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Алгоритмы на Python 3. Лекция №11


It’s wHat so it wouldn’t be pronounced H-Wut, it would be pronounced W-Hut

Thank you for the tutorials Mr. Sato. These videos are helping me prepare for the California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) essay questions. However, Mr. Sato, what are some strategies, answering an essay question if I do not have knowledge of the essay topic? I do not know what essay questions are on the CSET. Thank you for your advice.

Ain’t that just like the book of Eli

This linguist wasted two year of her life studying the way Trump speaks and found out what what every one else knows in 5 minutes, that he is a fucking idiot.

Can you guys make few types of nukes? Like cheaper for one s that have small range and low damage, and very expensive for high range and high damage.

I think he was on the moon while giving this speech lol

I sit a lot awkwardly around people but I don’t hate my family or anyone… But maybe it depends on the person

YOU are the Hyperbole BS!!!!!!

Thoughts don’t influence actions! Even more, you can’t control your negative self image by saying – now I am going to believe in myself and going to look at myself in a positive light. That’s just the usual garbage we find everywhere. Why do they let someone so incompetent on the subject talk about it at all!? Oh, I am loosing confidence in these TEDx talks.

How destructive, even aliens hate us

This was interesting AF

Biggie Flow has the sexiest grouping of words you will ever read or listen to.. Eminem has a special way of writing as well which makes me consider him one of the best ever.

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Lol humans are resourceful…it really works for me

There will be communism. Everyone will remain on handouts.

You come across as a MASSIVE faggot in this video. Not the rarely used gay slur, but the general douchebag faggot sense. So high up on yourself for really taking this seriously and researching. With only an inclining of backbone you wouldn’t default to the, “well there must be a valid reason if they’re so upset”. Instead you should, as an adult, be able to recognize idiots that would get offended over a shirt aren’t to be taken seriously.

An Idiolect sounds like something that we would call a language for idiots lol

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Python Challenge Episode 3 – regex, urllib (Python 3.x)



If your Christian you know that earth is about 8000 years old

I am NOT EVEN KIDDING.. your words.. are fucking orgasmic x LOVE THIS x

Thank u sir for making economics easy to us…….

Omg, this video is amazing!

Indo-Aryan (including Dardic), attested from around 1400 BC in Hittite texts from Asia Minor, showing traces of Indo-Aryan words.[16][17] Epigraphically from the 3rd century BC in the form of Prakrit (Edicts of Ashoka). The Rigveda is assumed to preserve intact records via oral tradition dating from about the mid-2nd millennium BC in the form of Vedic Sanskrit.

Currently i am learning french.

Analyze Michael Shannon as The Iceman in “The Iceman” next time!!

I have yet to see a window through his public (and occasionally meant-to-be private) language that reveals a deep and thoughtful and highly intelligent brain from this gigantic suit of fast-food accumulation, hot air, and age.

The moment you realize you were watching a presentation which lasted a whole hour but you cant pay 5 minutes of attention to your teacher in school. this is exactly the kind of lesson i wished to have at my school in germany!

This is absolutely fantastic. Jargon-free and down to earth. I’m about to start my lit. review at the start of a PhD and to be honest it is a daunting prospect. I don’t see my supervisor as often as I’d like to as I work full-time and I have so many questions that I rarely get through them when we do meet. Keep up the good work.

Genetic studies deny this video!

Exactly. He doesn’t want to explain because he can’t explain wack. When it’s wack it’s wack see what I’m saying

This is interesting to watch in 2015

Score: 300. Mental age: 9-16. Desc: You have the mental age of a young teenager. Me: Oh yup i’m 11.

Much respect


Set and Frozenset Methods – Python 3


Thank you!!

Do I really have to change my personality so I can have nicer handwriting

1)Anna Karenina-Tolstoy

Thx it totally solved my all prblms related to national income

Thank you very much.

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We studied this in 6th grade.

The Federal Government runs the media…. they are upfront about it but somehow we all tend to forget…..

Kinda of like the dull version, it make violent scene less dramatic and give superhero toy like look for 3D printing and toys market implementations, it also aimed for all ages audiences, so the image has a compromised style

Ocd treatment helped me to find existencialism by my own

If we know for a fact that pushing the fat man saves 5 people then yes, push the fat man. In the case of the doctor the doctor would have to sacrifice himself first. If you believe that killing one person to save five is alright then you have to go first.

For instance, almost all our scientific breakthroughs have come through so called basic research, that’s research without a specific product in mind, kind of an “let’s see what happens” approach.

But it ain’t been real good. Funniest part of the whole video


Or Merchant of Venice?

Best tips


Python 3 Programming Course 11: ‘while’ Loops


Hey Konos people that have to watch this :/


Always best and informative videos. … 🙂 Keep it going

Mostly wrong.

They’re good on being non political and not biased

He sounds like stephen hawking’s computer

You are such a great teacher. thanks

Lol Wtf Central Asian People Uralic Not İndo-European

I preferred this guy in always sunny.

Coal ~ 40%

Is brusspup a girl?

Hmmm, I only know one person who speaks like Donald Trump & uses his language to the same effect/ends.


Thank you Steve!

I just wish I was fluent in every language so I could communicate with everyone

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Python 3 Programming Tutorial [7] Type Conversion (Tip Calculator)


Your voice is sooooooooooooooo annoying.

Outstanding and insightful. Pantheist. Have you done a segment on Moby Dick? “Endless seeker with no past at my back.”

Puts my baby to sleep everytime 🙂

3.sees an angry guy wants to beat you

Thank you very much for this. Very helpful. Much appreciated.

Nice! there should be videos on Rumi or Ibn Arabi as well it would be amazing to share their cool ideas in this format

I knew it! i knew u were gonna say that -,-

I love it…hes so encouraging too, especially the last sentence “you will write an incredible essay” …i wish my asian parents would say the same thing.

And here i am. mia the girl. who thinks abou the cello and adsm and wether there is a letter waiting for her at home.

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You know mr poopy buthole said “IN LIKE A YEAR AND A HALF… or longer” right? sad times

Nothing but hate in these comments. All coming from people who think that anyone who speaks with a southern drawl is an uneducated racist, yet you brutally attack any black, hispanic, woman or gay person who doesn’t toe the liberal line. You’re all hypocrites. You are all every bit as ignorant as you accuse Donald Trump of being….”Believe me”.

I would oscillate the trolley until it falls off the tracks and stops.

“Honor someone’s worth at work”…I definitely agree with putting the value of humanity back into human resources. I have my B. A. in Organizational Leadership and I have been seeking to no avail a position to where I can accurately and “humanly” implement new ways of attracting top talent, engaging employees, and helping employees grow personally and professionally. In most businesses, especially corporations and large non-profits, the most important factor is the bottom line number. It sucks to have to work in an environment where a person is just a means to an end. Seeing this talk gives me hope that I will be able to be an influencer of a movement to improve the quality of an employee’s work-life and ultimately increase business performance.

Explained good…but the way he is explaining makes me sleepy.

The true problem about us is the following:

I knew he was a retard ever since I first watched The Apprentice.

Would be interesting to hear you talking about The Sims language 🙂

I think Existent in itself has purely no meaning, and in those tiny 80 years of life, we contribute very little to the universe in the grant scheme of things. What matter is what we pass on from our mere and short existence, an idea, an ideology, a code to live by, etc.


Animation in Python 3: Vector / Turtle Graphics


Maybe da could get married

It has nothing to do with “gender”, which is an unecessary term anyway. But with sexual biology. There have been countless studies which show that men are naturally better at maths and sciences and that women are better at languages. So naturally more men gravitate to STEM fields amd it’s a good thing that they do, simply because they are better at it and we would want to have the best scientists we could have in each field. The fact that women are less likely to make it into peer review can be explained through the bellcurve of probability of intelligence. While women cluster around average intelligence, men are more spread out, which means there are way more male idiots but also way more geniuses. Since it’s those geniuses that produce a vast number of important scientific discovery it is only natural that men are “overrepresented” in peer reviewed articles.

Somebody give this guy one more cookie!!!!

I am aware that you wrote that incorrectly on purpose. However…

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Rick and morty is for autistic children who like to think they’re geniuses, because they have a pessimistic outlook.

If what he’s doing with the medication he owns doesn’t break anybody financially and is accessible to those who need it, then fine. He’s cool. That’s why i hated him. If what he’s saying is true then who cares about any of this other bullshit. If it’s not true, crucify him, no matter where he comes from.

Who is from pornhub

Sir ur lectures r awesome.

Same with Prison Architecture way overpriced for what you actually get. Seems indie devs are getting greedier and want more.

I was screaming at the screen only to figure out I was wrong 😅 hope to see more


Superb things shown by you on static friction!!!!!!

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Everything in the world is connected, and can be linked together one way or another.


Asynchronous I/O in Python 3


I like Tolkiens writing and detail, and I reread parts of The Hobbit and LOTR from time to time. And I know LOTR won an Academy Award as best movie of the year. It’s just strange to see it at all on a top best books list.

Obama is a good example

And on the organ issues: you are aware that those things happen regardless of regulation, right? And what exactly is an “altruistic donation” and in what way is it effected by other people being paid for their organs?

I’m sorry. I tried to stop them. Them being the government. But the government has more power then me, a helpless child.

Many thanks, there are some new things that i can learn by heart

Can u get a video done on plan diagrams as well??

1200 words over “next to of course god america i” by E. E. Cummings. Due in twelve hours

Thanks for your videos and guidance. I have scored 8, 7, 8, 8 in General IELTS

Racism………….They got the nerve to feel like the better or upper class and all that shyt look nasty. SHYT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

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Also, this video is as chessy as Mighty Morphing Power Rangers but it’s damn informative, big heads up for next term’s Econ class

I know 3 languages: Kyrgyz, English, Russian. I am learning Korean.

To make a better video. Please add more reason of the thing happen. For example : Why significant spending increase GDP.

The Szechuan Sauce bit at the end was clearly the writers poking fun at people who read way too much into this cartoon, like yourself.

This is one of the most interesting interviews I’ve heard from Chomsky. I’d like to hear him talking more about linguistics and humanities more often – but the political interviews/speeches outweigh the others 20-1.


Kurs Python 3 – lekcja 25 – Gui Tkinter – pierwsze okno


He has contributed a lot to the field of applied linguistics but his theory is not as well accepted as the video suggests. In fact, it has attracted more criticism than many other theories.

Did no one with a voice do the reading before class? As for the professor, he needs to exclude that balcony-man – possibility in the thought experiment with a simple stipulation, thus preserving the philosophical significance of the case.

This man is awesome

I find this woman so attractive.

Any a2 essays?

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I think I’m going to go back to presentable liberty because this is OK and it’s kind of a little bit better cause he made a game of thrones reference which it’s weird how I do stuff or find out stuff and suddenly just appears a lot in life like two times I’ve seen stuff that I know from Game of Thrones which I recently just started watching only on episode six and it’s awesome

50 Shades of Gray

Aurda Mcdonalds Billie Holiday is amazing

Dude honestly thank you so much for making these videos I really wish more teachers were as good as you, really appreciate your enthusiasm for your subject and how fun you try to make it 🙂 really helps a lot thank you dude

We are adding a Germany every year in population terms its bout 82 million a year and its rising. we live to unsustainable and were destroying all other life on the planet. 200 species go extant every day. are greed and want for shinny things has no place in nature

«Κοίτα τι σου ζωγράφισα, πληγή μου».

And if there’s something you really can’t talk about then, no problem, just stop wasting people’s time

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I do ironically chuckle that her mannerisms and dress are pretty standard lesbian.

Nice movie

I started to check your end of video. We have already tons of lectures notes discussion notes etc… 🙂 absolutely I don’t like your videos anymore.

This was a bit of a silly test, answering these questions have nothing to deal with mental age besides stereotypically having fun or relaxing like a adult or like a kid. You should have no problem identifying yourself by yourself.

You rock

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[Part 21] Python 3 for Beginners – Init



“inuktikut” lol


I was using the smiley face emoji all of the time since the early 1970’s. So, I do love and have fun using the variety we have today. Though, at first I thought that little swirly poo one was a chocolate candy. LOL! I do like using emojis. Interesting video! Thanks for sharing. 😊😊😊

The language is Latin based.

Just getting into Chomsky. Heard about him for years

Where’s Pride and Prejudice?

Excellent teacher!

My language is one of the two Slavic languages that doesn’t have cases (Macedonian). Thank God for that

This is totally not an exaggerated strawman or anything 🙄🙄🙄

I think more time is needed to explain the production possibilities frontier. It’s not so easy to follow if you’re a complete novice. It won’t do if you end your explanation with “I hope your head isn’t spinning” because you already anticipated that. I had to switch over to Kahn for a more easy-paced explanation. But hey, it’s a great initiative, very informed well-rounded video’s with a clear arrangement of subjects!

I guess this is nitpicking, but at the very beginning it said his name is “translated as Laozi, Lao Tzu or Lao Tze”. It should say “romanized as” instead.

That was fucking amazing.

Thanks for sharing…

Haha ok buzzfeed


“You think chenduh eekwaleetee is a joek?!”

Background: I was raised in Florida by my two Canadian parents who both lived in rural Ontario, then moved to Toronto. They have almost no accents, except for the occasional ‘sorry’, ‘about’ and ‘eh’. Meanwhile, I grew up with a very fast, almost British sounding Canadian accent, with lots of raising, hard t’s, and. I went through speech therapy because my accent was too difficult for non-Canucks to understand. I haven’t met a single person who has an accent like mine from Ontario, and the rest of my northern family has the Toronto accent.

This is written in a developed country perspective.

There should be a “Post-Modernism vs Modernism” video

@Russell5892 I’m not sure the language has been decyphered (or maybe even developed) to the extent that anyone who’s not a pupil at the school in question actually knows exactly what is being signed. The point is that the kids have essentially evolved their own language here, and a whole lot of people have had to spend a whole lot of time and effort at least trying to work out what the hell is going on. I’m not sure how rigid the syntax is, etc.–it’s a work in progress and always will be.


How To Format A String The Old Way in Python 3


Too good sir i like it most and really it is very helpfull and one request that pls pls make the video of all chapter of micro and macro sir pls and i also want that book.

Yes a couple books written a generation after the Alleged events do Say Jesus rose from the dead and one book even says the all the tombs in Jerusalem opened and the dead walked the streets.

3:and all the ladies will come to you TADAAA!!!

It’s just harder to say with an American accent

I’m sorry to say but Frodos no human

Dhanyavad sir

Watched this in class today!

WHAT?! No Twillight?!! NO way!!

Comeone Wisecrack. You know the world will never be ready for Twilight again.

The ideological function of celebrities in today’s warped society is precisely to drive home the message that success, especially financial success, has nothing whatsoever to do with effort or talent.

One thing I have come to believe about art/media/literature recomendations is that I should take them way more than I actually do. We all come from so many different walks of life and with all of the thousands upon thousands of books, movies, music, sound, video, etc. it is easy to miss the sort of thing we would look for. Not only is it a great excuse to try something new, but I’ve found some of my favorite stories from other people.

There are more games that are awsome like

I’m loving this channel thanks for your support

Unless the governments are incredibly stupid, regulations will keep the use of automation without economically profitable limits.

Your so motivated in your actions do what you want because you will still go far💯❤️