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It is assumed that because I hold a different opinion & promote it strongly, that this is evidence of lack of self-esteem, close-mindedness, incivility, stupidity, & having ‘no life’.

Black Swan Green?

This video made me Cum… Mainly cuz of the delicious code

I categorized life into those who feared/hated death and those who didn’t mind it. The ones who feared/hated it were the ones who enjoyed it’s momentary tastes(pleasure) such as sex, luxury, refinements, alcohol and amusements, these people I thought feared death as it would put an end to all those enjoyments and these people I assumed didn’t want that and so in turn they hated/feared death. Whereas those who didn’t care for death were those who abandoned such enjoyments, but a person who didn’t have such enjoyments and never abandoned such pleasures but yearned for it were the same as those who feared and hated death because they never abandoned the want of those enjoyments. Although a bit of enjoyment was ok.


A nice video

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Can you like, come to Rime, Italy and kinda marry me?


Are you saying that Psychopaths doesn’t have essence?

Simple and excellent explanation about Globalisation

Age of empires online

What. About. Sims???

This video has had helps me with my noledge of engrish

“hanging out with your friends”


How to Remove Dupilcate Data using Pandas Matplotlib in Python : Tutorial 3 in Jupyter Notebook


Great videos

2. Reason for argument

So he didnt go to princess school like Obama. Trump is an intelligent capitalist who is putting american economic interests first. Hes not going around the world apologizing for America like B. O. or nuking up Iran and N Korea. I’m tired of you pinko commie leftists with your shallow mindedness. grow up and educate yourselves

“Now you can call all of your friends you understand supply and demand.”

Most people do not even care nor realize what is actually going on in todays world. But why should we care? Our demise is going to happen sooner or later. Or maybe not. Maybe us humans will find a way to become immortal, or maybe we really will end oursleves. What do the rest of you fellow humans think? What do you really think will happen in 20-100 years? Or maybe even longer? I am interested to know.


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Is was so helpfull omg!!!!!

He doesn’t speak like my friends or family. They use multiple syllable words and complete, proper sentences. Have you ever read a transcript of a Trump rant? Don’t listen to it, read it. The intellectual immaturity of him will jump right out at you. Like the ghost writer of his book said, he’s got the maturity and intellect of a 9 year old.

I see more mistakes then learning. Did you graduate with a b+? Please post a video where g. e.d writing essay has simple movie 5 paragraph writing..iam having a diffucult time. Fingers crossed:-)

And someone should take the fat fucking sunglasses wearing priest to alley and pop two behind his head. all his arguments are so stupid. those poor kids deserve to be educated, it is their right. someone should set up a fund for them and get them educated and get good jobs then for their graduation present send them back to india to take a dump infront of them priests houses.

I really like the way you explain it, it’s easy and fun to watch, thankyou!

I’m Laughing so hard RIGHT NOW, THIS video basically describes what has been happening for the last YEAR WITH all the Russia BS

E-lasticity, what a guy

◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤.. / \ Youtube if you are with us

Loved it except for the “at least DC have this figured out” — bull. DC movies look like cheap studio knockoffs of what Marvel does. Maybe it’s the overuse of CG or a dependence on everything being a greenscreen, but to me there’s really no comparison if you’re talking color pallet and texture.

People actually think harvard has good education anymore. That’s laughable. It’s just a cesspit of regressive leftwing ideology now. I mean look at this discussion as an example, it already has removed the context of who the people is, so how is that scenario accurate for a real life situation? it says that the people are of equal value from the very start. now that can happen ofcourse, but highly unlikely.


Python 3 Practice Codingbat Warmup 1 Part 1


How exactly would you go about giving an original personal response in a Literature essay or extract analysis?

At last someone who thinks like me…

He probably owns slaves too. Cousin Fucker

Call me a psychopath for saying this, but in my opinion, you have to kill both 5 workers and 1 guy. First, you get rid of 5 people and jump out of the train to chase down and kill the last surviving guy. My reason for such extreme course of action is to ensure that none of them spread the news of my action. If the word gets out that I killed someone to save life over another life, that would make me a murderer regardless of my pure and good intention. Why should I go to jail for something I had no control over? I may argue that I had to make decision, but what if the judge still decides I’m still a murderer? No matter who you kill, either way you are gonna get fucked. So? Might as well kill all of them, pretend nothing happen, and move on with my life. I’m sorry for the victims but I gotta live too.

O_O Woah! Already reach $2,229,344. Definitely can’t wait for this!

Hey, what if the heart beats too fast, Will we die of high blood pressure? What if we run too fast and that pain in the chest builds up. I feel too tired and i can taste a matallic taste building up on my tounge. Why do people get that taste when they run? I also feel like my chest will explode. Thats painfull. I think that the ha

Funny video exactly what I was looking for i appreciate you wish you could do more similar video to this. “that was way short too”.

Are you going to make more episodes?

I see a trend in the comments. Apparently I’m not the only one who got recommended this out of the blue. Creepy.

@Deepskies1 then you’d become a pro, at life!

Does anyone speak Bengali? the sweetest language in the world?

I wish I had of read this before getting a 2:2 on my last exam :’) #moron

Mark Cuban teaches economics?

In my World Studies class we’re learning of how the United States portrays the ENTIRE continent of Africa consisting of 56 countries in such a horrible light and will never broadcast amazing stories or events in a lot of countries there. We were told to say the first word that came to mine, there other students thought of horrible things: genocide, slavery, and basically all the stereotypes of Africa which had made me furious. I said “Booming Economy” and “Independent Nations”. In the top list of booming economies across the globe, there are 6 African countries on that list. Bet you didn’t know that, since the media would never say that. I don’t like how people would ask “Do you speak African”, an ignorant question, but they need to learn to be more aware of news outside this country. Every country will have multiple languages, such as in Nigeria which has over 500 different languages. Plus, we were suppose to bring in an article of any African news story, and guess what, most students brought in negative articles, but I didn’t. Relatives of mine from Nigeria are wealthy, not the racist stereotype that every single citizen within any freaking African country is labeled as poor and uneducated. We as young U. S citizens need to bring a positive awareness of every continent like Asia, Africa, or South America instead of always focusing on countries in Europe and North America. Coming from a 9th grade freshie.


Hi, It’s a great video i saw today. Just one question – What does it mean when a girl is not looking at you and still engaging you with some topics to talk.

Very nice lessons!!! ty so much

I’m the biggest Marvel Stan but Civil War and CA:TFA has such WASHED OUT coloring

I think i am just going to go kill my self. i have never done a essay in my life. it looks so hard and i code video games.


Python/Rainbow Six Siege – HighLights#3


I liked abcd kis pata ha six pe f aata ha

Am I the only person that believes food, shelter, and clean air and water should be a given to anyone born on this planet. Granted we are killing ourselves with Vehicles and for the chase of money, but yes, this world is so fucked up. We were given a beautiful earth and narcissistic assholes chose money over people.

Do you think you could do a video on how to plan/make a revision timetable 💗

Thanks for the videos, I found your channel earlier this year and I’m looking forward to seeing more good content in 2017!

Leaving the entire topic to medical researchers and geneticists,


Typo at the end it says govermnet instead of government


Thanks man it was really helpful for me,,

I didn’t ask you whether you were sure. I meant for you to ask yourself. This still proves how words can be misinterpreted easily. Even more so if one starts ignoring basic agreements.

8. The Sun also Rises

To be honest, My English listening is poor, but since I’ve started watching you teaching stuff, I noticed that I could catch almost every word you say It’s very easy to listen to. Keep good up work, Emma 😀

Yeah this game just one upped WH40k in everything. Except Slanish.


A mini MASTERPIECE even within it’s self.


Python – 3 – Varijable (Promjenljive)


Thanks, i dont need to study anymore now

Omg never been so early ur one of my top utubers ilysm eve hope you see this 💗💗💗💗

Total annihilation…. -> supreme commander -> PLANETARY ANNIHILATION TITANS!!!!!!!! XDD


The girl is annoying and I hate her obvious political stance on how she “believes” the military money better?

What’s that thing at 2:15

Perhaps its substance only, just in a single image.

THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING THANKYOU SO MUCH, taking the AP Exam in a week 🙁

Https://youtu. be/8w4Ku6l7OEI? t=297 In what way is it true that Mosaddegh ‘quit and fled Iran’? The military attacked his residence with tanks as part of the coup that overthrew his government. He surrendered to the military the next day and was kept in Iran under house arrest until he died.

He puts it in video that doesn’t sound like a rant.

There is an earliest Paternal ancestor, which is much more recent due to male tendency to have polyamorous relationship tendencies from past to present (Probably related to the biological simplicity of male reproduction compared to female), and the paternal ancestor is very recent, tracing to 4 women at the time. However, there is also a Maternal ancestor thousands of years before that, to which all women in the world can trace their genetic lineage. Fascinating stuff.

This really makes me think of how arrogant we

I also studied the way he talks. It is called the English language.

Can i get the email of the professor?

ACTUALLY, he said “See you tomorrow, you be good. I love you”

I mean goddammit, this is so darn cool 🙌. Bless you, sir! Like, sincerely thanks

Your videos are extremely helpful! If it wasn’t for your videos on economics, then I’d probably be doing terrible in my class right now. Anyways, just wanted to say that I appreciate the time you spent to make these videos. You’re awesome!!!

And they can even affect your bank account, controlling what you believe you can achieve financially without you even knowing it.


Python 3 Qt 5 PyQt on Mac OS X: JGPRGTools 003


All this to say the nigga freestyles

6. The Stranger

Islam is believing in ( God ) and His last prophet Muhammad.

All i understood of this is life is meaningless, make the best of it

Nice lectures, very helpful for building a concepts. please i need conceptual framework concept

Thanks James that was very helpful for me but, where is the the ultimate body video??

The biggest thing I got out of video is ignorance is bliss. find sometimes you just gotta choose ignorance. great video just depressing. only if you know how to separate emotion from logic

Economics systems are made when we figure out


Em suma ser cidadão dos EUA é ser alguém sem cultura mundial

Bhaiya thank u… Soo much bahot accha gaya exam…. Shrif apke chakar mai…

Thank you for putting effort to make such helpful videos! it means so much!

Just one man can do that!

If only my Econ. teacher had the same sense of humor, I wouldn’t end up here.

Can’t use I in essays

Very good and nearly neutral

Enjoy the presentation, thanks producer.

Too smart for me..


“China is now the world’s leading creditor nation, while the United States is the world’s largest debtor. Beijing is the largest foreign holder of US government debt – passing Japan in 2008 to become, in effect, the US government’s largest foreign creditor”.


Premier programme Python 3 avec IDLE – CoursPython. com


Dude its 3012 bro its okay

“He sounds like he could be a family member” sure, someone’s aggressive drunk uncle that the family doesn’t invite to get togethers anymore.

And if you can find it…

We know why charlamange was at Illuminati meeting. He’s all about race, BLM movement and SJW bullshit. He’s deep into propoganda sjw shit and is about to have a show paralleling with the current CENSORSHIP of the right that is just attacking “trolls” (people with differing opinions, mostly free speech loving, Constitutional loving). Haha too many people awake. Keep your sheep entertained.

I know I’m really late… but you’re wrong, a machine detector will NOT determine the outcome of the positions of electrons, it is not observing. Only any form of CONSCIOUSNESS can observe. I realize this could be animals as well. Not sure though.

I prefer dovahzul. 😉

Ur so ugly. brains no beauty


Thankfully there’s a revision opportunity! I’ll be making use of your pointers for that.

Hillary only won the popular vote cuz of all the illegal immigrants that were allowed to vote

And of course one could criticize this channel on the basis of just having a succesful business model that commodifies, moisturizes important ideas, difusing them, and removing their subversive potential. So I find this channel to be very bourgeois in its approach. Very western. And of course I am aware that its limitations arise from its form. It is a youtube channel. It could not be progressive, subversive or revolutionary. But i think my critique stands even if you take it for what it is. It could be better.

00:25 that image had me speechless

Strategy is Gretchen Bernabie 3-to-1 in her book Story of My Thinking. She,

A really nice watch. thanks for doing that!


Meh lots of whining and blame passing with no solutions. you don’t really know who’s to blame, how it all connects or what to do, but you can make a dramatic video very well and play on people’s feelings.

I love your videos however I believe you make taxes more complicated than they need to be, slowing down and talking about relationships will help out a lot more

Therefore, due to poor Quality of display, understanding from this video is at Risk.

Oh my gods I saw thor somewhere!

Time for me to creat the official squirrel language… Once I know any of those symbols…

Yeah, why don’t you?

This ain’t about following the rule book


PyQt 4 and Python 3 Crash Course Part 1



When Alec Baldwin said “my two sons… Beavis and Butthead” I just laughed until my belly hurt

Lotta racism aimed at white people in these comments

Amazing review! thank you for this video!

This guy makes me want to save the world.

That would render my 1200 shares of GOOG worthless.

Great video, you should also make video on how to become smart in 20s,30s,

Could/would you do one on the similarities/differences of intertextuality and metacinematic?

To me it is Valyrian followed by Sindarin. IMHO the latter sounds even nicer, but it’s a bit too soft, thus lacking a bit of dynamic (e. g. harsher sounds for important or rude words) and it’s a bit too nasal. I also like the sound of languages similar to Latin and Japanese (not piling up consonants). That’s why I like the divine language too.

Such a clear illustration and delivery! It blew my mind, thanks.

One of the best video on essay…. sir plz guide us with more tips…

Language and thus grammar is fluid and changes constantly (or should that be “continuously”?). However, laziness is something that should be addressed, especially with those who are young and still in school. It is important they understand the difference between their, there, and they’re, and know the difference between “should have” over “should of”, but whether a supermarket uses “less” or “fewer” is ridiculous.

Can you sacrifice yourself so all of them could live

Cultural conflict between advocates of development and advocates of indoctrination, well described here. The inspired and the power motivated. Going on for more than half a century at least, and still a problem, still a conflict.

Should have been spoiler alert XD

I find “Rick and Morty” easily ignored; it’s both boring and gross at the same time.

Une des présentations les plus malhonnêtes qu’on ait pu voir.

Superb animations! Those animations really had me watch with a smile the whole video. Very good video also, interesting stuff.

0:23 vegetarian shit


Cool voice mate..

Ohhhhhhhh, PatNinja, don’t get mad at clueless Jack. Don’t get mad at Jack, I still love him, even though he’s a little…OMG THIS IS INFURIATING! Calm down, the other people will see you talking to yourself and be suspicious! Just try to ignore it.


How to install python 3.4.1 on windows 8


And if some dumb ass confuses that with “Well uh, I’m afraid of heights so Ima go jump off a cliff.” Its no wonder why people like to critize without truly understanding him.

Where did you get your necklace?

Thank you!

Just listening to his outro made me laugh

Lool..I thought he was saying batman was cuntian😂😂

This guy is correct and mira sydow they sent to me an email is totally incorrect especially in grammar

Thanks so much for this entire course! I’ve learned so much!!

Spanish at school.

Dinner trays for the holidays,

In a similar position, it does the same thing.” –Holmes Jr., Oliver


Freestyle on dis..

Your heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it

3:19. . but Frodo isn’t a human…..😉😉

Thanks sir


Python 3 & Python 2.7 dual install – the right way on OSX


Lol, totally failed to nail it. dewey. duh.

Nope lady I don’t have family like that… you might… but I don’t.

Ohhh myyyy godddddd jack was so…….. WEEEEEIIIIIRRRRRDDDDD

Please do science and maths

This helped me a lot back during my times in high school! I enjoyed the instrumental as well!

Usa to blame for destroying Iran. Keep your fkn noses out of others bussiness. Mossadegh could have changed the world for the better

You are amazing mam iam also doing ielts you are lacture are helping me and thanks a lot may god bless you

Hey!..don’t u worry about your decision!…it is worth it! trust me!!…. Anyway, congo for ur courage!…i personally am in a gap year and trust me..u will re-discover yourself! and become more mature and confident!…i know that!.. Best of luck!!..

AP tomorrow!

So FC doesnt affect MC in anyway

They say the smartest of people wouldn’t want to run for president.

I show this video to friends and family most of them only watch I few seconds before turning it off they seem to refuse to see reality and went back to watch the MTV bullshit I don’t understand why they won’t finish watching it

Can some body help me

1:10 – 1:35

So how did everyone do? It was so much harder than I expected! 😭😩😭

How can i get the specification?

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