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Day 23: Web Scraping in Python Programming – Part 3


Waw, i love to watch your video, so sweet

It’s like debating a Christian…

Devlin rejected the distinction between public and private morality,

Readers must give this site “fetching lobon only” (Google it) an attempt. I can read about all kinds of subjects. Some of the subject areas include medical science, history and modern literature. This website is my personal favorite! It has truly exceeded my expectations. My son is also finding out how to read through the help of this website. It will help a lot.

Surprisingly accurate! (There’s a lot of rumors about Klingon and Klingon speakrs, so therefore extra nice to see someone who’s done their research properly.) {majQa’!} (“Well done!”)

I am a programmer


You might be thinking of “talents” through the lens of, “I’m 13 and I’m as skilled of a painter as an art-school professor,” or “I’m extraordinarily good at sciences or maths.” But you have been misled, my friend, that is NOT what “Talent” is!

Its really freightening how jewish actors are always soooo far better than the rest! Is there a reason for this Mr. Singer?

I checked the Wikipedia. Picture is wrong, the video Lao Tzu wear Chinese Buddhist monks clothing. https://www. google. com. hk/search? q=佛教主持&newwindow=1&safe=strict&hl=zh-CN&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjV2-OJ5IrVAhULlJQKHWCaB94Q_AUIBigB&biw=1280&bih=592

And im English, why else would we be watching this video? no-one else does gsce’s. anyway he just sounded new zealand(ish?) at that point 🙂

d. Businesses pay for the resources on resource market.

I can’t explain why, but the hosts of this subject make me feel uncomfortable. Kinda like being in an awkward scene but you’re the only one who picks it up. I like the female, but the scripting gives me this cringe feeling from both. I have social anxiety and get “sympathetic cringes” often, it’s really hard for me to watch this, even though I really am interested in the subject. I feel almost like the male host is way too stiff and the female host tries to overcompensate. Why is he “Mr.” but no one else on this channel feels the need for a title.

Six months?! Sorry, I don’t have that kind of time.

Why is Charlamagne acting as if he is above Martin? Angela at least seems to understand what Martin’s talking about.

In the end I salute all the Social workers who struggle for this issue everyday. May God really come in the dreams and slap them and wake them up from this stupidity which is harassment to another human. He has no right to serve these rules on anyone on this entire planet

She missed one thing. He also has a tendency to repeat parts of sentences for emphasis. “It’s going to be the greatest wall you’ve ever seen. . .the greatest.” I don’t think he speaks like everyday people. I also don’t think he speaks like a child although he does use very rudimentary, unsophisticated language. I think the cadence of the speech is off.

Looking at the playlist. . . RAINBOWS!!!

Yes, you can, but Trump is not doing that. He’s not that smart. He is just unfiltered, insecure and self-obsessed.


Can you add gone with the wind to your list?


How to use Function’s with Parameters in Python 3


Come on guys!!!

@Icannottolerateit You are free to interpret the Bible in any way that suits you. Indeed, Christians do this all the time. Show me 100 Christians, and I’ll show you 100 different religions. I assure you that there are Christians who would take you to task for what *you* claim the Bible says, just as you would take *them* to task. The atheist has the privileged position of existing outside the debate and seeing it for what it truly is: an argument amongst superstitious fellow humans.

You should do Indian philosophers too, there are lot of wonderful ones

Omfg, People please. Stop being mean to Jack, he’s just doing what all humans do. Make mistakes. stop calling him dumb/stupid.. Because the only ones who are stupid are the ones who can’t even be understandable! I’m happy that there is some who did notify him in a calming way, which is great! Well done! The ones who didn’t though, need to be more caring please.

What ever you might say in a defence:

Lol I see what you did there with that ‘unicorn’s blood’ reference… almost weaponized intertextuality maybe. 😋

I was watching this with my headphones on, and I kept on thinking about every time you moved from left to right after a cut. The change in the direction of the sound was reeealy distracting.


Um…just because the father is a barber does not mean the child is born with the ability to cut hair. The arrogance these people display is disgusting. I’ve been to India, it sucked big time.

Edit: I just got it and it looks like it’ll be super helpful. thx again

Lord of the Rings should definitely be on #1

Tell us something that we don’t know!??

Get Paid To Mess Around On Facebook And Twitter!

Democracy is older than medias, don’t put them in the same nest.

Hi, I’m from England; and I first saw your videos when I was around 15. And I think, AP is equivalent to A-Levels, here in England. When I had to choose the subjects I wanted to do, I was completely lost. But when I first saw your videos.. Something switched on inside of me. Everything I had learnt from your videos, I had to tell everyone (Some may say I’m very nerdy, oh well) I found it so facinating. At the time, I wasnt even taking econmics, I still had a year and a bit to go! But I knew, your videos were going to be truley useful and have honestly made me so intrigued about the way the econonmy works. All my other classmates, who also take econ, I always recommend them to you. Even my teacher! You are an amazing teacher, and I’m happy your hard work and effort gone into teaching is getting recognised and being valued (I saw your vlog) Thank you so much for making these videos, these videos are very much appreciated 🙂

Wtf is this?!?! Too many mistakes! Hungarian lang does not exist? albanian was come in europre from Caucasian mountain in 14 century! That was Illiryan language, that dont have anything with albanians! Tracian was there before Illiryans. From Serbian language later was evolve croatian, and later slovenian! This is not even close to truth

This Trump apologist (who, surprisingly, really is an associate prof in linguistics at Georgetown) took TWO YEARS to compile this simplistic dismissal of Trump’s odd ramblings? Georgetown needs to pay her better so that she doesn’t have to take gigs like this one, and she needs to find better friends and family.

This is an awesome game! Please do more on it! 🙂

So are you white, Mexican what’s the deal here?

We have hard porn, and soft porn

I ran around on the streets in the middle of the night wearing glowbands at a Halloween party.


Python 3 Tutorial – Basic Control Flow


A large amount of acid is the only cure, need a reset..

This video legitimately helped me so much. I took my micro exam a few hours ago, I think I’m good. I had no idea about positive externalities and labor markets the day before. ACDC is truly the best source of economics for AP students. I recommended all the students around me to watch these videos, these videos make the study material so brief and concise. Thank you so much for spending time and sharing your knowledge to the world. I really appreciate your kindness Mr. Clifford 🙂

“Joost had two problems: the moon ans his mustache.”

Are you fucking kidding me?

Can’t imagine Trump doing one of these…….oh yeah…he doesn’t have the balls.

You’re right…. Spice Girls are my favorite!


3 finals tomorrow. Good luck to all.

I agree that wisdom is not an intellectual realization from a Buddhist point of view, but not quite sure about calling it a “habit”.

I liked the accent and who r u frekone

Your videos are fantastic!

“What God wrought”. Hahaha, American “news”.

….But in our airports, we don’t need to worry because we have written texts on computers and screens that can record every flight that comes and leaves. So there is some importance put to every event that the Pirahã can experience and remembered for later reference.

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I like how he smaked the seal and takes its fur thats nagic for you but please dont abuse animals

यही जाती व्यवस्था के विरुद्ध सार्थक प्रयास होगा ? आरक्षण के लाभ का मोह नहीं करें।

Well, it’s all controlled by Paradigms, YOUR Paradigms.

This is scary accurate for 2015, now its 2017. Spot fucking on dude, I’m scared….

Such beautiful people! All people are beautiful, pale, darkest dark and everything in between. I find beauty in all people! I wish that more of us were able to love ourselves as well as those who may be different and find beauty in ourselves as well as those who may be different!



Python 3: Algoritmos e Estruturas de Dados



V lavovi

Conor Mcgregor is a great example

25:30 chapter 1 book 1 begins!

YES!!YES!!! please listen to this man. Thank you for speaking for all of us. Young generations we are the future. Love to this man MUA MUA

The syntax and vocabulary is the same as the dialect spoken there.

This guy needs to slow down… on to the next vid.

It’s totally accetable to be a rich bipolar guy like Stephen Fry, suffering inside a mansion with all the paid accounts and money to pay people to do things he should be doing. But I am the poor bipolar guy, in a fucked third world country depending on public health system and shit. One month to do a simple exam on an useless GP, another month to got the permission for the psychiatrist and another month to take medicines for 30 days. When it’s over, the senoidal motion turns on and I keep locked inside a room like a prisoner of myself, thinking that I am the most powerful thing ever existed inside a pathetic and lonely room. I think I will suicide soon, because anybody gives me the right answer but god god god god god and god. I’m sick and tired to listen about god and how believe in god could take away my disease. I never saw god making the leg of an amputee grow back, neither a bipolar guy become a normal guy again. I’ve lost my hope in life and I’m done of this. Enough.

I beat the game in one sitting. I like the game’s design, but I really do not like the turing model. In fact, it scales extremely poorly. A functional model couples the state with the code information properly. You won’t as easily get confused with what you are doing, even when it abstracts. Source: I’m a math & computer science major who teaches calculator programming on YouTube and researches theoretical computer science.

So much less energetic than usual

I learned arabic and french at the same time, arabic from my family and french from television and started to learn english in the 2nd grade, then german in the 4th grade and spanish in the 10th grade (this year). I’m also trying to learn a little bit of japanese while watching anime and learning esperanto with duolingo. Now I can speak french fluently, understand oral arabic (but I forgot most of arabic because I don’t like this language, probably due to the fact that I didn’t choose to learn it), english class sucks but I watch youtube and series, listen to music and read social media in english (thanks to internet), my level in german is really bad because of the bad teachers I had and I don’t exercise this language at home, I really learned spanish quickly even if I didn’t like this language a lot at first, thanks to my amazing teacher (spanish is similar to french, it probably helped too) and… well I only know some words in japanese or esperanto or norvegian. I love learning new languages, I think that it opens our minds but I think that I should perfect some and stop trying to learn every language I hear about because it’s often useless.

I have to agree with this list. WatchMojo actually made it based on legacy and not personal taste. Get over it.

Hi liz

I am sorry but nobody in my family or circle of friends speak like this, the point that people identify with him is relative since the majority of the popular vote went to the other candidate, no, the whole country doesn’t identify with him.


Fake information!


Raspberry Pi 2 – Random Maze Generator in Minecraft using Python 3



Thanks a lot. This was really useful and right to the point!


I have a biological revulsion to cannibalism. Truth is, I would not want people like this running around. The mentality it takes to murder the boy and eat him is not a mentality I want walking around society. Numbers matter but so does the character of the people committing the acts. Calling the boy breakfast is a big enough misstep for me to regard the man as dangerous and grotesque, I would like him to die.

It’s pathetic you see yourself in a position to “give” anything. You should do more taking than giving In the knowledge department…

Empire Earth!!!

And everything went back to normal except robots can vote

I can’t believe anyone would actually dismiss anything Chomsky says. Absolutely brilliant

First, the men of the question are vague, and I have no idea about their persons, and one, more or all of the five might be a serial killers or a war criminal or a corrupt capitalist (“evil”); and also it could be that one, more or all of them are not so.

0:47 has me dying when he kicked the doll

Speaking Vietnamese as my mother tongue. English, Korean done and German in process ToT wish me luck

But why do this?

What about generall Espahrom

Lao Tzu, I don’t mean no disrespect but you need to fill your bowl with some shit that makes some sense.

1:00 Hahahahahahahah

Some of this books are just american classics, not all time classics. I love american literature ( I’m not american), but hey, there are better books out there.

Great job.

“We should use Foucalt as an inspiration to look at the dominant ideas and institutions of our times and to question them…” –

Zeitgeist rules!

I’m writing a story that I just realized was falling into this pattern without noticing it. It gave me an idea. I’d like the main character not to be a hero to emulate, but a cautionary tale. I’m thinking about subverting the end of the cycle of the hero’s journey to illustrate how we often give up too easily on what we want, put off things that we say are important to us in favor of things we actually act like are important to us, or how we might try to compromise and take bad trades and end up losing everything. Is there a diagram for that kind of story?

I do not have bipolar, but I do suffer depression. It is horrible, and I despise it.

I like how he tries to fill in the time by making all of those jokes 🙂

I used to read books like you, then i took an arrow to the knee

This was just so sad to watch. The cast system needs to die already. No one should be treater higher or lower thn anyone. Times have changed but I believe its going to take along while for things to change in certain places. It’s the way in which people think that need to change.


Python 3 Tutorial 3 – Built in Math Operations


Wow….best video ever watched

Humanity is a rainbow of shit.

– Jordan Wallace

Interesting information. Would stick better if you talked a bit slower and have a little pause between the different gestures. It would let the listener to reflect over what you’re saying.

Being from Springfield MO, and wanting to tribute that a bit, Brad Pitt’s accent was based on an Ozarks dialect with quite a few deviations from the generally considered Southern or Tennessee accent. I hear that dialect from older Ozarks residents and he was SPOT. ON. To call it less than that is like finding fault in a cat because it’s not a dog. You have to know what the thing actually is first. Singer’s great, but he doesn’t know this particular fact.

The Green Mile should have been in the honorable mentions

My mother has a PhD in linguistics. she is now the head of the heritage language program she started at the local collage. she says trump is very very smart. my mother has a borderline genius IQ. so now you know what a true linguist thinks.

I am sorry Sir, but Ground Control is missing.

It’s awesome

Have to solve problems you didn’t create? Well, boo effing hoo, people have been doing this for thousands of years.

Comes back 5 days later

Nice videos usefull videos but i need videos for commerce please arrange for that

Who else got a Grammarly add?

I’m multilingual since young. I never know what it’s like to speak only one language, sometimes I wonder what it’s like because language affects us in many ways. Living in a country of many languages, sometimes if you say something in a different language and the person replies in another language, they still understand each other xD

Kiritugu Emiya, is that you?

Yo is that Dennis from Its Always Sunny

Ah vlogbrothers… like Tai Lopez, but with real information

Thank you bastards for being crazy enough to invest in such beautiful art when you could put in less effort. There are quite a few videos on YT on every topic you cover, but yours are always the best. You deserve an award for facing the abyss with such clarity, creativity, and passion.

Who else is here the morning of the exam – before you actually go to the exam – getting in final cramming minutes?

And with the vaccine, a certain ideology is being inocculated too…

I’m ’bout to lose it


Why you should learn Python Programming


Or behind the window.

An INCREDIBLY lucid expression of the ordeal it takes you through, every day. So true! You see hope emerge and relapse, and emerge and relapse, over and over, and every time it does, it gets weaker, and as you realize this, you hope that the hope doesn’t just die one day. At a point of time the thought that maybe if I endured it for another year I would make it through, does cross the mind, and strengthens hope, and so, is wishful thinking, but helps. From someone who has been through the mind numbing experience and reaching out to the millions of other sufferers, it should be a rather supportive comment for such tiny thoughts which maybe wishful but help survive the day, help keep the hope alive.

Orange is the new black 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😆😶🙃

The topic was easy but what should we do when the topic is difficult and u have no ideas so that time what is the best approach

Same reason you have subscribers, THE HIPSTERS, HIPSTERS EVERYWHERE! lol, anyway your channel is bigger than Every day a painting now, congrats!

Austronesian languages like Tagalog or Cebuano don’t have grammatical cases but instead, they have agglutinative cases where nouns, adjectives, or verbs are affixed.

7513 sheeps can’t accept the cold hard truth of their pathetic existence in the deep fog.

Delicious eyeholes

Aoa mn isi tarah paper attempt kia mgr sir n kaha aisy nhi krna lines skip nhi krni ab btain kia kron help mn paper sir p hn

Increible la VOS DE ESTE TIPO

As you may know, though, then, unconventional use is how many (if not all) words we enjoy today have come into being.. by using a word in one way or another, we are casting a vote that the vote-tallying lexicographers may pore over to compile their usage research.. And as you may now, man-logic and woman-logic are often in wild disagreement ;-D

No wonder ppl say money is the root of all evil we kill plants for something we don’t really need, money

Its sad when this is true…

So, what these two trying to conclude other than trying to prove mismodeling of Indo European language family?

And Dddger by Terry Pratchett – one of his last novels and still great

Hey there my friend, thank you so much for your videos. They are really good for beginners to understand basic stuff. I want to ask about the the average formula you are using for elasticity. You explained that your are doing this in order to have the same result for A->B & B->A. But, doesn’t matter that result is different number when you use the average formula and the “original” one? Or, is about elastic or inelastic and number doesn’t really count. For example, from A->B E=2, so it is >1.

2:12 It’s not his voice

I have done this video to be useful

The comedic genius of Crash-and-Burn Course strikes again! Please, have mercy on us in the future and go easy on your jokes, otherwise I may die of laughter (wink wink…)

I WANT THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

The queer narratives are trickling down from academia into pop-culture and society anyway,


“Python 3 as Default” by Bohuslav Kabrda – Flock 2014


I wonder if in the future, robots can not only create art, but replicate every different style of art, animation, music, as well as creating new styles that perfectly match the creative vision of individuals. I doubt it.

Why wouldnt you just adopt a child?

Fortunately we have no cases in Persian/Farsi 🙂

So I mention all this, because David Reimer, who was basically a victim of psychotic criminal sex perverts,

Granth shaib also call DHANA – JAT not sikh pg 488..Hearing this, Dhanna the Jaat applied himself to devotional worship.

My brain exploded already

You gotta live in the country to learn a language, there’s no question about it

Your lecture is amazing and energetic. I really like your teaching method and your body language which made me to watch and listen to it several times.


Its me or this game like little inferno?

Ban money, replace it with debit card and credit card. Money is controlling us, EVEN phones.

Thanks This is a wonderful. I understand this lesson..


Ira Krakow’s Python 3 Tutorial Part 1 (Expressions)



longer than in the northern parts of Perkunia-Hercynia depopulated by

111k People always give you up

Dude, nobody wants to hear how clever your own lyrics are. Don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back.

1:27 haha sitting at home and watching #TWD lol. btw thanks a lot for this great series of lectures.

I still failed my test ;_;

How is this guy even president?? Seriously!!!

Farmers in a nutshell.

Can you please do albanian language

Never gonna run around and desert you

Aesop Rock (in ‘The Greatest Pac-Man Victory in History’ a whole verse is formed using words beginning with L, S, D; generally he’s been king of weird wordplay since he hit the scene in the late ’90s)

I may know how time travel works, I may even know how the parallel words theory works…

Rick wat is my purpose?? to pass*

The only thing you have to do is feeling well and being positive, the rest comes alone.

Sir mai Economic se hons kar raha hu kya ap bataye ge ki kaise study karu mai jo part1 ache marks aaye plzzz notes bana kar dijiye to hindi me plzzz plzz sir


Python 3 Tutorial: Our goals, and Python basics


Smart douche

Good video but you might want to slow down a bit. U are almost rapping

Y (4881th paragraph)


On the road by Jack Kerouac?

its really needed until July 30, your every second working on this topic would be highly appreciated.

Sir what is the cost of the books

Can we use proverbs in essay?

It’s a game by tomorrow corporation? This has to be great, and it is! :DD

11-Obesity on the rise.

I always appreciate his videos for taking a very measured approach to these types of subjects, showing both sides of the argument and ending on an opinion that he identifies with. I know I might be shouting into a void now but I think the whole lack of women in STEM will be fixed gradually. While we see a divide now, within a few generations these gender norms that are lasting from bygone times while fade further and further into antiquity and I feel that wearing a shirt wont stop that. What I am worried about is the pleasure that you mentioned not just in the traditional way but also in a reverse sense. There must be a sense of pleasure felt by the people demanding that these types of images be taken down when they eventually are. I worry that free expression might be damaged by these people and the pleasure they seek.

Hey guys….

Anyway, the supposed reconstructed of *octo don’t reflect the formation of the word.

О јебем вам мајку необразовану!