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How to install Python3 + Pygame on mac os x – Mac computer


Mr. Clifford is a lifesaver.

They can’t be harvard students they are so stupid


Schade das es diese wunderbare doku nicht auf deutsch gibt oder..? Obwohl diese doku mal auf n-tv lief, es ist die beste doku die ich je gesehen habe

Youshould make avid of mandaen

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Lol, i just wanted to type that after you said.

All cultures hear the gospel uniquely (_Peace Child_ book/movie). I wonder what would’ve been the result if he had translated the gospel then asked the Piraha to pray themselves and ask God to reveal Himself personally to them? No need for any human to convince them – as Billy Graham said, “a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument”.

Hi I would like to ask how can we expand our vocabulary?

Our teacher showed this in school

Entrepreneurship and establishing a business should have its own crash course series.

(Ooh give you up)

2: Be attractive



Thank you! I’m learning it a lot and enjoying it as well

They forgot about slovakian.


Python 3: install PyQt4


She made it so I understood all of it! Yahoooooooo

Love this show!


5. We

Thank’s from Brazil! 😉 You’re great.

And why is he also a pony?

To sum it up in a nutshell, these three elements could greatly benefit the building of the new middle school, and could possible work together to mold one of the best options for saving money and keeping a clean environment.

Please run for president 🙂

Avant garde experimental cinema in the 20s and 30s is a good start?

No audio for this video

Hm. I’m antisocial. I generally dislike people, and avoid social situations. I also love languages. What a pickle.

I don’t know about anybody else, but it is hard for me to consistently give myself a meaning. The meanings that I come up with; I do not even know what they are. All I know is that sometimes they drive me to do something. However, I need a meaning because then I feel void, apathetic, and bored. And these are dreadful feelings; I would rather feel grief than be an empty being.

1.there was a painted arrow where it leads to my school

It was like one last gift

Hi guys we are have a new experiments channel and would be very happy if you would be able to preview and evaluate us. I know own advertising stickt but how should one reach someone else.

The Martian Andy Weir


Python3: Starting Up Python3 on a Raspberry Pi


Lao Tzu sounds so cute…. hahaha

Well in my opinion he is lucky that he can afford to go to private hospital and go for a break some people haven’t got that opportunity

Fenno-Ugric people (todays Hungarians, Finns, Estonias and minorities in Russia) migrated from Ural mountains region. They probably had some contact with Indo-Europeans early on (just a wild guess…). Hungarians seem to disagree and as always all scientist don’t all agree. At the end of this video i started the wander where are Hungarians? They came after this video ended.

Too bad I can’t fit very much into 26 lines of a standardized writing sheet for an English test.

— Plan your ideas to discuss*

Thank you so much!

Such reorganization is in existence already.

Where is Georgian language?

This is awesome!! You are helping me so much with economics and I enjoy your videos!! Do you have a video more on substitutes and complementary?

I’m a logger btw.

How to speak so that people want to listen? – Dont be bald

Interviewer: What will Donald trump do next?

Thank you, Guy.

This is brilliant!

This video broke my heart

I like ur pronounciation today i learn many things

Why is the PPF graph not linear?

Fruitful and beautiful presentation. thanks a lot.



TextLand: new textual user interface in Python 3 with ncurses from Canonical


Sorry, I just really like that song 😂

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Fuck Iran.

Backing to support it, and is largely propagated by lies and deceit and

Thanks, excellent explanation

This is Dennis from Always Sunny

First 2 questions is i think my conscience would kick in… first one was similar

She is using I-statements…

Shes the first one to do this even BETTER than almost ALL democrats, so many are masters of this. Chubby should shut the f up and sit down.

Why there’s no example on the in text online citations? I really needed this!

This woman is an expert at what? He doesn’t speak like average Joe. He speaks like that guy who’s full of shite and everyone can tell it. Yeah. That guy. Not average at all.


Looks like colin firth in pride and prejudice

This is amazing, Thank you for making it.

Yess go to holland!! Love living here and it is beautiful. My country is the best!! Haha

GDP gnp formula mistake


Principle #3 twice Learns languages fast but not numbers. Just joking but he did have two 3’s

I am watching this so I can write fan fiction


[1] How To Make A Calculator In Python 3


I guess I’m just talking to myself.

BULLSHIT! The proto-Indo-European language is MUCH MUCH older than that and originated in Anatolia (Asia Minor, present-day Turkey). Indo-European languages were spread via Neolithic farmers, not a bunch of nomadic steppe niggers.


C quoi se jeux? … je vais regarder et après je commente :p

You are a life saver! I still dislike microeconomics

You are such a cool prof. I wish 1% of my professors at my “ivy” league university were that realistic

Thankyou, i have my english A level exam tomorrow and i got some interesting notes from this which should prove beneficial. much appreciated

You explained it better than my professor

Because I really love this game and am not sure if my computer can take the graphics

애벌레가 무척 귀엽네요

Эт афтоняк, екнэк.

“But it ain’t been real good.”

To give up your humanity, it to give up life itself. As moral men, they ought to die as moral men.

Thank you this makes things much clearer

Pinches anuncios, portesen serios hps de youtobe

Al quran


Python 3 Text Adventure part 1 – Introduction


So cool

I uploaded an audible poem on my channel (just a test video really, about depression). In some ways I am highjacking the comments section of this video but I encourage anybody who has a pen or a keyboard, to try and write something. Depression or bipolar disorder rumbles within us and for some, expressing yourself is a kind of therapy.

Great video. However, as an authentic English professor i would like to see authentic English words such as summarise being spelt the correct way. Not the American way.

“All was well.”

I found this video very educating. Thank you for posting. Can somebody recommend me an interesting article on this topic?

What about free will?

Super plumps voice is like… I forgot his name but it’s from despicable me

Ask someone with a degree in statistics 😀

1:23 guy is asleep!

How many takes were needed for this masterpiece

Your hotel faces remind me of little cartoon heads with just eyes and a nose.

Has no one stated that Kickstarters fail because they are an attempt to redefine the free market agreement between merchant and customer?

Night before the AP exam anyone?

So if another man gets kicked in the nads when I get that feeling that’s because of Mirror Neurons?

@whotohw I can imagine yes – I learned some Mandarin too and I gotta admit its really different from any other language I have met. Also, these tones sometimes appear to be more important than clear pronounciation – I’ve heard chinese people who hardly spoke any consonant at all and still the other chinese were able to understand just from the chain of toned vowels…

Good vid. but… Frodo isn’t human =P


How to make a basic calculator with python 3


Roses are blue violets are red I love bread

Mongolia is beautiful

Thug best rapper 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I have to wait a month in advance to get meds so I have 1 more month of suffering if they even work again so to hear he got them in one day is surprising


Your teaching method very good..

Well… Frodo is a hobbit…

I am neither a psychologist nor a philosopher, but I agree with Skinner. Environment is what shapes behavior. Advertisement, big business, and the media, understand this quite well.

Dr. White, thank you this was very helpful, as I was listening and taking notes, a light bulb went off. Many times I forget the K. I.S. S(illy). adage and overthink.

Absolutely brilliant

Inside we both know what’s been going on

Belatedly I would recommend Assassins Apprenticce (and the rest of the trilogy by Robin Hobb)to anyone that enjoys fantasy. The whole world is truly captivating and I spent many a long night finishing them with the light from my bedside lamp as my sole companion. No but really, they at brilliant

Using this in English class.

No Alex is a stupid nigger

Nice, clear and succinct sir! thanks for anything!

Does the ultiimate review packet have a section just for intro to micro because i dont need macro and dont want to do macro work?

I love how half the comments criticize her because they don’t have a clue on what’s the difference between sex and gender.

Just give everyone equal money and let the bots do everything. Easy nobody will complain.

Very nice explanation. Keep up

Well… I here dey is chilren what momma tell em they dont need no book lernin. Also dey mama wont tells dem who her baby daddy be eiter.

When the guy who talks about seeing “angels”, the mutual telepathy of “a shared knowledge” even with strangers he’s never met or spoken too. That just a glimpse can be enough to recognise someone of a simular “knowing” – The lifting of the “veil” of reality during psychotic manic episodes into a higher state of conciousness where ones innerself transcends ordinary reality – I literally believed only I had them abilities…..


How to install Scapy in python 3 Easy way


– Sonata 06 in F Op.10 – III – Presto

Thank You Sir.. This was really helpfull..

Plz can you tell us about how to use cut marker for different style wrting

I know all of that but he’s still my hero! He’s not an idol, he’s a source of inspiration and wisdom.

That face at 1:18

Why would people want to dominate you? A girl took my hand once and flipped it, but why would she want to dominate me? what does that even mean?

Yes moving eyes around alot fast

“Nothing in life makes sence, except in the light of evolution.” T. Dobzhansky

It’s beyond me why “Personnel” was renamed to “Human Resources”. Guess it happened in the Blair era when everything else got screwed up too.

Thank you so much!!!

Hi Liz, can we write Thesis first, followed by background statement? The above example sounds as shown below –

They want them to look a little more like real life and less cartoony on purpose.

The amazing things we humans do, and the horrible things we do.

India is just so fuckin racist

Bottom line: people don’t speak how they write; and you can’t perform an analysis of someone’s spoken vocabulary using a linguistic tool designed to assess comprehension of their writing.


U should get nobel

Lovingg the thumbnail, soo aesthetic!


Facial Recognition with Python 3: Reconstruction of PCA Eigenfaces from the mean eigenface


Sir, in the start when i was searching a good teacher on YouTube i felt that you were bit fast. But.. When I put your vedios on playlist i kept the vedio on 2x speed and i could easily understand the things.. Actually i made. It fast to avoid distractions while studying. No one noticed it.. If your teach in a fast pace.. There’s no way a student can get distracted or day dream. Thank you sir.. It helped in my exams

“Maria” by Ulas Samchyk

Wow! He said no one is interested in Eugenisism anymore.., even sites Hitler as a Eugenisist. Why did Hitler use floride in the concentration camps?

Hey guys why don’t we help them get 1,000,000 subscribers cause I think that would be kind :3 (By the way Emma you should be a teacher in a advanced school)

This is really cool, keep up the work Tango! Zedaph is alive! Brb I have to watch his vid…

Red team = bad guys 😛

Please upload second lecture sir, I have no teacher to teach like this and no money to admit Tution.

And the the self made hierarchies of putting oneself as better then those that act prejudiced and we end up with a massive self aware feedback loop.


“I am Andrew Ryan. And i’m here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his own brow?”

I can speak Vietnamese and English lol 😂!

*and ceaselessly promoting ‘gender’ and doing away with the relevance of biological sex.


Rythme des paroles trop rapide pour les francophones intéressés par cette analyse….dommage

What’s the song at 15:17 pls, thank you!

Little pep in step Jack love it

Any one there… I have my ielts lrw exam on Dec 9 … will practise together

But he is correct. A business should be run by ideas, not by the power of hiarchy

This man is what we call wisdom

Why they had to stop making sketches tho?


Python 3 Tutorial: 3 – Strings


6 Jesus told him, “I am the Way—yes, and the Truth and the Life. No one can get to the Father except by means of me.


This teached me gooder languaging

Watching video.. Trying to find a reason to care.. Found no reason.. Now im not caring.. Why it was recommended.. Also no reason.. Therefore I have no reason to care

Because of AI, we might forget how to dock a ship manually with the auto-dock system offline or the AI computer offline, because of the auto-dock system or the AI!

I’m so grateful for this video, I’d marry you right now.

Captivating lecture

Leonardo DiCaprio (Blood Diamond)

Fallout-Todd Strasser

Ugh why do these exist

Thank you for helping me sir.

Who’s watching this in 2017??

No entiendo lo que está diciendo 🙁

He used to piss his mother off, severly. Because every time he called to her, he’d say “Mother Focault!”

Hi sir i need this software please send your contact number

The top has a K on the left side of it

Y’all talk shit about young thug but u can’t deny that he lit

As a Buddhist I hope to be the best version of who I am and the best parents that I could be to my future children for I strongly believe that it is the most basic fundamental and universal step for all of us to make this world into a better place.

Thank you so much, u r very good young teacher

Everything is true