Python 3 Tutorial: 13 – Slicing


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To evaluate the professional / specific

The number of market signals that come from consumers on what and how many to produce is all but nonexistent. The decision to produce is primarily based on the cheaply and effectively a market can be through advertising and horizontal and vertical integration with the tens or hundreds of other products that were pushed onto consumers. No consumer asked for “Cool Ranch Doritos”, but the money used to study addiction to fat, sugar and salt as well as to study the ways to manipulate consumer interest resulted in reports stating that producing this product would take advantage of enough weaknesses of the US consumer that it would be profitable.


He is so amazing! I love to listen to his music it helps me relax or study or even help others and I go to sleep! Ugh I love it!๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’–โค

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Hi Ben! I’m Anaรฏs! I have just watched your video and I would like to have advices on how to get an HR job in USA when you’re native from an other country? Thanks a lot!

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I wish there was a crash course philosophy on straussianism

Technology has caused people to lose their humanity. Let’s lay off the cell phones, laptops, video games,& Television. What is so important that we as humans lose our souls to the machine.

Wow it actually looks really better with the color tweak.


Thank you a lot you good reason for i got high scour in test 7

If anyone is interested in the proof:

Alaaa ya quieroque subasmas la serie por que es de los creadores de litter inferno siiii y like me gustaba mucho esa serie like!!!



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I’m just thinking or Grover and the legend Pan from Percy Jackson

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Python 3 Advent Of Code Day 3 Part 1 & 2


I live in America but i have always found the german language very interesting n i would love to learn it ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜„

What a load. My life and career put me into contact with a great variety of people, and I have never met a human being who sounds or talks like Donald Trump. This billionaire is no every man.


You’re wrong about Lance Armstrong…his emotions didn’t make him win 7 times…it was STEROIDS! (2013 Hindsight cha cha cha)

Why people do not learn from this tribe?

Skinner is a lot like Freud. He will forever be remembered even though much of what he said isn’t taken seriously anymore. His Skinner Schools for autistic children have been largely replaced.

Charlamagne is a fuckin’ paranoid DOUCHE!!

3:42 In every case I want to see you get snow balled in the face.

Not taking into acount the ideological biases (and racist rantings), there is at least two points of scientific controversies still going on that I can think of :

This is perfect for writing my stories ^_^.

I’ll always stand against this leftist bullshit. Until my last breath. MAGA

Thug notes the best channel ever made. Continue Keepin it real dawg!

Bernie should’ve been elected. Now we have to have carrot face over here.

Should call this sleeping music not study music


Guide To Python 3 Variables


I’ve stopped at 0:03.

Love it…we are all humans..leaves of one tree, drops of one ocean…citizens of mankind…:-) brilliant work..

Well then any 13 yr old is as good as buddha….cuz i found his ideology to be a vey basic human intellectual. thought..

And DR Kerry Spackman Winner of the 2009 KEA World Class Award for Creative Thinking, Kerry is one of those rare polymaths who can operate at the highest international level in multiple disciplines. He has a unique ability to make complex topics simple and engaging. say in his book the winner bible:

The future of Feminism

-Economists use three main measures to achieve the goals above: GDP, unemployment rate, inflation rate โ†’ GDP most important: value of all final goods and services produced within a countryโ€™s border within a specific period of time (usually a year)

I don’t quite understand why there has to be a perfect 50/50 split of men and women in every field. Why can’t there be fields that are simply dominated by men and other fields that are dominated by women? As long as there is an equally easily achievable opportunity to enter every field for both sexes, it is perfectly fine for there to be deviations.

He did’nt really say much at all in this segment

Fools… how I pity them. ๐Ÿ˜‚ And yes by the way, I DO have a Rick and

Thank you very much for a well-balanced, structured and useful lecture!

Intertextuality is just the production companies ways of making sure they will make money, not caring at all about art, depth in the history & proper script writing, directing cleverness, etc. It is what basically kill a movie / franchise. The best recent example is Kingsman 2, a producers-making-money kinda movie where 100% of it is intertextualised. Huge turd, while the first one was in fact watchable and likeable according to me…

Nice…A must watch for Intermediate students..

Well base on the situation, the truth is that, the law is made by men, and only the living can face law’s intepritation, if the boy was not kill for other to survived there will not be anthing to talk about today and the will not be a room for what we are talking about today, all men are living today base on secrifse that some made many years back. let us exame a situation were a woman is pregnant and expeting a bay but what could happen is that the preregnat is etopic pregnat, it’s fifty fifty, so no man will like to trad with his life, the pregnacy must be terminated for sorvivrer of the mother. so there are situations that demand for a radical solution, in other to allow contnuity of man esistence.

Its so sad how man does not realize what its doing to our planet aka earth we created all this heck! how can we be so cruel to our OWN planet at least aliens do better than us and the worst thing is that no one cares about animals YOU KNOW ANIMALS HAVE A LIFE TO AND ITS U AKA HUMANS WHO HAVE NO LIFE a human: a piece of sh*t an enemy to earth cares about nothing does not help the poor…

Perfect video for getting the basics right. thanks bro.

Dukkha is not mean suffering at all, for the some reason

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Python 3 Tutorial 11: Dictionaries Pt 1


-2 current day economic systems are market economies and planned economies (which comes down to who owns and controls the factors of production) โ†’ Karl Marx classified these as Land, labour, and capital

Man’s search for meaning, Meditations, Ordinary Men

Weak list


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1987 = Good Song


I get that this is the opinion of those at the WatchMojo office, but how did you guys not include, or even mention, The Divine Comedy or Paradise Lost?

4:25 well, wouldn’t it still be better jobs, just fewer of them

Now we’re all gunna have the same context – reckon the examiners will clock?

8 million lonely people watched this

This is some quality damn content here. 30 minutes, no annoying nonsense, interesting subject matter, and an engaging and likable host.

And though the discipline is still in the making and in its infancy, it is developing and spreading fast.

That’s a great question and I’ll try to explain why we live in the Matrix. We are living a lie because the Fed and US economy is caught in a policy failure of the early 1990’s: the investment class (or.001%) have policy partnered with poorer households( Mexico /china) with a much lower resource cost to business and put American households income under considerable downward pressure. The investment class like the renewed profits made by offshoring their businesses. The once high US consuming households who think their jobs were safe have increased their debt and saved little (commonly called a Minsky Moment).The fourth money supply trick is that wall street and Washington can distort important commodities (oil) and currencies through fiat money printing to emulate interest rate drop on the average consumer. When you can’t lower interest rates there is the ‘good news’ of lower oil (et al). By keeping the US dollar high compared to other countries(purchasing power) Americans feel rich (thus socially stable) and the one and only lucrative export still protected is military( and associated) sales. The middle east must be kept unstable for four reasons: 1. to keep the US oil supplies high and at the right price. 2. Keep middle east leaders needing US military protection creating multilateral instability 3 To ensure Israel expansion further beyond GASA. 4 Keeping the US as the worlds only super power will keep the US dollar as the worlds gold currency. Only a few in Washington understand this plot and it is in conflict with a moral America who could not possibly think that their own governments could be causing so much unbelievable grief to the world. Reality is stranger than the fictional storey of the Matrix which is a great movie.

Do you have a video on elastic supply?

5:24 dumb lol

Yeah we do. in modern greek we have four cases.

Bless his southern heart XD

“go get a voice coach” – to mke ppl listen to u ๐Ÿ˜‚

According to this video im artistic, creative, good selfesteem, optimistic, ambitious, expressive, social, talkative, imaginative, and childlike. honestly if i think about it thats all true.

Had no idea that this was a thing, but I’ve always done it, thought that’s what it was what you were supposed to do


Why 60 seconds only…..

Taher ben jelloun is a very popular and famous Moroccan author


Python 3 Install on Windows – Enviroment Variables


Foucault was bullshiter. now when I know about his homosexuality, that explains his need for some of the crap he had written. worthless pseudo-intellectual character full of relativisation without so much substance behind it. I read a few of his essays in the faculty. it was so empty and pointless I forgot what it was about, I supressed it

This Guy is fat


1.)Khastriyas (Ram), 4000 B. c

Please make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We in the left have been using these tactics whilst mixing it with identity politics, this is just something we’ve brought about on ourselves, we’ve been strawmaning republican positions for years, we weren’t critical enough of our own side when Obama had power and now all these hypocrites are coming out against Trump. I’m a little tired of all these people, and I’m actually looking forward to immigration reform, it’s been brushed under the rug for too long.

It can be both scripting and coding, Jack. I can’t code that great, but I can script in Linux alright, if I do some research, and build on what I’ve done previously. Taking notes helps too.

Khanacdemy, thank you so much for all of ur tutorials. ur the best tutor that i’ve had in my entire life and oh my god.. ur service is free!

ACDC lol

Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it

Thanks for your videos. Just want to know if you have any Tips video for IELTS Reading & Writing for General Training candidates because I’ve only seen tips for Academic exams only.

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The cure for depression is balancing both positive and negative thoughts, because that is where truth emerges.

“This is how the hunger games starts”. I work with children and It breaks my heart that they actually think that the book can come true, due to everything that has been happening.

Why does frodo have glasses???

Can you do a video on video games if a should play them or not

Theres only one way to find ou-

This was the game that made me realize I had no future with any form of software augmentation.

Sudden strike2 is missing


Seriously helpful, Mr. Jewell! I will be sharing with my AP class in Atlanta, Georgia!

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Advanced Python 3: Where and If on Vectors


I liked this video a year ago. Now when I watch it again I wish I could click the ”like” button more times again.

I am hispanic and Asian and lived in America. Ive learned Japanese and Spanish mother and my fathers side and English from America. But somehow I’m still dumb asf

I think buddha was born in bihar(India)

:))))) guys, we are living in science time, not in guesstimate time ๐Ÿ™‚ , According to National Geographic Genome researches, not all but many of today’s Europen Nation’s came from Central Asia, remember white mummies of Central Asia dating 4000 years ago, they are blond and have colored eyes, tall people, 100 hundreds of them found, But no one ever found any thing about white race in ฤฐndia or Africa, Persia!

Lol, are you kidding me? This guy is so intelligent.

+Nerdwriter1 Look I get there is sexism and it is a problem, and I do think the guy’s shirt was inappropriate – even if it was pro-women (and maybe it is?) – for the venue, but I really don’t think him wearing it is a symptom of sexism. He wasn’t being a ‘winner’ – “Hey I got one over you ladies, you’ll never have this kind of job and career, hahaha, men are better, I’m going to wear a depiction of you in scantily clad clothes to assert my dominance.” I really really doubt that was the subconcious thinking that led him to wear that shirt. In fact that’s what we should ask: why did he wear that shirt? Maybe he thought it empowered women, maybe he thought a guy wearing a cool shirt would get the attention of kids, both boys and girls – and it had nothing to do with subconsciously enjoying institutionalized male status.

What freedom? born in slavery, death in slavery.

Thank u sir

4:14 “cex” HAHA xD

Thank you~

This lesson is resourceful and helpful.

What he seems to be implying.

Yeah, my family and friends aren’t narcissistic assholes who constantly lie, and degrade people using a 6th grade vocabulary.

I think that we could all benefit from a more interactive education system focusing a little more on important life issues. This video raises some very important flaws with current day education. The problem might lay partially in the fact that universities are set up as businesses. I am currently trying to figure out how to make learning for younger people an exciting and interactive experience. The internet is a powerful tool that if used wisely can benefit us all!

That savage who told his own owner to pick up trash


My favourite market basket is the 12 days of Christmas basket – the price of:



Khomeni didn’t create Hezbollah. Hezbollah was created by Abbas Musawi.


Python 3: Read CSV files


That can be a good thing for students since so many seem to struggle with the balanced budget multiplier. It still helps to demonstrate how spending is more powerful than taxation through the Keynesian model.

Rah she’s posh

1:09 Zoroastrianism is monotheitic (I guess some ancient versions aren’t but Zirban is more just from the ancient Persian religion than Zoroastrianism)


This channel is cancer

Rappers are comfortable knowing they’re famous

1. age of empires

I do speak two lenguage Spanish and English and i trying to get better in French and Russian.

Loving it! The World of Goo team is the best.

Euphory and Depression… two faces

No it didn’t matched to myself

He is amazing



I agree that technology itself does not educate, but can be implemented to enhance, the learnng environment. Boredom or irrelevance would not help the learner learn. A good educator can combine new and emergng technologies with tried and trusted educational strategies to help the student concentrate for long enough to focus their attenton on gaining the receptive state you mentioned. I would replace all technology for a great educator but if I could have both, I would.



You forgot to say about Iraq-Iran War in 1980.

Thank you very much for your sharing

And lets not forget that Germany did not start a war with us. They went along with Japan because they were allies, but Germany did not want the U. S> in the war, same way Hitler pleaded with Britain not to get involved.(need to understand a little more from history people) But yes there is no excuse why the God Emperor of Japan is mentioned, probably a thousand to ten thousand times less than the country that did not attack us. I heard people say “Well Nazis were mean” Sorry chumps but the Japanese were every bit as racist and Mean as the Nazis, even more so with there experiments of cutting pregnant women open with no Anastasia so they could see how they a live baby in the womb reacted to there chemical weapons.

Tony, he talks and talks and talks with more additional talk tossed in for good measure, but I am still waiting for the golden egg to be laid, and waiting? And when he talks about needs, isn’t he describing Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs? A brilliant speaker (a genius) who can convert a boring textbook into an adventure of a life time, but essentially the contents its a still a boring textbook? Maybe I need to listen to fifty more hours of talking before things click? Just not sure?

Interesting video. Thanks man!


Python3 Beginner Tutorial 1 – Intro & Setup


Westerners are often shocked about this system of caste. And they should be. But in the west the same kind of segregation is going on. It is called capitalism. It is a system where rich people control the banks and slowly, but surely, inflate the currency so that the poor man ends up with nothing. The reason that this is even possible is due to the laws of property or ownership. A human being knows it will die one day, but never the less it believes that it has the right to claim a piece of land or even the people living on it. Where is the truth in this? Where is the truth in the sense of ownership? Is it not fear that drives a human being to threaten the life of another human being? I think it is? Fear and ignorance is the cause of all our problems, in India as well as Europe, America or any where else in the world. We are one people born out of the love and curiosity of life. Should we not celebrate, rather than hate? Should we not give, so that all can live? I think we should. I love India. India saved my life when I needed saving. And I thank you for it. All of you living there. Regardless of your caste or religious beliefs. I give my blessings to you all.

If anything this series has given me a much deeper appreciation for Daniel Day Lewis, such a brilliant actor, one of the finest actors today imo

Were r uh from

But it doesn’t at all…

Come on, its not that difficult to solve the trolley dilemma. If I were in the trolley, I would have done my best to save myself. I already killed someon the moment I step into that trolley without brakes. It was just a matter of time, before go out of hand amd eventually killed someone. The best thing to do is to survive. Then I would dedicate my life looking after the well being of the famillier of those I killed. Sometimes the best things to do can be absolutely selfish.


I would have slapped that bitch

We can say that post-colonial is the desire for culture self determination

The quality and authenticity of these videos are incredible.

Does this work for GCSE?

It says im an alien.. oh no

In Anaconda, Jon Voight sounds like a Mexican who spent the last 10 years in a Louisiana bayou.

This test is baloney

A teacher showed is this in assembly and we r using something very similar in English. it’s is quite true

Hey Taylor, I was just rejected by my dream school – Upenn. How did you deal with your Stanford rejection?

I am from nepal and thank you so much


QtDD13 – Thomas Perl – Python 3 and Qt 5 with QML


I strongly believe I passed the exam and it’s just because of your teaching!


Thanks man!


Speak positive and people will listen. I agree. But how the fxxx did tRump become president.

1:40 – 1:47

There not trying to… they want to make a game that is more like supreme commander and total annilation. they only share the genre nothing else. this is large utter destruiction and sc2 is small scale be cost effective with like 50 units or less. this has HUNDREDS

Make your children learn Chinese for their own sake. It will be advantage for your kids than others.


Hey dani can you email me any notes and written question and answers you might have for AS level economics? Cheers!

“I’m pretty much fucked”

Doctor Leo Spaceman?

This doesn’t help believe me ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜”

Most music that says it can help really just gets me distracted. This one was similar but actually helped as well!

4:58 in the back

It was nice to remember these wonderful games

Thank you very much for this video!! It helped me a lot.

The thing you say about self-confidence/repetition/novel etc. is so wrong, we can be. fools

To you who produced this and all the other videos: thank you. Thank you for expressing Emerson’s central messages. In these ten minutes you managed to sum up the last session on Emerson at university and it was even very entertaining.

Red alert 2 >> 2004- 2017 i still play it



Python 3 Tutorial 9: While Loops


Me : :D… Done

(*I am sorry for mistake, I am polish*)

So in other words, you ‘prove’ things based on assumptions everybody – by now – knows are incorrect? THAT sounds like perfectly sound research!!! /s

Thnku so much sir…I’ll waiting for ur next more videos…

What a discrimination in a country which is famous for its spiritual and wise teachers!

Cool rap

Good luck to those of you without pvc pipe lol

Helpful for my media studies teaching..hopeful my students will understand. I love Naom Chomsky saying the unsayable. Profit is the motivation – not love, compassion, entertainment or indeed anything that is not about money. This is a terrible way to run a culture – on materialism. Challenge power you will be pushed to the margins – look at MIA! Russell Brand..We all need to fight back and share ‘Wedom’ – we are all in this together Ek ong Kar – not to make money for the greedy ruling elite. The battle is endless – stay awake and fight it

So she’s never heard him ever speak those nonsensical gibberish sentences? Which planet is she from again? BTW her voice is quite shakey and weak and gives the impression of being very nervous and insecure..

Hahaha, Brilliant!

I feel so trapped these days in society, with PC liberals who’d rather get distracted by the nickel and dime shit while corporations raid what’s left of this nation’s future in my back, while facing the religious proto-fascists trying to take us back to the 1950’s, when women and minorities are oppressed in silence

You’re on your own ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Sometimes I feel, frictionally, structurally and cyclically unemployed all at the same time.