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She’s talking too much she should have kept it brief but relevant. She’s also waving her hands around too much. I interviewed someone once and they waved their hands around like she did, which after about 2 minutes started to really piss me off, so guess what, I didn’t hire them, as hand waving to me is a sign of nerves.

“Hero of our time”

Writing about a girl that can shapeshift…i think I need more upbeat music😀

Congrats on making an episode about Utilitarianism without mentioning the trolley problem

With regard

Good luck, angel. Follow the formulas. Get a GED practice book and do the practice essays.

Fucking brilliant.

This actually made sense

“Y’all smoke to die, I smoke to enjoy it” ~Looking for Alaska, John Green

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Https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=DeY0yPqibb0

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In reality Butler’s lesbian fans usually don’t understand the work; the only thing they do appear to get is that Butler is a lesbian and an academic star, and therefore a rolemodel.

Jumped from a bunch of game of thrones videos that I had to play at 1.5x, and then I got to this one. Boy did I have to drop everything and listen…

The reason why people complain that trade destroys jobs isn’t because it’s not mutually beneficial, it’s because monopolies can be created and abused without regulation. If all the world’s water fell into one country, free trade would enslave the world overnight. The same with labor and a clear advantage that a country like China has over it. There has to be some sort of Tariffs to counter this advantage.

Honestly I was expecting click bate cancer but I was very pleased with what you made, good job and keep it up.

Its because of our knowledge that this happende, this was what god feared to happen.

Who is in charge of osx freezing?

In her 1969 book Sexual Politics, Kate Millet, referencing Money’s previous work, wrote:

In case of canibalism, they refused to kill one person for other 3 person, but they were okay to kill one guy saving 5 person in the lorry case, what are they idiots! Moral is subjective, but the best thing we can do in govern it by logic, but the people who were against canibalism simply had no logic with them. and their blf is contradictory.

Dang this guy is poetic

What so this game is out never knew it badass looking


Python 3 Programming Tutorial – Matplotlib legends


And yet after a great heartbreak and emptiness he ventured to a place he originally wanted to separate from or prove wrong, had like an epiphany that most spiritual people or practitioners get when they meditate. He also has that buddhist wisdom thing going on or any kind of wisdom really you get from studying all religions, cultures and traditions. He got in touch with nature. It’s like he went back home. This lightens me up a bit. 🙂

Which episode is that at 6:38?

This video isn’t philosophy; it’s putting strict boundaries on the idea of free thought while pushing ideologies of the higher establishments. I’m 12 minutes in and this woman is saying the mutual retaining of arms between russia and the US is logical. This video is a dangerous form of indoctrination, it very carefully lulls you into thinking that you are coming to these conclusions yourself. If you truly believe in free thought, take all of these videos with a pinch of salt, or perhaps a bag.

Career based on daddy issues

Nobody in my family speaks like that and if I met somebody that spoke to me like an idiot, he would not be a friend of mine. Only idiots like to listen to idiots.

When is the next video gonna be released?


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I think its an Irish accent… or something I guess very annoying btw

Actually, his death was quite the surprise. Parrots in captivity live up to the age of 60.

A Monster Calls

Psychopathy is the greatest danger we face today. The rate at how they infected most power structures is frighting. There is plenty of research available on this. Around 4% may be born without empathy. That is enormous. Even if it is just 1%. I can encourage everyone to read the research of Robert hare & Andrzej M. Lobaczewski. What this genetic psychopaths have in store for us is hell and nothing less. Please inform yourself best you can.

Exam is tomorrow! thanks last minute revision!

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Jayus lu

The circumstances of the situation with the boat sounds like a lie to me. The other three cabin members were alone and hence there were no witnesses and thus no one to testify against them. Of course this kid was killed as a means of survival but I don’t think that the circumstances were necessarily true. They were caught eating away at a man’s corpse and thus may have had to exaggerate their situation at the time for their act to be seen as morally excusable.

I have started searhing the web about HR and found these videos, they are just great! Thank you Armin!


Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 11 – Buttons p. 1


800 dislikes??? I assume the only type of music they listen to is rap.

Great voice!


I’m 12 and this seems really simple to me, I’m not trying to be mean but during the course of this video I wanted to SLAP YOUR FACE OFF

Min. 30-31, no offence, but that human is disgusting. what makes us human can be found in our genes, but not in this movie (with little exceptions)

Really instructive! I have a question though : are body languages really different in different countries? Especially, in Europe…

This is suppose to be funny but people, this is fast becoming our reality

Hello School of Life,

Feminism is cancer

Short term: State

Number 7 is by maroon 5 not gym class heroes

This guy seriously needs to have a look at India… He will find extremes of all these hypocrisies in education

I speak English and German, but I want to learn Greek, anyone have tips?

I also bet he regretted using the Lance Armstrong example.

Thankyou soon much I used to struggle with essays but now they are fun to write

‘There is a haunting sense of the imminent cessation of being.’ – Angela Carter on Autumn in ‘The Erl-King’

This is great i couldn’t figure it on my textbook

– Give every parent a voucher to send their child to whatever school they wish.

Hi Patrick, this is my first video of yours I’ve come across and it’s really great. I see this video is from 2016, so maybe you’ve already changed this, but just one guy’s opinion: You should use less background music, or at least change your selection. I’d say right now the music competes for viewer attention and doesn’t add or reinforce anything in your meaning. I really think the visuals and your analysis are excellent. They really are strong enough to stand on their own and you should feel comfortable letting them. It’d be better to let those stand out. Just two cents! Thanks for a great watch 🙂

That black dude with the cap needs to be smacked ugly mofo.


Python 3 vs Python 2 : What to choose and some basic differences


The glue….

It, s so cute!

Penelope hot

No wonder why I thought that the older marvel movies looked better than the newer ones

no change in the taxation policy.

This video would be better with no visuals at all. The ridiculous closeups of his nose are really irritating.

19:28 beautiful

I wanna punch charlamange so fucking bad, Martin was trying to be professional and that wannabe wanted to act though the whole interview.

I have an essay due in 6 hours…i can finish quick now cuz of this video THANK YOU

Thank you for curing my phobia associated with econ 🙏🏻

Look at ready player one

Thank you, your example helped me greatly.

3. Choose easiest 5,8 + 12 marker questiosn for you. More chance to get 25/25 for them than 25/25 for big question

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Die aane = Die eine = The one (fem.)

3:23 Nick Drake😀😀

😱mind blown

Maybe we indians are philosophically more englighten then wester lot…

Spot mother fuckin on!!!!!!!!!!!

Aren’t price floors above the equilibrium point not below as it is a minimum price that is set on good and/or services, whereas price ceiling are below point equilibrium as it is a maximum price set on good/services?

So many guys getting triggered in the comments sections whenever sexism and transgender experiences are being discussed, lmao.

111k People always give you up


Installing Pyzo Python 3 distribution on Windows 7


Night and The Outsiders should have made the honorable mentions AT LEAST. Sigh

Have Alex ever reproduced…?

I couldn’t make it past all the faces.

Everett said one thing that is correct though. He will be always be grateful to the Piraha UNTIL the day he dies. Keyword there obviously being “until”, because each man must meet his creator. We didn’t come out of nowhere and evolve from space rocks as most scientists have led many to believe.

I really want to take a gap year but I don’t know what I want to do gal x

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2:56 😂

Why do Indian videos that aren’t in English always have English titles? Haha. Sounds interesting though, is this a serious discussion in India? Or is not taken seriously? Would love to know more about this topic.

I have small handwriting in English. I don’t know about Korean handwriting but when I write in English, it’s small😂 like you can’t even see it!

Sounds Midwestern

That is walled-off from other specializations,

Without that, it it doesnt have any correlation whatsoever.

9:35… that doesn’t make sense… how does falling prices discourage people from buying things? If prices for things I want were really low, I personally would go on a shopping spree.

Love it. Imagine if muslims would listen to and appreciate this music. Could quite possibly put the barbarians on the road to enlightenment.

The general idea today in the essentialist camp of medical researchers and micro-biologists is that there is no doubt a genetic predisposition.

I want earth to win but it feels like man is gonna win

You don’t actually know if I am yelling or not, so asking me why I’m yelling is nonsense. You honestly should be ashamed of yourself that you needed this explained to you, and I say this in all seriousness.

Get some anti-deppresion pills or something…

This video was 10 years ago. Nothing’s changed.

LOL you must be from middle-America. There is no way you have spent time in SoCal; immigrants aside, you cannot possibly be considering SoCal and this being normal speech

I’m dressed as a banana while writing this comment

As a native English speaker, German clicked surprisingly well for me. I understand the grammar well enough to understand most anything I read or hear. It’s almost ironic that what throws me off the most is a “g” being pronounced almost like “ch.” In hearing it, I almost mistake numbers as adverbs.


01 Python 3 MySQL Database Access – Create Database and User


Show her money or power you do not need all this complicated senceless psychology.

A link over voluntary control and language is created lightly. Inherent understanding of grammar is needed. Different languages, even sign languages, are only superficially different and involuntary gestures are the primary tool for communication, the same in all cultures.

Bunch of bullshit more psychological warfare go ahead somebody please ask me why..

They are all very talented! The girl is really good-she reminds me of Frank Burns in M*A*S*H. He was such a good actor you forgot he was actually very handsome

U make good points but, u make many leaps of logic and very poorly link cause and effect. the larger point gets lost, which is that fractional reserve banking is at the root of exploitation or what you call enslavement.


Hello sir uploard the frist chapter 5 importan question answers

Watching this in 2017 😄

Third, The nasty conspiracy of 1979 was engineered by the bastard carter, britain and france. Savak was a decent secret police which all the countries have. SAVAK was like CIA, FBI, KGB and all other intelligence service. I wonder why it’s okay for other countries to have intelligent service but for Iran is a big deal?!!!Under Savak Iran was safe. There was not that much killing as mullas are doing today. As a matter of fact all these bastards from khomeini to khamenehie who are ruling Iran were in Shah’s jail and arrested by Savak. And see what happen to Iran and to the world now! The nasty illegal regime of Iran was the first official terrorist government in the middle east. As soon as khomeini came to power he made the terrorist group; hezbollah, in 80’s. Today khamenehie support all the terrorist groups around the world and made the middle east up side down by an indirect war. hamas, hezbollah, houti and all others are supported vastly by mullas. If you have any question about the nasty conspiracy of 1979 feel free to ask. I was the witness and I was in the middle of it when it happened.

Great great talk.

Idot idot blooming idot

All the great info we get for FREE! I love GOOGLE!

Disliked because it’s WatchMojo and for no other reason.

A question…

Thank You for this, I am very bad with English!


Python 3 Tutorial: 23 – Some File I/O Methods


Isn’t it using “for developing” correct instead of “to developing”?

I hope this woman is not tenured. Georgetown University, do you really want this person representing your Linguistics department?

That was brilliant. 🙂

Work with me for REAL STORY

I would have never guessed that he would have some video on the top lift

1:28 Narrator: We’re not in Kansas anymore

Thats deep

I’m currently reading Anna Karenina but I wouldn’t place it as no. 1…

Read the autobiography of malcolm x.

I thought the tell me about yourself is taking to 30 seconds to 60 seconds only? Well she talks to much. very exaggerated.

Whats the name of that show on ABC in the first few minutes of this video?

I swear I thought I was the only one that thought English was such a weird language.

I have seen so many YouTube videos on IELTS and just started my preparation. …you have done brilliant job in this video. ….your work just stands out….thank you for sharing this video….nice to hear the Bristol ascents. …just fabulous. …hats off

Isn’t it wrong for economies to be considered healthy if they are growing? Growth requires an increase in resources used and in products created and bought. So the current macroeconomic policies promote overproduction of breakable products, requires overpopulation and promotes waste instead of sustainable resources. Shouldn’t macroeconomists think of a more sustainable way for the states to control and redirect the economic system to a more sustainable market?

Automation makes things cheaper. As things approach infinite cheapness, the need for jobs approaches 0. We can give each other massages once a week and pay all of our bills. Or any other trivial task. This is a good thing.

Lol you do know other animals fear death right?


Python 3 Basics – 1.1 – Sublime Text 3 Intro


Properties of the Brahmini-Magi-Druids of the ancient Sūryavaṃśa

Kolo (neutral, meaning a bicycle)

Wait up. I never thought Costner was actually trying to do an accent in Robin Hood. Isn’t he just using his regular voice? This guy is nitpicking a r? He doesn’t sound remotely British. The fuck is going on?

It was very helpful thank u

Damn. I was hoping it would be zombies. Oh! Wait! Nanobot infused corpses that eat brains for their neural networks! Sweet! Terminator meets Night of the living dead.

Thanku maam u hav been helpful to mee…..

1:00 Is that Karl Marx on the desk behind?

While I praise you for putting in 1984, I can’t belive that a list about the best novels of 20th century doesn’t have “The process” by Kafka at least as an honorable mention

Wi are f#ck`t

Treasonously stolen from us:

On Id


I don’t understand this at all. Why do people have to be so complicated. If they feel a certain way, why don’t they just say it? I just don’t get it 🙁

I was shocked when I saw this videos title. Google having a talk with Noam. lol. It went exactly how I thought it would. Noam is perfect. He looks at the world through truth but happens to be a great human also. He is perfectly accurate on everything discussed. It’s people like him and his peers who should be advising government’s and world leaders. Instead we have ignorant and corrupt billionaires calling the shots. They infiltrated public schools, our day to day lives and everything in between. Now we have an incredibly dumb downed population and EVERYTHING is getting worse by the second. Except the bank accounts of the scum causing the problem. No one will save us. It’s up to us. All of us. I know we can do it. We must WAKE UP, WISE UP, AND RISE UP. It’s now or never. Time is running out. Good luck and much love to all the awake!

I live in “central-Germany” as you called it, and i my opinion the german some people in bavaria speak, is disgusting. I would not count it as german. xD

Prince EA for President 2020 A real america not political america

I see all black now and can’t

One side of the chin strap is squared off, the other side is rounded. 0 Credibility.

Or you talk about aids-activism and how it inaugurated an era in which minorities pressured the medical-system

Ok it time for population control like it or not.

I have applied Halliday’s frameworks for text analyses of two narrative discourses in English and Tamil from contrastive point of view.

I really wanted to give this video a chance but reading what you write down is just too hard.


Python 3.x Tkinter Tutorial 5: Radiobutton


Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke. Haunting, thought-provoking, and an absolute must-read (even if sci-fi isn’t generally your thing).

Video Summary:

My question why are the books purposely stacked to fall down?

Im gonna get an engineer degree so i won’t get replaced in my life time, Hopefully

It seems a strange endeavour to reprocess all literature and data about disappeared ancient peoples,

And the interviewers Buldozer joke which nearly cuts Chomsky in the middle of his sentence is quite shameful.

There are three main schools of Buddhism… Why did you exclude vajrayana?

“Yes I would like to book a 4 year stay for five… make it six ” 😭😭

Loved it!

And started pointing us towards “the right thing to do”

Its called python script

My twin is right

Mosadegh wasn’t a communist.

00:35 nah nigga

So according to the fucktards in Business Insider who made this map, Hindi is the only Indo-European language spoken in India.


How to create and run a Python 3 file on Mac


This video is super clear. thank you. I watch it a few times in preparing for my test.

I have to write my english hl exam in 6 hours and here i am

Very valuable information, thank you

Something interesting about the German dialect spoken in northern Hesse: The concept of feminine nouns is relatively “new” in German (originating from plural forms), and it hasn’t been fully adapted for that dialect. For example, when referring to women, their names may be prefixed with ’s (e. g. “’s Brunhilde,” with no pause inbetween), and “es” is used instead of the personal pronoun “sie.”

The so-called “innovation in russian” simply means massive borrowing from other languages!…There nothing to innovate when just borrow a word.

It was very helpful thank u

Ive been confused for an entire semester for this course, and you just explained everything i needed for my final in a fraction of one class time. thank you so much!

Everything Trump says is horseshit with a capital HORSE!!!

Can i get the packet if i am from Malaysia? hehe

Self-interest does not always exclude the interests of others.

The Iberian Peninsula isn’t inhabited by Indo-Europeans?

Illuminati refrences and symbols. lex luther in the movie keep saying over and over

Take your signs to 77 Shay.

As relevant today as it was in 2010 regardless of who is in charge of the farm.

Awesome! Thanks so much for this man, very helpful..hope you were not lying to us haha

However, I’m concerned about the long-term affects of teaching biases in the Freshman Composition classes. Are we limiting our students to a lifetime without critical thinking skills and opting instead for minion or “approval skills?” (Approval seeking may be gender-biased teaching. Do boys seek teacher approval?)

This has got to be the best thing I’ve ever seen! Miss Obama :'(

I wish you were in my university, for sure.

Biological female is objectively defined. Unlike biological sex, gender

They seem insane.

I’m not sure how to feel about that

Now Doctor bot is the answer to cheap healthcare

How is homo translated to “wise”?