaneously sad and hilarious.

That is FANTASTIC galifreyan!!!

Try to be as realistic as possible ass**

As far as I know”Mudarrisu l-waladi” means ”My boy’s teacher”… ”The boy’s teacher” is just ”Mudarrisu l-walad” without the “i”………… I am not a native speaker of Arabic language, so I might be wrong!

This makes way more sense to me than anything I’ve ever heard, ever.

https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Tumulus

It’s pronounced as “Keltic”, “Seltic” is a sports team.

Hello I like curry

Makes me sick..ugh..Smh.

Reimer eventually decided to live as a man, stopped the hormone treatments,

To move myself out of any suffering is the following great lesson from buddha.. the insight meditation “Vipassana Meditation” πŸ™‚

Mate, fantastic job! Great vid

If you like this, you should try TIS-100. Puzzles are a bit harder, but still a lot of fun for someone programming inclined. Probably won’t make good youtube content though.

When you hacked the game so you op as fuck

For me Tao Te Ching was the best book I have ever read, there is SO MUCH wisdom in every little passage. READ IT! 5000 words only!


Basic Input and Output : Python Tutorial #3


This video is so cringeworthy

That’s trippy as fuck oh my god

I made some coffee for you.

Great work.

SUPPORT WAR AGAINST BREEDERS & BREEDING! OUTLAW HUMANS REPRODUCING! MANDATE VASECTOMIES & ABORTIONS! NOBODY has given their consent, their permission, to be forced into this world by their stupid breeding parents.

Leader can neither pass a law nor perform governmental actions

Its just a toon

Internet, e-mail and browsing.

Did you see that on Tumblr? -__-

I’d love to hear this guy’s take on the Panzer Language from the Panzer Dragoon series

I personally never seen any of my friends write i agree… because…. All my friends would write something like this. It is irrefutable that in order for the successful growth of a nation necessitates an adequate and constitutionallized education system.

I think the percentage of women in STEM jobs doesn’t matter. People should get hired based on their abilities. One shouldn’t automatically get hired just because they are a certain race or gender.

Woow our plans are pretty similar! I’m also taking a gap year next year and I was also planning on working first and then some kind of work/volunteering abroad and backpacking through south-east asia! And I’m Dutch as well πŸ™‚ (I’m 100% Dutch though and currently living in the Netherlands)

Early Release: Too fucking bad, (I don’t have a damn explanation.)

Do not forget the God of Heavens just by these kinds of entertainment!


Curso Python 3 | Aula 2 – Top 5 sites feitos em Python


Also, little mistake at 9:20 : The voice says “das” but you wrote “dieses”. On top of it, “the” in german cannot be “dieses”, because “dieses” means “this”.

Look mom! I can speak bunch of fictional languages! Kind of beaming smile at the end. Absolutely wonderful.

Awesome Russian accent there Jack

Bullshit, when i was a kid it sucked to learn languages, but at my 18s i became fluent in english because i felt like it. I rap in english bitch, measure your words

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The easiest simplest and cheapest way to save the world is to be vegan ask if u want to know

U must show spirit of teaching! be little active… anyways u did well πŸ™‚

This channel is cool.

Accusative usually dose (most prepositions indicate the Accusative)

But we don’t mind singular and plural. Also we don’t have any articles.

Especially, if you think psychiatry is doing society any good and see none of how it is twisting society further from sane and productive patterns and paths of thinking. But, I will give you one chance. Do you think it is better to have some one unproductive and drugged to keep them pacified or work through their impediments and in effect inconvenience other people’s lives in the process of becoming sufficiently functional? Be specific and tell

At 5:24 whats the reason people say they dont achieve…….he should have added depression as one of the answers. Because believe mem if you have real depression, youd know that its difficulgt to concentrate on things

Shia are NOT muslims

But that does not mean higher education should be rebooted into vocational one.

DO THE OUTSIDERS. That Book’s Just Gangsta.

World of Goo?

I just finished playing Little Inferno on my switch and it was great. so I thought I would watch through Seans


Python 3 Tutorial – Sets


I don’t think you’ve ever heard someone from Belfast speak if you think Brad pitt said car right….because he is closer to Dublin with that accent.

Her hand movement is somewhat funny.

Haven’t seen much kinked demand theory on the AP exams… I mention it, but I tell the kids not to stress out about it.

Very well done. i like it a lot. inspired me to make story for my animations. but still dont know how im gonna put them all together. but you guys did a good job

Sexual attraction is a natural human condition. So I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here and ask, does appreciating or admiring an image of sexual expression automatically constitute oppression and/or perpetuate exploitation by default?

And people still doubt free market capitalism???

I’m graduating this year and thinking about doing a Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Why is my computer screen so small bruh?

Agar kisi ki respect nhi karni toh disrespect bhi mat Karo

Solution – stop making superhero movies

So basicaly a gay hipster.

Top 10 Japanese authors, please.

What’s the name of the music?

This is why I want to be a professor in wildlife biology to teach people. And this is why I’ve spent over 220 hours volunteering at a zoo

How should I start the introduction Sir?

I know that getting that kid to lose weight would be good from them but because I can empathise with their feelings (and hence do not want to hurt them) I will not say he should lose weight.

I produce stunna see you flaws twerk it and problem for young thug follow me on ig and twitter And souncoud @isaacflame

Every day this video gets more and more accurate

Am I the only one sitting here feeling sorry for sunshine

λ‚šμ˜€λ„€ 별 κ±° μ—†λŠ” ν—ˆμ ‘ν•œ μ˜μƒ.. 수λ§₯λ†€μŒμ§ˆν•˜λŠ” 것 κ°™μŒ

This guy has no idea how privileged he is to interview this extraordinary man.

This is found in the Arabic language and is called “” prosody “” .. The Arabs are famous in it in a long time ago


How to install NumPy SciPy Matplotlib for Python 3 on Ubuntu 17.04 16.04


I need to point out that adriene is a sexy momma.

Freaky animations. I enjoyed it. The word I was looking for, was terrifying, actually.

Excellent information!!!

7:55 typing random commands on cmd while the guy talking about automation engineers, such a 1337 h@x0r

Wasn’t he captured by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico with Troy Barnes?

Do you cover all unit 1? (not summary? long version)

Of course, those who are not naive will easily understand how this reinterpretation of the past in reality


HAAAAA! I live in NYC, I took one look and one listen to Mr. T more than 35 years ago and I knew I wouldn’t trust him to sell me a f’ing hot dog. But he had his PHONY SCHTICK down to such a performance that many people couldn’t tell slick from sick. He spent four decades building his Empire of Illusion. Then sold the rest of his soul for the payoff.

If u reply i would be soooo happy!! Literally u just came up in recommendations and then i wathced this and subbed

I pretty sure that the connected letters are because I am just lazy and care same with the open o and the missed dot on the i

I m very enjoy to see your videos i really would like thank from my heart. you teach very well, and i hope that you will come soon with new video

Which means you are on the right way. Best wishes πŸ™‚


This makes me sad

Is it a right way?# liz.


Python 3 Tutorial – 9 MΓ³dulos


Leave George Bush alone…. LEAVE HIM ALONE

Word to the wise: Settings > speed > 1.5

Did the people who believed that myth were false, did they follow any religion or did they question there own religion.

You say outside the curve is impossible because you have the same resources, but you could get into that section by improving the factors of production (capital, enterprise, land and labor), as an economist looking at goods we were told increasing the quality or quantity of the factors of production can mean that the curve goes to the right. i know you said that the person has the same tools in each scenario because you want to look at it from a mathematical view but i just want to know if what im am saying about an economic view is write

More at:

The problem is this “Hail” character is incredibly unfunny and boring, all those mistakes he listed are what make people funny.

I just magically understood everything unlike any other boring ass summary. Subscribed.

Maybe the bit about Lance Armstrong needs to be edited out… we know beating cancer didn’t give him the edge and emotional drive… it was drugs!

I really liked this presentation, yo! Your analysis is probably the reason there isn’t a season 3 yet!


What has the world come to WTF those poor baby Chickens my Lord

Thanks so much! it’s sooooo helpful

‘Shibboleth’ is hardly a commonly used word. Using it was like placing boulders in the path. Why was that done? Not cool.

This vedio helped a lots…

Opinions in india may differ on the subject of untouchables, but they all understand it. the british were there for hundreds of years, & to my understanding, let the caste system be, because they couldnt understand it enough to meddle with it.

Do you really need a linguist to know all that? She’s just stating the obvious.

Trump is the real deal.

Wow this is an amazing video!!! I watched it before finals last term and I actually came second in my class! Thanks so much Jade



Do you know where I can find this movie online? I dunno if I wanna watch it, but I kinda figured, “Eh, why the hell not? I’ll watch it at least ONCE, and get it outta my system.” So, if y’know a website where I can watch this movie, lemme know.

I love this quote from an editor of the New York Times.

You are great!!!!!!!!!



How to enable Python 3 pip on Windows 10


Is it wrong to have children, if you don’t know whether they want to be born?

You earned a new sub 😁

HI! I’m Emma and I’m 11 (almost 12) years old and I really really really want to fluidly learn French, if anyone could help me with that I’d appreciate that a lot πŸ™‚

Even though I live I the west I often agree more with the teachings of them than any idiotic teaching of Catholics because their form of religion has become so corrupt and people do not fully understand what Jesus truly wanted. Instead you are pulled into church and taught to obey god and do his every will or else he will not forgive you and send you to hell. Europeans have gotten this so wrong, which makes me so so angry with our society. Jesus wanted peace and forgiveness, not fear and hate. Even the government is run on fear, so are police stations. Europeans think that anyone who defies them is evil but they do not realize that there is no evil in the world, it is only people suffering that commit the most crimes.

Just wrote a 3 page paper after 20 mins of this. Hooray!

I feel like this was a bit short

This is just selfish

I wish I had an email of Mr. Lonsdale

Let him go to China and see how he does πŸ˜‰ people will not understand a word of what you’re saying for the first year.

Pulse NY Patrick Carman

This is NOT like everyday speech, unless everyone you know is a moron.

Africa / suffering from painful / hunger / had

TIP: Never do online school.

I know it’s not good for the popularity of this video to portray the Iranian Supreme Leader as anything other than a dictator with exceptional powers who is answerable to no one and gets appointed by God Himself. However, the Western public needs to understand what the Iranian Supreme Leader actually is. For starters, he is appointed, monitored and removed by a council of religious scholars, namely the Guardian Council, and the members of this council are directly elected by the public.

Original number. Then send it to outbox.

Thank you, great insight!



Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners #4 – Strings


To people like you the earth wasn’t “proven” round without satellite photos. Math proved it to those who understood it hundreds of years before.

As a 46 year old student, who wishes that i took advantage of getting my education earlier, when I should have, This video was very interesting.

0:20 how to get extra chocolate


Linguists are second only to Taxonomists in being highly opinionated on things that are ultimately arbitrary and subjective.

Alejandra VΓ©lez, Camilo PiΓ±eros y Geraldine Santana.


@royalsteven And by the time you’re through with school, who still cares about changing the world?

Sir money and banking ke nots bta do..zaldi xm hai..😨😨

2:29 was so satisfying

Wish he showed Alan Rickman’s Rasputin.

Dear friends, God loves you and wants you saved but we must respond to what Jesus, who had no sin, went through on the cross. He was tortured and suffered greatly so that through His sacrifice and death we may have forgiveness of our sins and be reconciled to the Heavenly Father. What greater love could be shown for you and I than to lay down His life for us. We find our life by giving Him our life, Luke, and the gift of the Holy Spirit is the evidence of our being saved or rescued. Satan has many devices to discourage you from seeking Jesus. He can put thoughts in your mind and remove them plus there are many false teachers, teachings, and religions in the world.

This Anchor is a classic epitome of Macaulay’s Progeny. His Disgusting & Intimidating demeanor smacks of condescending attitude towards the native culture, language and ethos.

Now I am feeling excited about Macroeconomics. Your teaching methods really interest and help me tremendously. You are making this class so engaging. Thank you for making this class easier for many different learners like me

Thanks this was some really helpfull

Great video!

Pretty nice good


The Brothers Karamazov? Not even an honorable mention?

The US is the biggest exporter of dollars printed out of thin air. That’s a pretty good deal for Americans.

Its aim is to bring what we are told is a social utopia to the World;

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Let’s be honest: queerness is a narrative OUR culture wants to propagate;

Wtf. y could I not in a Swahili bushman.

Thanks!! you helped me for my economics exam tomorrow.