Python computer programming

Python 3 Tutorial: 4 – Variables


The universe has a balance. For the highest highs there are the lowest lows. For someone so blissfully happy

Obama: No…

Thank you for the video, it’s very intersting. it helped me alot in my business classes.

I wonder if Mr Clifford’s students watch Crash Course Econs and go, ” yooo, that’s my teacher!” That would be so dope

I increase my English level through TED videos

I wish I could go how lucky they are

Wow haha, between the quiet muffledness of Chomsky’s croaked words and the apparently low volume of this video, I need to put my computer nearly at full blast to hear the man. But a worthwhile video nonetheless

Median mode ka chapter explanation kaha hai????????

Ur used 2 hearing idiot politicians that say what theyre told 2 by their owners….trumps a free agent as bernie wouldve been if he wasnt trumped by super delegates…….

Implicit in this is the assumption that government is inimical to the people, which among democracies is probably most true in the US. The US has a huge military industrial complex that is a powerful force field for maintaining consent for the assumptions on which it is built, such as that the world needs the US to be its policeman (which requires that the United Nations be trashed and kept weak, lest it acquire the ability to take over the role). Progressives need to finesse this all a little more, so that viewers are not left with the idea that this scenario is a fixed and immutable state of affairs. How would this video play out if the government was genuinely democratic? Let’s begin from the idea that this is possible.

Esto es de los creadores de litel inferno is litle inferno yes formeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee na mentira litle inferno y world of goo xd

Chomsky: Why not do some of the serious things?

Great help

Frictional Unemployment → transitional time between employment

Super useful videos with a fun twist, would’ve definitely failed my macro final if it wasn’t for videos like this

Fuck the interviewer. Fuck Google. Btw I use https://duckduckgo. com “The search engine that doesn’t track you.”


How To Use The List Append Method in Python 3


Where can I buy an essay?

Love it

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But it ain’t been real good. Funniest part of the whole video

Has Trump seen this?

What did i just watch?…

Why the hell isn’t John Locke discussed??

28 seconds in and I knew the answer. The mention of war and love has been used before and is intriguing to hear. Basically use other famous quotes and wording that is intriguing. 🙄


Well, before iPod, there was only shitty mp3-players, before iPad there were only shitty tablets, and before iPhone there were only phones with plastic buttons all over the place which were terrible at browsing the internet. The man was simply innovative on a higher level than his competitors.

I know pig Latin. for all the people who don’t know it it’s were you take the first letter of the word and bring it to the back then you add ay so like would become ikelay computer would be omputercay, and this is done with every word.

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Tulip: Async I/O for Python 3


Spice girls are writing in sonnet form aka a poem

Feminism has been coasting on our collective misconceptions about men and women for years. Feminism is like religion.

I wonder will the game be sold in physical copies and will it be avaliable in Europe.

Just because we are not 100% certain what the mechanisms of gravity are, does not change the fact we can quantify the mechanism, mathematically predict it’s effects, and continue to study it.

U really doing a great job…..thank u very much sir

How the fuck are you saying requiem? 😀

The video didn’t even touch on the alienation of the worker and its subsequent problems via specialization and division of labor. In fact, it said this division of labor is actually good.

Me: (;ರ_ರ)

She can’t be a linguist & in no way is trump your average joe off the road. He’s a toddler that will not let anyone play in his sand box

Slow down and use pictures for greater effect. otherwise thank you for the hard work.

Buzz look an alien!

Since I’ve studied chemistry a few years myself, I see your point, it’s not really a riddle.

Thanku sir

Bless your soul Mr. Clifford

I just like to point out that Rick & Morty actually shows that everyone does exist on purpose & for a reason as in the ep “the ricks must be crazy” we find out that Rick built a mini-universe that powers his car & the mini-universes people are there for the reason that he needed them to make the power for his car & a scientist in that universe also made a smaller universe for the same reason & a scientist in that universe was about to do the same. Now by this we see that because Rick knows his universe was created for the entertainment of us in this universe but like in the universe he created those people can’t get out of that universe to his universe he can’t get out of his universe to ours which also implies that our universe was created by someone else for a reason & that they like rick with his universe have the power to observe us & destroy us. So even though morty says “no one exists on purpose, no one belongs anywhere” the only thing true that he says here is “everybody is gunna die” because the show shows us that the universe goes infinitely down into smallness & posibly up in to infininty bigger outer universes in which we our selves where created for a reason. Morty thinks what he says is the truth even though it’s not because he’s to dumb to understand like Rick is, who constantly breaks the fourth wall because he understands this fact, & knows that those who created are watching & have the power to destroy his universe (the show) when it stop being useful anymore like he would have done if the car battery hadn’t worked at the end of the episode. Our universe the show tells us could also be destroyed by a being outside of our own universe that created us for a reason & if we stop fullfilling that reason there is no longer a reason for this universe to exist anymore. Wow I’m really getting into some deep stuff here.

I’m just a guy waiting for the year a rapper will win a Noble Prize in literature.

Also, for movies In Bruge


Python 3 Metaprogramming, Macros, Madness & More! – PyCon India 2015


UMUC has a great writing center.

1:06- Roll Credits

Mathematical points are theoretical, they are thought. Thought is not a body. Therefore, it can be divided into infinity. Therefore, the desire to liken it to the material world, to claim that it can be produced from one material, more material than what you have begun, is unfounded.

Ohh nice! I love it. 🙂

Now i know how jona hill would sound if he had a southern accent 😀

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I always have my hands in my pockets, and I really didn’t know that the position of the thumbs really says anything! It’s just uncomfortable for me to stand with my entire hand all the way in my pocket, soo..

I’m by no means threatened. Some feminists, not all, simply come off far too agressive, and pushy. I’m a liberal and i do believe in social justice and identity politics, but there are some liberals who act appaulingly.

That belt though!

Music is fucking trash

This guy is a legend

Wow OMG amazing you deserve a sub

Error spotting / Sentence correction

Definitely UNIQUE it’s the word I am going to use to describe your video and your channel – I love it.

We even have vokativ which is used when you speak to somebody/something. So for example when somebody greets me he should add E at the and of my name (but for other words it could be also O, U or I). It is really confusing.

This was amzing. i cant thank u enough

The map from the trail area is from a game called limbo… anyone here played it?

Oh Al Gore, you so crazy!

Honestly the New York accent is my favorite accent. I’m hearing broken to see it fading away with time


Python 3.x Tkinter Tutorial 4 Entradas


I’ve got 80 marks bcoz of ur beneficial video. thank u very much……

I think we all searched this in the hopes this music would magically write away all our word counts the very moment the music began to play.

AFC Should be their but their is ATC

A communist regime’s new market example that I liked hearing was Vietnamese bankers who got in trouble, and actually got in trouble… although it was deep deep trouble.

When dos this game com out????

I didn’t know where else to put this, so I’m doing it here. Mr. Clifford, I just got a letter in the mail from the College Board saying I got every single point on the Micro exam. I’ve watched all of your videos, both for Micro this past year and Macro the year before that (which I also made a 5 on). I’ve had great teachers, but your videos have really helped me put all the dots together and cement the important information in my head. My day-before studying tactics for both exams literally consisted of just watching all of your videos back-to-back, and I went into the tests more than ready both times. In fact, I honestly thought I had a shot at getting the perfect score recognition in Macro last year, that’s how confident I was! (Haha, funny story–when I didn’t get it in Macro, I figured no one ever got them and moved on; I never even considered whether I’d get a perfect score in Micro. I almost went into shock when I opened the letter today!)

Is this all? after two years of following him closely?

Great video

When will the next video be released?

I put my faith in godman Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, not science.

Submarines, algorithms – already used at the time of Greco-Buddhism –

This story explains religion

My mother always spoke french to me, my father German. Being bilingual is so cool

W says what!


Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners #1 – Why Learn Python?


I. Don’t write: ‘we describe the wizwoz system. It is really cool.’ Do write: ‘we give a syntax and semantics of a language that supports concurrent processes (section 3). Its innovative features are…’

How I make that money tell me!! I liked that example

Very helpful writing hints. Surely I will benefit of it. Many thanks.

The first case i thought was actually quite simply. It’s the selfish behavior of ones image that makes pushing the fat man seem wrong. Since in the first action others and even you, yourself could talk yourself out of taking responsibilities for the deaths, Where as in the case of physically pushing a man you look bad not only to other people, but view yourself as a murder instead of just a man who is stuck in a position with two negative outcomes. Even though you would save more lives pushing the fat man off its the fear of a bad self image that prevents you from doing it.


Thanks so much xDDD

My uncle was a carver a Louis Joseph my father jasper Joseph ‘just thought id mention that thank you.

Thanks for making this. It is really helpful. Could you also make a video on how to write an aside in an MLA paper. For example: If I said in an essay “It was during the second war(the Rif war), that the Spanish suffered an embarrassing and costly defeat in a small town called Annual.”

The secret language is the technique every irish person (who can speak irish) uses abroad


9:10 Whoa whoa whoa, how do you know about my human organ collection?

Shifting the Money Supply

Nice keynesian approach of the macroeconomics! =D

BLM is a racist bullshit used by ignorant idiots to market themselves.

“I said

She got fired for the “swearing” in the video.

Great Video…Keep them coming Jacob. I just received your new Flash-Disk drive, EDUHSD, should I go ahead and order your new Ultimate Review packet? Will the new Flash-disk drive suffice?

I’m a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker and I’ve never heard that sound in my language (the uvular trill). By the way, what are the Swedish “sju” sound called? It’s like a voiceless exhaling sound from the throat.

Unvoiced “tl” sound also happens in Nahuatl (/na-wat/), a prehispanic mesoamerican languge which is still spoken and thought in some parts of Mexico.

Wow! This is amazing!

I appreciate your effort, Thank you 🙂

What a smug, impolite, narcissistic idiot

@zeppelin2224 Thnak you


Python 3.x Tkinter Tutorial 6: Spinbox


Протоукры существуют!

I’m really hoping Rogue One goes beyond this but it’s pretty clear that it’ll behave like Force Awakens

Love this!!

I suddenly feel lucky to live in India (not the first time).

Who did this interview? what is this interview from? anyone know?

What is left?

If you try harder to justify this discrimination, you might realize you can’t.

I noticed some questions were answered here by the filmmakers. The footage of the fabric factory in bangladesh is amazing. i would love to see more of it, especially a long shot of it. i noticed the whole shot was close up when most of the other footage was from afar. any particular reason you did this? would like to know at least how high up the workers were perched.

Hyperbole? Bullshit more like it. Lies.

I am all for trade, but “free trade”, the kind without tariffs that should be imposed for causing terrible harm that we wouldn’t allow in our country, totally against that. If a Chinese steel factory dumps massive amounts of steel waste into a river, and saves good amounts of money in the process, then we should impose a tariff on that steel that costs the amount that they save by participating in that process. Because trade is supposed to take advantage of things unique in the abilities of each country. It’s not like we don’t know how to dump steel waste into a river, and save lots of money. That’s not a uniquely Chinese skill. This should be done for every sort of pollution. Atmospheric emissions especially, although the U. S. is particularly stubborn when it comes to regulating these. Even so, in order to move forward as a society, we cannot allow ourselves to benefit from things that will bring about more harm in the long run.

c. Measured in dollars.

Class work is < homework

You wrote the fault in our stars O:

How could you miss Of mice and men by John Steinbeck, The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber, Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Paradise Lost by John Milton and many more. Rewrite this ridiculous, offensive list pronto!

@leijut17 Depends on the job title. What I can sum up about myself as it relates to a customer service job does not equal the same for another job like oral surgery assistant for example. I have held both positions and have had to shorten or lengthen my answer to this question on each account…Bottom line is… to tell them about yourself as it relates to the job you are interviewing for. The time limits are all varying limits and not set in stone.

Sexuality is bad, m’kay.

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“PLay through the tutorials to lean how to play the game”

He kept the third alternative a secret from the audience and that is: as the driver of the

Wonder if he’s ever listened to President Donald Trump…He’s impossible to listen to..


Lisa Guo, Hui Ding Keynote PyCon 2017


Nice video but i am challing you to do without rubing with any cloth.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Hercynia (“Harz”-mountains), Ore Mountains, the Alps with all the Slavic

Capitalism is great at pushing out product and making profit but for who? the few you need the iron hand of goverment to help provide a fair market to compete in and distribute part of the wealth of the few into the hands of the many.

Ur a legend


What if the one person on the tracks is related to you…. like your father or mother…. then you would kill the other 5 people….

Respected sir,

Too fast

This video style is incredible

Armie hammer in man from uncle?

I’m laughing my ass of every time he says “eh?”. XD

How does it differ from italki? i have not tried neither of them yet..

I can just say: Wow

One word: Dovakiin.

I have been using your notes for unit 1 and 3-absolutely fantastic. Please could you email me your notes for unit 4? Thank you!

“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”


Install NLTK 3 for Python 3.4 on Windows 7 64-bit Machine


May I request for Barthes?

Hey there,

Thanks for video, it is a lot of help

ACTUALLY, no. She’s not dodging questions, she’s dodging allegations. Everything that the Liberal Media asks is an attack on Trump. Carlos, here, who thinks he’s smart (just so well educated that he’s dumb) is actually the one who is twisting the reality to fit his own biased perception. Nothing here, Folks. Just smoke and mirrors.

This is very enlightening. I’ve really benefited from this presentation. Moreover am having an exam in health economics tomorrow.

Batman persuades joker to be more like him.

Your videos are so amazing thank you so so much xx

Do feminist want more women in STEAM fields? Good, then they better start moving their asses and choose a STEAM career instead of woman studies in college. Gee, what the fuck do they want us to do! It’s only up to women!

Class-ical music XD

I wonder if anyone ever did this to their kid that was a Tolkien fan and only spoke to them in Tolkien’s Elvish XD

Ms. Conway is a practitioner of what the old Greeks called Eristics – from Eris the goddess of Strife.

From 4:34 to 4:42 she’s talking about dicks for sure.

Can anyone recommend research paper writing company?

I think you’re British.

Is Genny a YWUBAP (YouTuber who used to be a programmer)? If so, that would be three I know of (Seth, Etho, Genny).

Uh, GWB and Obama were stuttering idiots.

Is it right, i will wait for your valuable reply

I also really like what Stephen said when he stated – “When you’re in the grips of a manic episode, you don’t really believe that other people exist, YOU are the centre of YOUR universe” – sums up mania completely.

Do you know where we can find the original? I’d love to hear it.

Beware guys!!!: this is a man-hating feminine dominated line of work. If your a guy who wants to get into the HR industry be prepared to get discriminated against unless your gay.

Completely stolen. The Germanic clans of Henckel and Thorson (Thürzin,


Python 3 Tutorial for Beginners #8 – If Statements


Happy New Year Langfocus

This gentleman is sharing such wise and powerful knowledge.

Saw this video and thought “I bet this is going to have far more dislikes than the other videos on this channel’. I haven’t watched the video yet so I don’t know whether they’re coming from angry 4-chan dwellers or radical feminists, so lets find out…

Having an ielts test in two weeks time you have really helped me understand better how to write an introduction..Thank you

In America, just become a cop and shoot a black guy, that’s all it takes to be a hero. Doesn’t matter if he was a scientist.

Mark. Muthatrucking. Wahlberg.

Such alliances are ‘politically motivated’, and do not at all reflect actual priorities of actual homosexuals on the street.

Thanks man for making me smarter

Although i am in a different field, but seriously that was most helpful than my own professors could explain. i have been suffering through writing a research proposal for my thesis for 3 months now. but after watching this video.. i kind of have a clue wut i should be writing+focusing on, and wut i really shudnt be wasting my time doing…. thanks man!

-pride and prejudice

Funny. As I can see now, I had re-invented conception of existentialism by myself in middle school. (I didn’t call it so)

I can’t believe anyone would actually dismiss anything Chomsky says. Absolutely brilliant

I just learned this got canceled. Sad. 🙁 It would have been so awesome. Hopefully someone will make a game like this.

You re the one who called him jew so you re the one using labels. you see hate in him but imo thats a projection of what you re displaying here. now it seems you thought a bit about slavery how about the enslavement you make for yourself fighting ghosts of your obsessions? your animosity for chomsky have personal sources if not ideological. you re just as lame as anyone else.

Most cringeworthy show on television

Do you give a judgment for every Economics question or just 25 markers?