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Learn Python 3 in your PJs!



Do I need to read the whole article(s) or the abstract

Sad and true 😭😭

Art. Pure art.

Bt vo next year bhi to isko sale kr skta h

Har temple Brahmins mein ko free mein donations milta..there 2000 crores temples in India and world.. Imagine how much money each temple generates..many 2000 crores a day.

This is why I love Obama

Dont worry about population just make sure you got enough dehydrated food stored before oil runs out. Nature will take care of the rest. no oil – no fertiliser – no food.


Where is the word template file?


c. So if you are good at producing something – specialize at it and then with others.


Eyal Rittberg

I really liked it, you seemed to have done a ton of research, but maybe give reasons for why we do these things, like why holding palms out means honest. Just a suggestion.

It’s very useful for the learners…

Why? its better then firing a shitload of expensive nukes on your foe as well as it cant be blocked atm XD

This video is right, but not all of us

Look all those dumb feminists.

Would be interesting to hear you talking about The Sims language 🙂


Ira Krakow’s Python 3 Tutorial Part 6 (Functions)


Make money for corporations, entertainment and also an expression of art

Bilalimir11@gmail. com

In my country we learn aeiou really strictly we learn that so that we will all have the same pronunciation we also have a writing test for it we learn it from the age of 5

Very helpful stuff. Makes things a lot easier. You have an excellent way of teaching so keep it up.


I’m starting to learn Japanese and I kinda know French so I need some tips lol

Sometimes folk need to back off their pretentious shitholiness and bear in mind that without intertextuality (damn, i feel like a pompous twat for writing that word) there would be no parody. for that matter, there probably wouldn’t even be such a thing as marketing if we took it outside the realm of movies and literature (i’m not over-thinking this statement, so don’t expect an argument about it).

Gotta love being the first cohort for a new spec, I’d love some past papers right about now.



How about Snowden?

As for word play Wayne is way better

Like becouse you’re so cute

Very sad! Human beings are such assholes

Have your any Email address? kindly share in your video I am from Pakistan and preparing for lectureship of Economics and your video is owsame I am your Fan and want to talk to you,

Granted, like Hot Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce can have all sorts of different recipes, and be made differently, and McDonald’s specific recipe is still a mystery, I can’t imagine it being all that different than most Teriyaki Sauces you’ll find at a store. Hell, depending on your tastes, some might be better.

I can’t tell if this is making fun of liberals or how conservatives see liberals


Raspberry Pi PWM using pigpio library and Python 3


The absolute worst part of Negative utilitarianism, is on the longest scale we can conceive of. when I mentioned positive utilitarianism drugging the water and turning everyone into drones? This one is that level of extreme. It is also super-villain bad. If you exterminate all life on earth, Every single human, plant and animal, including yourself, Then No suffering can ever happen, for all of time going forward. No more war, No more hate, no fear, no addiction, no disease, no abuse, no violence, no depression. nothing.

This is a very good video. You make it so easy to understand. Thanks!


THANK YOU! My english textbook was not helpful on this but your video was.

Thank you for this video. As an ESL learner, I have been struggling with my master thesis in english literature…My adviser said that there are some problems with my language, but he couldn’t name any. I will try to follow these tips to revise my paper. And I will keep watching your videos. Thank you very much!

So boring.

Am I the only one that listens to this because I just want to?

Excellent episode!

Quite possibly you are. Quite possibly, yea. Dere be alot of dem bk lernd peeps hoo b thck uss uh doorpost.

The breadth of his expertise, coupled with his handsome face and soothing voice, makes this guy REALLY appealing, I must say. Aside from that, this is very interesting and makes me wonder how he would break down my particular idiolect or the dialect of the Bay Area, where I reside. I’ve always thought that Northern California, especially, and the Pacific Northwest spoke English most closely to how it is written, as opposed to pretty much everywhere else on the planet. I bet he’d set me straight, and very charmingly, too!

Wow. really encouraging tips. thanks so much for a great job, ms. niharika


Your observations are astute and correct. But see, like you said, this is a completely subjective take on what you feel a superhero movie should look like. I have always interpreted this to be Marvel’s way of rooting the superhero genre in real world aesthetics. The BIGGEST contrast would be DC’s films— the only other superhero films being made consistently. And their movies are waaay too contrasting. Like, sooo much shadow and absolute black values that it’s like a hyper-reality and it loses something in that. With being in touch with real world issues or problems, which make the films that much more relatable. So I appreciate the look Marvel’s movies have had— although, yes, they could have had more contrast going for them.

Yeah that’s the thing, these concepts aren’t difficult to grasp and understand, but the video and music make it really tough to hear what amy’s saying, and just end up muddling the message.

I wish I could do something from the US to make the Dalit children happier… sad….and that priest his fuzzy gray hair on his left shoulder so disgusting! He’s a slob.

Lowkey the test is in an hour and this is all I’ve done to learn Econ all year.

Hello fellow crammers…. good luck tomorrow!!! lets all strive for a 5

Blar blar

I am sure Kellyanne has lots of practice, dodging the truth not to get spanked by her parents.

No one can explain the first paragraph satisfactorily yet :

What is this woman smoking. I have better conversations with people that I meat everyday while buying Breakfast or shopping!


213 Python 3 Its Time Charles L Yost


Thugger is like Pablo piccaso

Why do we lose sight of these truths?

Is this lady for real?

Self confidence is easy when you realise that the other guy is self-conscious too. And I mean ALL the other guys. The interviewer, the boss, the teacher, the lecturer, the potential date. Next time you approach an interaction with another human being that seems daunting, remember (or just imagine) that that person is scared of being found out as lacking. And, the bigger they are, the further they have to fall, and the more terrified they are of that potential fall.

Young thug IS NOT evolving language, hes clearly DE-EVOLVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magnifique. Merci

For others, this answer might not be acceptable because it can be hard to live if you feel as though you have many things wrong with you but I advise anyone struggling with depression to think “What am I going to do about it?” because just living for vitality isn’t living but merely existing and the difference between that and death is the continuous of a heart beat but not of a soul. Try to turn your Depression into a passion, a reason, and a purpose to live. I you hate the way you look try make make-up, plastic surgery, new clothes, or think outside of the norm to make yourself look the way you want to. There is a solution to every problem even if it hasn’t been found or cost more then you have work toward finding it or affording it.

I think dudley, s action would be justified if it was based on parker, s own wish. i mean ‘consent ‘ may be coecive but wish’is a different thing[sacrifice on his own decision] ; in philosophical manner but logically, how could we know it was based on wish[sacrifice] not based on coercion.

Sir itni shudh hindi ni ATI……

I would just say, be yourself.

Copyto 0

Should of looked at gza


Cate was the best Bob from Not There.

I was thinking about body of this essay. Using the introduction above what are we going to write in the body of essay? Are we going to support our idea that diet is also important and give some reasons why or what?

Does this remind anyone of Harrison Bergeron?


I reckon this is my experience exactly.

His accent is adorable and just fine. He just needs to find a new gf who appreciates it.

Ma’am plz add text in vdo and add more data 11 min for 5 is may time consuming…… baki aap vry cute ho ma’am……

Worthy to know,

Me inspiro


How to Install Python 3 on a Mac



You sound like a person who doesn’t go out.

Why are there dislikes

Your lesson was enjoyable.

Gona mejor quita la cara

“Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting.” – William Shakespeare (Henry the V)

If you pay somebody enough money and give them an accent tutor, they can say anything.

(I’m sorry, that was a joke)

Why isn’t this called Interplanetary Annihilation??

In Polish, “Piór” means feather. “Długopis” is pen.

Do they have any stories? He said they don’t have a creation myth. I wonder if they tell any stories. Could they say “I heard this and I heard that.” every time they say a sentence? I just wonder how it would work. What about art? Do they make pictures of things in the past or things that don’t exist and never have existed?

The sound quality is disturbed but the hypothesis is well explained.

I love that phrase the best idea stays. Too many companies try to right the ship in the wrong direction.

Notification squad! 😀

Game of books. The end is coming.

That false dichotomy between “fake news” versus “real news” was exposed long ago… its all fake news on the mainstream media side. Time to wake up side-playing sheeple…. your “news” and politics and world runs on money and serves only the interests of big money, NOT you.

Hi Dal,

I passed all the game with all the stars in 1 week i think and jack toke like 1 years just to understand the 1 level


Python 3 Programming Tutorial – Matplotlib Styles


Everybody vote for this game to be published we need more RTS games enough with the garbage fps “call of dickheads” no haters welcome have a good day tootles

Racist ass interviewers.

Many other Jews have denied the Holocaust.

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Hey guys,

Thank you, you are a real teacher.

I’m from The Netherlands 🙂

That girl’s face is so cringy

>>show Tochar as group, close to Arian (wrong)

There is no profit maximization topic!!!!!!😧

Clear ho gaya

Great video and explanation 🙂 funny about italian accent, I can recognize it!

Scrolling through comments about this wonderful music and see someone saying “And he’s deaf?!?!” Ahem, I would love to tell you a story…. He was born with hearing and later in life about his 20s or 30s he slowly lost hearing. I want to clarify that because it’s bugging me.

Ummm.. the creators made Total annihilation.. Which in turn “inspired” Supreme Commander.. I’m just using what u said.. So if you’re saying they’re inspired by Supreme.. well…. well…. guess life is a circle.. =p

Thank you



Can barely speak a single Korean word without messing up meanwhile people here have learned so many languages and are still learning more.

The mainstream says that communists, terrorists, and immigrants are GOOD things. sure, they prey on the contention, but it’s a fact that being ‘against’ these things puts you on the fringe

Countries (Poland 1200-1335, Hungary 1270-1330, Bohemia 1305…), to

“Scuse me I’m Eric Lehnsherr-Charles Xavier”


How to Install Python 3 3 on Ubuntu Linux


I said it once and I’ll say it again. Humanity needs Tri-gun tanks.

This was so accurate to the book, and the summary was kickass

This was such a great talk! He sounds like such a beautiful person. I did not agree with his interpretation of ‘there is still a chance’ when his wife said no in the beginning though. I mean great for him that it worked out in the end but asking out someone is a special situation and depending on the situation your persistence could be harassment for the other person. The general point of his talk is crystal clear but I guess this was not a good example.

Fuck! this is the real education should be!

Why are there so many thumbs down votes on this video? :/

Im wondering if you could please share your thoughts of what you would put before a thesis statement at the beginning of the introduction paragraph. Seeing as though the thesis statement is at the end of the 1st paragraph – what comes before it? Can you please provide examples relevant to your example essay questions?

Everyone thinks they are not meant by this. Which makes this all a huge circlejerk.

Ram nam satya hai, Hari Om!

I love you Emma,,,,you are great

True lol

Also “Nausea” by Jean-Paul Sartre is an interesting book, but it is very specific and strange, not everybody will like his style

Thank you for making this.

Where’s world in conflict

1) I agree with FANKANable it’s an insult to suggest to Trump speaks like regular people. Trump is a rambling, lying, F-tard who speaks like a four year old.

Ий афто-ль йий домяну.

Those who haven’t prepared well and which to obtain high score can contact us today and send us their registration details for confirmation and validation


Guy hears shout from a classroom

Intertextuality, from what I’ve always understood it as, is not necessarily even associated with nostalgia. It serves to comment or recontextualize a work by referencing it IN SERVICE OF ANOTHER NARRATIVE.

If you change the speed to “0.5” he sounds drunk lol


Using While Loops in Python 3



OMG this helped sooo much

Esto es de los creadores e little infernó? los diseños se parecen (todavía no e visto el vídeo)

One question came to thought, how does philosophy respond to questions about dreams, “déjà vu”, spiritualism and things of that sort.

Pls teach rachna mam still

If you look closely you can see that the chickens are alive 1:57.And yet theyre still beaing dragged upside down by convairbelt.

Great stuff, very inspiring!!

Every once in a while, I take a little time to look at the comments? LOL

He definitely spouts a load of hyperbolics!

Are you afraid to ask him to comment on this topic?

Holy funking shit I’m buy this game

What up Huffman

“Idle youth, enslaved to everything; by being too sensitive, I have wasted my life.” – Song of the Highest Tower (Arthur Rimbaud)

Pretty cool!

Hi killam, thanks for your nice presentation, I have a question for you what are the steps do I need to follow to show how the theoretical framework may have guided intervention study design, thanks

Or i could be trolling, choose your pick.

I…..this…..I have no words

Another good place you can find a tapped r-like sound is in Japanese. You have to tap your tongue on the roof of your mouth like an English “L”, and it kind of gives it a “D” like sound. Hell, I used to mistake Japanese for Apple “Ringo” (りんご) like it was pronounced “Dingo” But I was a foolish language learner then. Now I understand so much about so many languages, such as their grammar and other things.

Fun d father is dentist for people like me


Configure WingIDE for Python 3 [Linux / Windows]


Thank you.

This is very helpful. Thank you!

Dont know what to do im writing an on the spot essay writing for my contest and definitely have no idea what to do can you help me?

Best video for english on youtube

I know this is way old but, WHERE IS EMPIRE AT WAR!!!!!!! NOT EVEN A HONORABLE MENTION!!!!!!!

C&C Generals was also very good back then

Very sad…still it’s happening. .this vedio is 100% true…we had this experience.

With less than 48 hours before the AP test, all I can say is BLESS YOU MR CLIFFORD

Every day life for an american citizen


It’s impossible we killed them all lol

Problems of these are either financial, social or just too much lax of being. financial may be hard to get through if you didn’t have choice over the matter, but being social or too carefree about life can be fixed. it’s a matter of choice and focus. you get the chance to learn and maximize, you take it. if people don’t give you an opportunity in an instant, then make it possible yourself. if you become someone who puts important things aside, then it’s your fault. there’s always a choice.

Such as my reason to live is my love. I read below, coughdrop01’s comment. They said existentialism helped them conquer depression (with the help of ‘god’). That is great. But I got over my depression about the same way. I asked someone I REALLY liked out and they said yes. Its illogical to put this much faith in a single person but it helps me…a lot.

Heard this from a class next door came to see it glad I did

Great Oman

Vocative (Hey who? What?)

Very interesting thank you!

thank u so much sir

Asian Jesus

First, life’s are equally considerable, and it is not fair for one to die, and for the others to be spared. I’d rather all of them die, than to choose one person.

Hello, you can leave know where is the DIrect object of the following sentence: I have been a teacher for fifteen years. Thank u again

You don’t have to go to college straight after high school. Wait a few years, think about what u wanna do.

👈 مکانیک



Interactive Introduction Tutorial to Python 3.x Class


Whos watching in 3017?

There something wrong happened in ur religion’s.. someone has changed ur holybook.. don’t believe in caste..that’s is stupid ever I knew.. fuck to person who created something like that..we all same..we are equal. .all people in this earth should be treat as human..not animal..fuck India

These videos make learning econ so much easier! Thanks ACDCLeadership!

1:15:04 el presidente de Uruguay… if only presidents in our “1st World countries” would be like him, we would live in a better world.

I have a separate question, though, and that is why does the accusative case indicate both the direct object and also motion towards? It would seem that heading towards something would more logically be in the dative case!

This sucks

TRUMP/PENCE 2016. LMAO at Hitler-y.

You know it makes sense.

To the naysayers, – If your “queen bee” is a complete dumbass, hive mentality is probably NOT the best thing!


Kick off my Maison Martin’s, lay on back like Martha Mason

This is what youtube should be

Got a 420 on my dank essay my dudes.

Like a classic example of intertextuality would be Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, which is a satire featuring two characters from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. At times, they recreate an exact scene from Hamlet but from a different perspective or context.

It has nothing to do with “fear of losing control.” Don’t give yourself too much credit. You’re a threat to nobody. Hate to break this to you, but the establishment media is on your side. Your side isn’t counter cultural anymore. And the system benefits everyone, if you’re willing to put in the work. You’re not a threat to the people you consider “privileged.” It’s about how spiteful, totally unjustified movements will indoctrinate and negatively affect how others think. And I think, 3 years after the release of the initial posting of this video, you should be able to see exactly what I’m talking about. You can clearly see that it’s not getting better for the left. Social Justice has infested people’s identity. Social Justice has become an integral part of people’s lives, to the point of cognitive dissonance, violence, and chaos. Is that what you wanted and expected to eventually happen back in 2014 for some strange reason? If that’s the case, congratulations. That’s what this has all led to: A collection of mentally unhinged, echo chambered ideologues. And if that’s not the case, do you finally understand why this is bad for people? Now do you finally understand the hellish, nightmarish product of this movement?