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How To Install Python 3 and Set Up a Local Programming Environment on Debian 8 / kali linux


If a person is enjoying their life and is happy that is all what TRUELY matters because if I’m paying more taxes a year to the ‘farmers’ but I’m rich af don’t have to work much anymore and buy anything I want so what? And Able to travel to many different places and countries. But interesting how you compare NK as a failure because more controlling power is less effective for a economic system. The thing is, be rich and you can live a free comfortable life

I am such a spoiled, entitled asshole!

Very nice n helpful

The only thing I do when I see this is cry and clap.

In a way, popular music incorporates an auditory version of “intertextuality” through intentional borrowing of “hooks”, instrumental figures, sampling of drum tracks (or sometimes even lifts of entire song portions from the original audio). The main difference is that in music, these references are usually not made by the original musicians and are not references to the previous works of those who actually borrow these musical elements. Of course, this is not a particularly new development in music and one prevailing belief among music experts is that all music is derivative of what has come before. Maybe this issue might deserve a Nerdwriter topic of its own.

– Liam Stewart to Ruby Daly in the Darkest Minds book two, Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

Very informative but the voices are annoying.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anyone think people with manic depression should be banned from having children? as a child of a single mother with manic depression i can say her illness has ruined my life massively, i think its unbearably selfish for these people to have children

What about comparison papers?

What if a women had worn the shirt?

Which revolution do you think had the longest impacts?

Why does every little thing exist?

Good rhyme

Wow its awsome video and right way to learn

So I have a question; you said you cannot make matter out of nothing but I don’t understand what about cellular Mitosis or human reproduction the new cells just kind of appear…🤔🤔🤔🤔

Wait did Charlemagne, the biggest douche in the world, just call someone else douchey? Breakfast Club is such a fucking joke xD

• Mall

“Empty your cup so that it may be filled; become devoid to gain totality.”


This is pretty silly.


Download and Install PyUSB for Python 2 and 3


Eventhough he seemed nervous, he had the courage to go on TEDx and perform in for hundreds of people live, and millions of people online. He is truly living his life to the fullest.

Incorrect, you dont need a government for roads. Its a commom myth started by liberals. This video is so liberal.

4) again: so many american books and some important absences that could easily have been there: Dostoievski, “la divina comedia” (although not exactly a novel), “Ulysses”, “cien anos de soledad”, “the sound and the fury”, “to the lighthouse”, “the odyssey”… they are grander, better, more original and have influenced much more than those american novels.

Great film

We wouldn’t push the fat man over because we are in no position to judge whether he would be enough to stop the car. We cannot directly weigh the utility of the five lives against the utility of the fat man’s life because we can’t be certain sacrificing the fat man would actually stop the car.

Do not do that ever again. Only markerplier knows how to play this

It’s so amazing how many intelligent animals we share this planet with.

Ma “am liz how many words a person maximum can use while writing task two

I did cure cancer. Fucked those hoes, who disagreed

For example, there was a huge backlash when GTA “only” got a rating of 9 out of 10.


I would have like a comparison for Charlize Theron in Monster

Who the hell talks like that to friends and family you make no damn sense

Sir please start video lecture on sub regional officer in mpcb

This shows of how we humans are destroying earth with life

Edward said an Palestinain treasure RIP warior.


What the hell was the opening discussion of language and grammar? Have you ever touched linguistics or the study of language?


Install Python3 and pip3 on Mac OS X


Please restart the game I know you should try I love your format please just put another kickstarted up this is the only game that speaks to me.

Ex-Buddhist here. I still respect Buddha, but only in the same way I respect other philosopher like Socrates. I don’t need the mystic tales most of those who call themselves Buddhist attach to the core of his teaching in order to respect him.

Https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=ewPNugIqCUM

But what about freshers answers… this one is for mid-career level interview

I was afraid of my way of life being destroyed but then Trump won.

Lol, fabulous. Thanks.

A RTS not from blizzard..

So y’all are French Canadian around here huh.

Wait… Humanity is dead? So basically all you do in the game is destroy planets for the sake of chaos? That’s horrible, explains why there’s no proper “Campaign” though…

Nice job, im student of english and this is my second year in the faculty, so i have exams soon maybe after 16 days, can i get some means to contact you please? facebook or email or something else and thanks in advance

“I am the cheese” by Robert Cormier is an excellent story with a huuuughggeeee twist at the end.

Very interesting video however a little too fast paced for me, i would like to learn more about this stuff, do you happen to have a link to where i can read about all those different types of rhymes and techniques? Thank you, great video 🙂

Man i hate IB, my life sucks.

Fluir, ação em

9:23 he tries to flick away the piece of paper but misses

If anyone is interested in good/accurate fiction books about Bi-polar disorder then I would suggest Silver Linings Playbook

Guys, I don’t know about you, but sitting and stepping on books is and insult and a form of disrespect in my culture.


Python 3 Tutorial: 25 – Pickles


I just binch watched through all those Accent Expert videos. Give us more of this!

The mystical traditions of all the great religions and indigenous peoples are a wealth of knowledge for us.

The argument for eating the cabin boy could have been well hes the weakest so he really had no choice/chance and also he was new to the crew so they wouldn’t have to have to eat one of their FRIENDS which they could have thought of that as less morally wrong…..I personally would have killed the fattest one! So you could have survived for longer. I just hope they had condiments.

Scholars hold. The texts I would start with are “New Nietzsche:

Dune by Frank Herbert!

5:13 *hanged

How did I escape Iraq? Iran.

Make MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way love you lots.

No, you’re simple.

You’re fucking kidding, right? He’s so vocally anti-zionist and critical of Israel that people who hate him just *love* to accuse him of being a self-loathing Jew (all bullshit).


Plot twist, this guy is lactose intolerant

Trusting our comrades 👏🏽

Word by word: I hope you have well slept)

Good thing Marine Biology can’t really be done by a robot.

It’s odd to see that these students have paid lots of money to study at University, buy $100 textbooks then sit through lectures uninterested in the subject and expect knowledge to jump into their heads.

Explain finance also

Thank you for making this available. So much information shared and truly grateful for your generosity in


Raspberry Pi 3 – Sense HAT Animation Library in Python 3


Acquire property now. people will always need living space and food, and can always be charged for it. land and buildings will never be worthless, and owning it is a safe and consistent way to create income.

@BirdyTai –>> LULZ

I know this was made a year and a half ago but you should read the Ninjago novelizations

Like to know who made you the expert

I didnt ask to see tai lopez mate

Really like this game. Would love to see more… 🙂

Human: let’s make it raciser

Great show here

You excluded Nepalis and Assamese who live on the fringes of the Indian Subcontinent.

Just use zimbabwe money i’m sure you can fill a pool with that.

A lo mejor de Mi litlel infernó cuando llegues hasta arriba te encuentras con el personaje de litlel inferno

Where is the Hungarian language?? :'(

TEDx talks in every single school, please!!!

I learn more from you than I do in my own lectures! Great video, thank you so much!


OpenCV 3 Windows 10 Installation Tutorial – Part 2 – Python


Winners have broader options in sexual partners.

“No I’m not going to pick up the corn you dropped on the floor….”

Great presentation but I don’t think irish country music accurately paints a mental picture of the essence of Indo European people. Besides now we are all mixed and pretty much no one can claim pure ancestry. Sampling of individuals from Delhi shows around 30-40 percent Indo European ancestral component

Having no meaning would make us the most meaningful thing ever.

3. It’s a formal paper so you don’t use contractions like “don’t” or “they’re” or “can’t” or “it’s”. You spell out both words.

The irony of Al Jazeera posting this has not been lost on us.

Omg… did he just add captions to a german film??? if the language they r speaking is indeed german

Feelin’ a Little bit of Anxiety

Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

Wish I could give a million likes

Never mind….

Aapki voice clear nhi ho p rhi hai, bahut slow hai

Make new video” what your typing says about you”.

We aren’t stupid. We’re ignorant.

I like you very much! Your way of teaching us is so easy to understand and your accent is very clear.

This girl is so cute I cant pay atention to the Bernie Sanders accent…damm


Mac OS X Python Tutorial: Part 3 – Creating Your First Script [HD]


OUTPUT Love this video and game Genny, keep it up!

I own Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in 4K Bluray and it’s amazing in HDR!


I also reacted earlier on about the Wheel line. Two reasons.

I wouldn’t mind you parling français for a whole episode John, your accent sounds quite acceptable 🙂

Openness and availability point is spot on

This is crazy I consider myself a polygot and literally all the things he is saying I use subconsiously when I learn a new language, learn simple pronouns verbs etc and trying to piece diffrent phrases together I 100% relate too this crazy great video

Damn u fine!!

Latin.. the best language to learn to communicate with no one.

But whatever your choice, I agree with the speaker, learning a language is fun (hard, but fun 🙂

These Finals don’t stand a chance, studying here I come!!!

My hard drive bay is sectioned, I reckoned Ryzen 4.1 NiggaHertz per second inspected no errors detected. Dependent on memory, bottleneck by stability; call Intel and have them de lid for me they work for me, perform open heart surgery without a sense of urgency. rhymes off the dome hot enough to form an extra chromosome the rap throne heavily dependent on your skin tone. Buy a keyboard wear it around my neck, alt f4 for a drop of my respect. Smart car with the lifted roof ontop, V69 engine with the doors that drop. Dodge caravan with the turbo blazing, pull up to a daycare and do some street racing at the park, your scented nailpolish game is weak, I’ll silence your ability to think before you speak. Now that’s a resurection of our presidential election, very unwanted like a viral infection so disinfection? deceived by the media, how do I know I looked it up on wikipedia they breeding ya, it’s the whole nation. Bush did 911 and it took dedication the entire station, is listening and boobie trapped, phone has been tapped don’t uestion me like it’s not a fact illuminati got us doing jumping jack I roll up with a snickers and pack of tic tacs I lick racks, bike racks I do, jump in with me and the flat eart… no I draw the line here. I shed a tear but the onion is near. Listen to my raps on audacity, get with the times and sign up for rhapsody napster, winamp open till the morning after laughing at laughter for 6 minutes after.

Love this but studing programming

My success comes from the great mentors like Tony Robbins > See more tributes to greatness www. RobertTothSculptor. com

8.The Hobbit

No minions language?

You could clearly tell the Ghostface video was a joke.

Science please 💞

Fuck you


5.1.3 map() (Parte 1) – Tutorial de Python 3 em Português


At this stage, people begin to account for the differing values, opinions and beliefs of other people. Rules of law are important for maintaining a society, but members of the society should agree upon these standards.

+1 for a free weekend on Steam, it should be a HUGE way to get more fans 🙂

Hated the Hobbit trilogy. Could have easily been one great movie–split it into three and fill it with meaningless fluff? Yeah, not so much.

This woman must mix with strange company. She is an American academic, so that infers many things.

Involving other scientists going over the evidence and analyzing it.

“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars to fondly to be afraid of the night”

Very simple language use, thank you very much sir.

Hindi also has an ergative case for pronouns, which makes the word change form if it is the subject of a sentence, the verb is transitive and the verb is in the perfect aspect. Eg: Voh kahatī hai ki… (She says that…) Usne kahā ki… (He/she said that…).

Clases de mate y de informatica? para que si veo videos de gona :v¡¡¡¡


Which means: I am happy that you speak about this.

I don’t agree with Islam. Hey, lets get those virgins out of their heads.


Python 3 Tutorial: 12 – Sequences


Jim Gilliam 2nd Year University of London

My whole body is Coverd in goosebumps omg good job man

Thank you so much, because of you i could write my essay easily

“Signal to woman their not allowed in STEM.”

While overall theme of the video is correct, i also have to say that it makes the “AI revolution” seem much closer than it actually is. The current AI technology is still quite limited to clearly defined tasks, meaning that the input and the correct output are relatively clearly defined.

I got a human recourses add….

I’m going to read this book now

Where is RDJ’s Chaplin?!

Thanks. Tis was very helpful! 😊

Germans love David Hasselhoff

You have all the right to kill any corrupt judge or attorney who violate your civil rights, this is how we build better justice system and put an end for the court corruption all over the United States and build a better future for our kids!!!.

In Latvian, there are seven cases: nominative, genitive, dative, acusative, instrumental, locative and vocative. The lattest one was not mentioned in the video. Vocative is used in address to somebody, calling somebody. For example, my Scandinavian name in Latvian has a masculine singular nominative ending – s – “Ivars”, but, calling me, this ending should be omitted – “Ivar!”. This is an example of the vocative case in Latvian.



Install Python 3 with IPython Notebook on Cloud 9 with Miniconda


Hello fellow youtubers, i have my econ final tonight. please wish me luck.

Edit: woah woah woah I mean best mumble rapper right next to Desiigner in my opinion

How efficient the system is? how is excessive food waste or planned obsolescence efficient? Perhaps it is better than what came before it or better than any idea that has attempted to rival it, but it is not efficient.


Get ready to rage.

Is it wrong, that this got me sleepy?

Really enjoyed this segment a lot!

Define by my standards? No, science has its own definition and it’s not up for debate. Talking around the subject? You’ve done nothing but ad-hom attacks in EVERY comment you’ve made. You mean you want me to argue with you in an incorrect context? I’m not willing to do that, outlawing information is not helpful to a debate, it’s essentially locking away useful knowledge. Imagine not being allowed to speak about evolution at a atheist/theist debate. it’d be pointless, like all your replies.

If not, you have to do blood meridian.

Jack sounds like Gru in a bunch of portions here in his video lol

Whats the name of the painting used behind?

Do these (visuals) exist in poster format?

She wasted two years on what?

In Latvian.

A full commitment’s what I’m thinking of