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Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners #11 – Ranges


Miss Emma! Thank you so much for this video. Right now I’m learning English in Vancouver and now I’m writing my final Essay using paraphrasing and synthesizing. Your video helped me to get a better understanding of paraphrasing. Thank you!!

Lance Armstrong… ahh hindsight.

Nice video 😃😆😤my writing show my pesonality

Absolutely perfect video! Thank you!

Why do you choose such forums?

Infinite Jest?

+jackseptieye awesome

In Russian we don’t have an order of words in a sentence at all, so I could understand that one 😀


Sir..imp qustions economics lecture bnva plz

@Aparophos990 Haha I actually agree with this, even though I guess I’m defending the students. That’s what college trains students to do. To realize the problem and see them. But they don’t teach you how to solve them or how to live with it.

Crisis: Monteriggioni siege

The “showdown,” Cooper says, began in 1974, as the shah made it clear to the White House that high oil prices were the price of political stability in Iran. At that, even Kissinger’s rock-solid support began to falter.

How to become HR after b. com

What a piece of shit!

This movie blew my mind! this one wont be around for long.

“[…] Los Ángeles, California […]”, “…of men (and women)…”

Also, I hate when people try to explain his speaking “tactics” as if they are well laid out and planned. Like him or not, he doesn’t think about anything he does. Nothing he does is carefully planned or considered, including his low brow speech full of failures of continuity, poor/incorrect word choice, and improper grammar.

‘Highlighting’ in this context is to indicate, rather than a physical highlight. You don’t need to change the colour of the text or background.

As a fictional retelling of a surprisingly little known historical event, this book has almost biblical size, it tells a great story, but at the same time there’s that historical grit and realism. The characters were well-developed. the description was pretty good and so were the illustrations. Oh, and the action sequences were pretty exciting.

Topic per hi charcha kijiye sir

Not impressed, birds can be taught to say words. now let him solve an equation. some hyper excited exxagerating newb from reddit sent me here.


Python 3.x Tkinter Tutorial 15 Conexión MySQL



I love eminem

Thank you Mr. for this, I bless your life Mr. Guy. Thanks and thanks and thanks

That’s all fine and well, except that would require immediate familial incest–last I checked, genetic coding did not hold up well under mother-son or father-daughter sexual relations…So from 2 people to 7 billion would require several generations of inbreeding. As it stands so far, I believe Dewkeeper’s reply was the best one. Thank you all.

Please could i can get the transcript or note? thanks

Really ideas worth imbibing

“If you don’t stop verbally assaulting us we will have to have to attack in self defense” self defense of course meaning fighting back right? “And it’s illegal to fight back” then basically they are all doing something illegal?

You can’t talk about Billie Holiday without talking about David Sedaris’s impression of her. He’s good.


I need these videos to come out much faster; I love them!

I bet someone reduced your milk while we weren’t watching

FAAACKKKK. blew my mind.

Does ‘much time is wasted’ make sense?? it sounds like it does not

I just jizzed.

Bold statement to say “we” have moved beyond religion. Philosophy is not about the dialectic. It is the exercise of finding truth. The dialectic is Hegelian. He argued that you begin with a thesis another argues the antithesis and then reach a synthesis. Hegel’s then said that the synthesis becomes the thesis. This leaves us with a perpetual argument and never coming to a truth therefore there is no truth. Hegel was also Karl Marx’ teacher and inspiration for Communism aka atheistic materialism, just like capitalism! Isn’t modernity so fun and contradictory.

Eve=to house


Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 16 – Convert to executable


Because of him I actually did good in English

Oh, and given the red rudolf nose, not unlike Bannon, they are hard core drug/alcohol users. Working under Trump, I am guessing Spicer is now too. Hell, who wouldn’t have a bottle in their desks, and curl up in the fetal positions to avoid an improntu “chat” with Trump.

So what if everyone wrote in the same writing system??


Nit picking nerd 🤓

The guy was a genius.

I am so amazed by the dissection of the Iranian revolution.

While preserving the fun had a major impact

Esta para android

Pops dead at 1:24 😂😂

A little feedback. …a little space between your words as it’s more natural and pleasant to listen too. ..just my opinion ((-:..good luck.

I tentatively identify myself as a Zen Buddhist. Very good! I look forward to these other eastern philosophy videos.

Prince Ea what is your job?

A paragraph essay is something that all of are teen’s and adults

Red Alert 2 is the best strategy game of all time in my opinion.

-uncle Charley (TV series)

Movie accent expert? Sometimes I try not to hate but then something like this comes along.

Good bro… u are indeed resourceful n informative

When will you come Pakistan we really need such a talented and awesome professor like you

That last sentence… made me grin 🙂


Abstract Methods and Classes – Python 3


*Throws wallet at monitor*

The best presentation! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

I remember when i was actually able to play outside when i was a child now… All of these chances are gone because of us.

This info is heavy!

I wish you were my teacher.

I think she’s being very polite and guarded in what she’s saying. I’m sure that privately she regards him as an idiot with a personality defect.

I seriously wish he was my teacher….



Go fuck yourself lol

6:32 lmao

I love how they put that vain US-American idiot who can only think about owning things and people (my house, my woman, I’m the man…), next to the humble and compassionate man, who cooks for his family and found his joy in doing that. Well done, editors!

Portuguese also has 2 different r sounds. The r in carro(car), rabo(ass) but you also have perder(to lose). It’s really strange for a non-speaker.

Very interesting. I enjoyed this. My Cher imitation is accomplished by literally changing EVERYTHING in my mouth, throat, tongue, lips and even how I hold my face. It’s complicated!

Hi there Mr. Green, I’m a huge fan of your work and love the crash-course videos, particularly the ones pertaining to poetics. You’re description of Plath was extensive and sensitive, two words which I often use to describe Plath herself. Well done and thank you. I was wondering if a request could be made… Is it possible for you to conduct a crash-course related to the feminist poetry of Adrianne Rich, Anne Sexton, or Audre Lorde? I understand that this is a big bite to chew. But c’mon. It would be awesome.

Thank you so much 😊

Dude i like many of your vids but this is some pretentious bullshit… trying to make some profound statement based on a shirt


Python 3 to exe


OMG, for the last time, the economy is organic not some mechanical engine or device you could jump start.

Very nice and intriguing Ideas

Thank you so much for this useful videos…😊😊

Really wanted to ask, why is it essential for someone to read their set texts several times? Would we have to memorise anything? I’m panicking because I did not read mine several times but I do know techniques etc used according to the AOs

Awesome video

WAY over exagerated.


Anyone knows the name of the show??

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MRS, EMMA your all video topics are the best,,i like, watch and learn every day from youtube..your teaching method is the best then others..i understand easy. all topics are very important…i salute you mrs emma…by..parvesh kumar oad larkana sindh pakistan..

I’m so happy you started Econ video series. Please do as much as possible. 🙂

This is my wonderful essay. Hope I get an A+ for this comment!

Godzilla destroys all society and liberates all, praise him.

Really very helpful video I easily understood it nice way of teaching.

Esse video veio de uma parte do celilar que ainda não conheço.

Yes, and yes, you fucking dipshit!

Its simple not the reason for a lot of peoples choices in life. And if you look at it from animal/beastly perspective, it make more sense that when one gender can birth children and the other can’t, that their desires are not always the same nor should it be. There is a reason our survival instinct isn’t always the same.


Don’t worry if people want to hear you talk.

Nd sir people, process nd physical evidence, plc

Y’all thank you so much! You literally saved my life, and your tips helped me a lot! Love your channel so much; keep up the good work! 🙂

Right, the word libertarian in libertarian socialist is not in anyway related to definition of libertarian in this context, the word libertarian socialism has a different meaning than the word libertarian altogether.


Geany IDE for Python 3 on Windows


We’re glad you like the video. The animation was created using Adobe After Effects CS5. The music and sound effect were sourced from various locations; we recorded some ourselves and created bits using free sound loops that came with the Final Cut Pro suite.

Can you do a video on Adi Shankaracharya?

Nice ideas, pitty though, the people driving globalization are causing missery and divide and are using doing it for personal interest.


The world is allready overpopulated. and 2 child families wont do anything to fix that. one child families are the soulution.

Legit the best review summary.


For anyone that can provide some insight, how long would you say it would take, or perhaps how difficult would it be, to be able to wrap your head around the use of case when learning a language. I understand the concept and why it’s used, but as someone who speaks English and French, I’m not sure how easily I could come to terms with it when I ultimately learn a language that utilizes case.

You guys and the entire crash course team gives me much hope in a word saddled with the high consumption of irrelevant information


Love your henna

Bitcoin did run from 200 when I bought it to 1100 couple weeks later in late 2013. It then fell to 150. There will be growing pains. ETH would probably benefit from a massive pullback, down to double digits. Money would change hands, issues would be addressed, weaknesses would be strengthened, lessons would be learned. You can’t expect parabolic moves like this to be without set backs. Nothing in history has ever failed to correct.

You can basically get away with whatever you want…

Like the AC/DC input 😀

Copyto (0)


Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 20 – Sounds and Music


Hi Liz first of all very very thankful to u for your great teaching method which is really so helpful for my preparetion. I am from Bangladesh and aiming to be sited for the ielts test on next 29th of this instance i have already registered… but I m little bit nervous to be there! is the xm so tough to score a band 6?? I hope to go to the United Kingdom for my higher study. Can you pls say me exact how much score do i need to be there??

Better call saul

Can you play duck life

“Well legally Mark Zuckerburg made himself our god”

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Making said noises is better than making nasal, pseudo-academic complaints about others’ speech.

I like Obama. Bush puts us in debt and Obama did a good job in trying to get us out of it.

This segment s really interesting and thought provoking– thanks.

So, the solution is stop making robots. Don’t let the robots become our overlords without a fight.

How the fuck are you saying requiem? 😀

I think Utilariansim is what makes the “Compassion/Indigo” faction in green Lantern Such a problem…they are considered to be good guys, but for the greater good…for the act to decrease suffering they are willing to act like some prime assholes.

“I said biiiiiiiiiiiiitch” that was so good!

HI can you send me your System i need your system for my project thanks

Hello sir plz send macro economics basic notes to rajeshsaini9999@gmail. com


Install and Run Python 3


U r so pretty with ur smile

Hi could you please send all your economics unit 1 and 2 revision notes (AS) as soon as possible please I would really appreciate it. – EMAIL: mediastudies2013@hotmail. co. uk

Great lecture for a layman

this is called controlled opposition…i used to be a slave to that, but then i realized it and stopped following these saboteurs. i hope you do also one day, because with this kind of stuff, you are doing so much bad for simple minded people.

Evolving language? Language is inherently imperfect and ambiguous. You didn’t demonstrate how this has to do with hidden “meaning”. He’s just another mumble rapper.

Hmm, this is not a video that tells you how to write a paper that’s due in 2 days. Well, I’m fucked.

It doesn’t mean Nihilism necessarily as that usually pertains to a person just giving up, you don’t need a god to be fulfilled.

Stefan, This was the first video i saw in your channel and it really catched my attention, i realy want to show to my friends and family, but you see, i’m from brazil, and most of the people don’t understand english, i wish i could translate the video with the youtube subtitles creator, but the video is not available to do so. Please activate the option to do so. Thank you!

Hi Niharika the way you speak is super fun. thanks for your precious guidance😊

… or morality. It is essential to create our own morals to live by. to say that morals are worthless or do not exist is to say that one does not live by ones own code or by ones own self worth. to have no self worth is to be lost, to be lost is to be depressed, to be depressed is to be weak, to be weak is valuable to the strong. those who are willing to create there seance of morality are the ones strong enough to overcome there nihilism and live.

Actually “manufacturing of consent” is a quote form Edward Barney’s book titled Propaganda published in the 30’s I think but that’s a good read…

Good fucking lord me nigga ur perfected the whole game I Honor and endore u

‘And Then There Were None’ doesn’t even get an honourable mention? sigh…

Awesome video, Thanks

Frodo not being a human isn’t the point. His adventure reflects and embodies the human experience of suffering and the will to keep moving forward. His being a hobbit is irrelevant and unhelpful to this conversation.

At the beginning of your video you say that “humans want to dominate” and at the end you say that sustainability requires both true freedom and peace. This means by your own logic, humans are incapable of freedom.

Thats good we can watch netflix all day without work


Flask Web Development in Python – 3 – Variables in your HTML


I might have to try Starcraft one day..


1) Does an APA style literature review need to include an abstract?

Wait wait wait, how is Sunshine both gay and trans?! By that logic, he would have started as a straight woman, in which case why would he need to become trans in the first place?? Brilliant video though. It’s kind of sad knowing that the younger generation has to grow up being taught such “political correctness”.

This is the secret to life just think about, it its been POSITIVE he’s right…

GUYS!!! IT’S SIMPLE!!!! The REASON he talks like a 4th grader is because that’s around the time he found out he can buy his way out of going to English class. Duuuhhh


… and here I was thinking Humanity was past theocracy. I guess it cant all be progress, but seriously John why don’t you describe Iran for what it is?..

But i do all of that type of handwriting ;-;

Pretty fascinating because it seems like I am understanding something about what he’s communicating, the emotional tone. This would be a fun thing to be able to mimic for responding to annoying people. Fluent, smooth, normal sounding sentences that make no sense.

She uses a lot of hand motion and body language. she should limit those

I finally understand! ‘God’ is the enemy of democracy and freedom. Thanks for clearing that up.


A very powerful truth

On another note, what’s the name of the presenter?

The first one orders a beer. The second one orders half a beer. The third one orders a fourth of a beer. The bartender stops them, pours two beers and says, “You guys should know your limits.”

Midnight, 6 pgs to go on a research paper, and I have work in the morning. THANKS COLLEGE!!!!


Python 3.x Tkinter Tutorial 18 Combobox


Water no ice, we share all food…five plates, for 10 hindu fucking Indians, please make sure your server stays attentitive for we are demanding brown cocksuckers who demand great service, but we don’t know what a tip is…also if you don’t provide good service, we will call and get you fired… fucking Indians…learn what a 15% tip is, and also learn how to order when you go out to eat. or stay out of restaurants period.

Wow your an amazing teacher, I find you very clear and understandable and some might not like your speed but I think it is a good pace!

Rewatching this series in 2017 and omg young jack has no idea what his life will become

Can I use a historical reference in my thesis? For example : Fighting can have it’s bright side, since you can be hurt by something and to find your way out of it, you must fight for a solution, just like happened to the french during it’s revolution.

Another “Germanic” deity Thor was derived and corrupted out of

This is new spec right

Bit late, but I really enjoyed this!

Thank you I love the way you teaching us it was really nice stuff for me and I hope will keep with this holy job to spread education among human beings God keep health, happy with long life.

A lot of people are so invested monetarily and emotionally to Marvel movies that they could put out garbage on the silver screen for the next few years and the fans would still try to convince you its gold.

I all ways read the comments

Every fucking time I see this I think it says intersexuality. Seamless click bait.

Happy atheist day


OMG is that Total Annihiliation?!?!??!! FUCK YESS!!!

Not sure if any of these are best sellers but…

He speaks his mind charmagne dont know how to turn down sometime, while he is selling you his bullshit..too goofy..idk there was a brother in pharma like that in that time frame..great story he needs a movie so this can motivate other black folk to dive into the pharmaceutical making if there are any. No publicity is bad publicity so i know the wu ain’t mad they prolly laughing their ass off to de bank..

One of my favorite recent examples of intertextuality was the piano cover of a certain song playing during a certain scene of the TV show Mr. Robot.