Python programme

Python 3: Function Decorators


What is wrong with having sex with animals?

I’m sorry its not you sir, its me.. i cant understand your accent

You will be assimilated.

This woman is an idiot, I wouldn’t use her to analize my dump

Evil is made not born.

Sometimes when people speak I can’t understand what they are saying.. it’s clear to others but to me it isn’t. why the fuck is this? I am not deaf or anything..

Great stuff, very inspiring!!

Member berries

In terms of technology, infrastructure (internet, cable), sure. Forgive the exaggeration. The point is that “the West” will always be ahead of “the developing” world because that’s the way that the West likes it.

He is so quiet in these old ones!

Nice vedios I think Its covering the moral and ethical portion of our life. it’s give the moral responsibility towards society as well as a moral responsibility of an individual toward the doing ethical dilemma


So palms sweaty – moms spaghetti you think is “impressive”? holy shit those are childish lyrics. the Lyrics in Metal are a million more times intelligent than modern Rap. you only picked & like Eminem is because he’s so popular. he lyrics are as if a 12 year old Boy wrote them. Old school Rap and many of Ice T’s lyrics are Good.


Dang that’s deep.

…but I lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane.- John Green

For thesis help, please feel free to message us: https://m. facebook. com/Research-Ink-Thesis-Consultant-and-Statistician-147248315863777/

I literally typed ‘music for making thesis’ and this showed up. thank you :)))))))

Superb explanation… But where is the remaining part? Essay body and conclusion i cannot find your link.. Please provide

I just realized this john green wrote the fault in our star wow.

Eso es sola mentira y me boy a des suscribir


Monty Python-Holy Hand Grenade


Very nice

Like the eyes of baxter 👁👀

Actually i want to ask one thing about introduction can i write first about the (importance of exercise )secondly background statement thirdly thesis forthly body paragraphs n lastly conclusion??


The ending to this video is incredibly Marxist. A stateless non-aggression society is marxist. Anyone else notice that?

And I haven’t even touched upon the use of new age language which is very common in this field. For example, how many people (including authors/speakers themselves) really understand what is meant by self-help concepts such as ‘energy’, ‘vibrations’, and ‘frequencies’? These terms are never explained by purveyors of self-help. This terminology itself makes rational people hesitate to look any further. You can’t just talk about manipulating energies or vibrations (or worse, use the word ‘quantum’) and expect people to take you seriously. And if your specific technique for some reason actually does work, then the usage of new age terminology is really a shame, as it will keep the technique from reaching the more sceptic crowd, who in spite of their scepticism may actually be searching themselves for something that they deem legitimate.

= “Khan academy offers higher utility per 60 seconds than 60 seconds of time in class.”

His mouth was moving, words were coming out, but i still dont know what NLP is.

Luke skywalker

I think Luther was a lot of Americans the night Trump got elected

Huh? How completely incoherent. Serious question: Have you ever actually read any Chomsky or do you just shallowly skim wikipedia entries of terms associated with him?

Hmmm… once they said immigrants I knew this was biased. Liberal propaganda!!! (Some news outlets publish stories on immigrants because… wait for it… a lot of Americans are indeed negatively affected by the large inflow of people into their community! Ever heard of invasive species? It’s what happens when a species (not even necessarily inherently bad) invades the area of another species, and the two are so different that they have issues coexisting.


I study at UPENN, and I just wanted to thank you for all your videos. They help me so much. I hope you keep making videos like these.

The first Pirate of the Caribbean used intertextuality really good.

I love it

This dude in the Wu Tang hat trying to tell Martin Shkreli what he should spend money on. I’m not a big fan of Martin Shkreli, but don’t try to tell someone what they should spend their money on.


Python 3 Programming Course: 8 – Conditional Statements


The guys got great sense of humour and he’s quite intelligent as well

Thr ideas have been well potrayed. Can you please make further videos on the philosophy of Bhagwat Gita and basic tenets of Hinduism? People will find it is not very far off Buddhism, and have them clear yheir superstitions regarding it

#3: Start Mixing.

Is it me or he is rapping or could be with quite ease?

It’s not their own superior knowledge of how language “should be”, it’s their knowledge of how language IS. English isn’t some freetime hobby we kind of take part in for the sake of it. English is like a house; the more thought, time and understanding put into building it the stronger it’s going to be, except in this case knowing English is free which leaves no excuse. Few people who express bad English are doing so simply by choice and actually know how to speak/write. Those who don’t know how to speak/write (given that they’ve had ample opportunity to learn) make a mockery of the language along with making themselves appear unintelligent.

Sophie’s Choice deserved a mention. Fine list though

Better at 2x

Me: I am a very confusing human being and that I will forever be lonely, but I didn’t need a handwriting lecture to know that. 😂😂😂

Bro it was good

The song at the beginning of the movie is an Iranian (Persian) song performed by “Salar Aghili”. Yo can hear it at https://soundcloud. com/sepehrijan/track-1

Microwave music. This isn’t lyricism now call me a hater

My handwriting never change anytime😀

Please take that voice away

I just want to ask all these pandit’s and brahmin’s that has any god ever spoke to them or told them to do so…

Love you so much! ❤️ your videos so inspirational! Xx

They of all people should understand that non-programmers wouldnt figure it out as quickly

Mate thanks a lot!

This isn’t microecnomics this is macro

The contradiction and mental conflict arises from the fact you are stuck between choosing one or the other and thinking within these two paradigms. A psychological conundrum that is not real.

Leland Stanford Junior University is named after the child of Leland Stanford, not himself. smh😒

Man o man

Ummmmmm doesn’ t apply to me at all

2:07 Anyone else sing & hum to the outro?


ASCII Art Cat in Python 3


I am interested to have a copy of this system. how ca i get it? i am now connected with the HR department. this will be a big help and will facilitate the information dissemination to all our employees.

Yaay Foucault! You never cease to amaze me! Good work guys! Many thanks from france 🙂

My dad personally doesn’t have an interest in YouTube and hardly watches YouTube videos but when I showed him Prince Ea’s videos he literally cried. He kept saying “So true man.” I NEVER see my dad cry or get tears in his eyes but this really got him AND me. I’m really happy he watched this with me.💘

Granth hsiab consider sweeper filthy

Anyone who cannot see the bullshit is brain dead or has no mind of that works on its own creep from hell you want him as anything but a reality con man dream on u. s.a. SAD

Ahhhh the beginning of this made me so anxious. 60 seconds!? Thanks for explaining it again.

@1:41 ….. wth was that? clue – eye

Allow me to ask… where are the Thacians within this “history” you are teaching us?

There’s also the ablative case, used in Latin with certain prepositions in the singular. (In the plural, it’s the same as dative.) And there’s the vocative case, used for addressing the second person and sometimes similar to the nominative: (“Kyrie” is Greek for “O Lord.”)

The 12 stages are similar to legends of zelda a link between worlds

I really wish that you would do a basic yoga routine because I really liked your other video on yoga ☺ xx

Hey eve, I am in year 11 and I have made all my mindmaps for English lit, and know that I have created them what would you recommend me to do like should I just recap my notes I made on my mindmap or something else xx p. s your highlight is poppin😍🔥

@WolYou My pet theory is that hope/faith/religion were necessary for our early ancestors to survive and this hardwired predilection became genetically ingrained through natural selection. Hopeless humans simply don’t do well in extreme survival situations.

The breaks were responsible only in the first story the second the man that took control is responsible in the second

You forgot the Indo Europeans in America.

I Enjoy these videos and they help me, im taking macro next year so i will be back but its the end of this semester for me..

… AND IDIOTS GO TO INDIA FOR enlightenment???

Your videos are very very helpful to me. thank you sir..!!

Bascally if the USA made Wheat (Which it does) It’s cheaper cause the USA is good at it.

“A 30 second answer is ideal” according to the caption at the beginning…then she talks for three minutes. Thanks for the consistent advice.

What about Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan or Robin Hood?

Tl;dr skip to and don’t waste your time.

She twiddles and flinches like she’s uncomfortable, but talks and talks about herself. I wouldn’t hire her. Also, rule of the skirt– answer long enough to cover it, but short to keep the interest.


How To Use While Loops In Python 3


Don’t you get it it’s not your physical body leaving the farm it’s your mentality leaving the farm. Your thoughts become free and then you become free in your mind, body, and soul. lol yall will not survive in the forest if your mind isn’t fit for it. Wherever your body goes freedom does not follow, wherever your mind goes then freedom will follow. If your mentality isn’t free then it won’t do any good to try moving far from others in an isolated place.

I will never forget this movie.

Even if you don’t have any practical use in work for chemistry or advanced multiplication but it will sit in your subconscious and even when you’re not using it, the way of thinking sticks and is used all the time and develop your way of thinking. It sticks in your head even if you don’t directly do math. So learning anything means always gaining.

Did he have to say the b word? -_______-

Literally gave me chills from the way he read those quotes

I learn Buddha story since I was 10. hmm, I think the story you tell is missing out info and could be wrong? Is the per who edit this video is Christian religion?

So does those to people confirm the bible?… Or does it just confirm that we came from 2 people?… That thing he said at the end “…the bible got this one right…”, that kinda rattled my Athiesm…

We call em “Anglizismen” find a list here:

Sir if u have make your notes book and selling in market or online plss send me link on online and name of the book in market plss sir

I hope no one over 5 is watching this video

Dont do animal cruelty

Thanks alot, You saved me from falling behind in my work! Again thanks alot

What the fuck is this fool talking about? No, we don’t talk like this. I’ve never met a person who jumps topic with every phrase.


Step 3: Cry a lot.


Python 3 Programming Tutorial – Matplotlib Labels and titles


Tomorrow he was going to bring Skinny Puppy or the Misfits. Or maybe he’d make a spe – cial bus tape with as much screaming and wailing on it as possible.

TED – Ed couldn’t afford a good spanish speaker

Peter Pan’s story (movie that is actually filmed in real life) kind of follows the pattern: Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!


Soon Arabic will be Germany’s official language :{.

It really takes concentration, to understand just how devious and deceptive queer academia really are.

Thank you so much!

Don’t most people do that..?

Mental Reconstruction Nostalgia

Mother fucking Crab Nicholson!

Damn islam actually is a disease @ _ @

In a similar position, it does the same thing.” –Holmes Jr., Oliver

This should be call all inglish literature is just a copy of Spanish literature so go study that so you can understand how inglish literature is just a cheap copy


Python Hacks : A Cython Example in Python 2 and Python 3


I learned Russian in one year without being in Russia, while I was in Germany for six months and Know much less German than Russian.

I was with with you until the H thing please explain!

Doon. (Over there, oblique)

Interesting video. But you somehow have not talked about poststructuralism. How can that be. Surely his historical work is impressive and had impact. Without a doubt. But come on, thats not why he became one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century. Poststructarlism is and will be the most important philosophical development after the 2nd world war. A whole new chapter of possibilities in every regard.

“When we hear Donald Trump SPEAKS he sounds like he could be a family member or friend.”

The guy is a reality TV star. He speaks as such. Being an ass, gets higher ratings!

This man has led me to an existential crisis, concerning my education.

0:09 Exuse me?! My mom is right next to me. I ain’t alone!

Sorry for that bad English

Was it just me or were the point totals super easy to recognize?

Very clear and helpful thanks alot

Cultures of natives and ‘savages’, and really all throughout mankind’s history.

Jazak Allah 🙂

Superb explanation


Old languages are very inflected. Lithuanian, Latin, Greek are heavily inflected


We know the game and we’re gonna play it

So basically the gist I get is nearly every single person here is making the claim black people are truly uneducated idiots as they typically butcher the English language.

I’ve taken largely to reading nonfiction, as I feel much of what I want to learn about is contained in such books. For example, I’m reading “The Myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus right now. Though, I’ve found a problem. it is terribly fatiguing to read some nonfiction books. I can hardly get through a couple pages of Camus’s dense prose before having little energy to continue. So much of it is incomprehensible..

I dislike not because i hate this video


Even him rathers to kearn brazillian Portuguese instead of Portugal Portuguese….. why is that???

This is very useful


Instalar Python 3, Qt 5.4 y PyQt5 en Mac OS X Yosemite


In all realism, China can make more shoes… The biggest economic problem in America is the simple fact that we are importing more than we are exporting. We’re paying more money than we’re earning.

Erik looks like Dennis from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

You obviously have no idea of Buddhism

I want to know what he thinks of Aaron Taylor Johnson`s accent in Nocturnal Animals

Papillion anyone?

Noam just does not care – he will say what he will say. 🙂

I can speak 10 languages

“Lance Armstrong got emotional strength!” Uh… more like steroids. lololol

Es de litle inferno

@ 1:47 miss beautiful… 🙂

This was so funny I had to keep pausing to laugh

Humans are an incomprehensible species. Such unreasonable, selfish pretence for tiny lumps of carbon.

Thank you very much for your tutorial. I’m preparing for my summer school for English 20-1.

Seriously, I have never watched a video of yours that wasn’t GREAT! By far my favorite channel on YouTube right now

Who knew that missiles kill people? I didn’t know! Nobody knew!


Thank you your lectute to cliefied what does mean human resource


How To Use Single, Double and Triple Quotes In Python 3


10:18 this is Iraq, not Iran.

Now all you need to do is release a mixtape

It’s useful. Thanks a lot



Isn’t this just what fanservice refers to? And I don’t mean showing skin, I mean “fanservice” in the same way a remake/reboot references an old line of dialogue. Sort of like the entirety of Ace Combat Infinity, and how it pays homage to every other installment of the series, or how Rogue One shows CGI Tarkin and Leia.

I’m 13 and i speak arabic (i’m arab) french (from school) english (school too) and Spanish

So glad I came a cross this video clip. I now have a much broader understanding of the English language and its development.

But see it isnt an amount of words that define how well you can speak a language. Or understand what someone is saying. In english you can understand a word you may have never heard before but we can understand it out of context. And its the same in other languages. Language learning isnt science or something complicated. Its easy or you have to let it come to you. you cant focus on words you’re never going to use. Find what you use in english and apply it to your language. Learning isnt perfect

I demand MOAR of thissss!!! No seriously, I’ve loved every one of these so far.

I see her face in the reflection of the glass in 1:47

Everyone is different but everyone is equal…. and not everyone one is equal but not everyone is different

The saddest thing is that every word is true


How to make a reverse complement DNA sequence in python 3 5


What if you have all of the hand writing?

Soon she was cleaning up his shit and giving him food and water while


Great video

If you want to speak english whatsaap number +905435896427.

Great video friend

That’s great – too helpful

Foucault died of Aids which explains that the totality of his work about sexuality is not correct.

9:40 – 9:50 What he answered is so true. Any one agree with me?

” How much time should I take to write introduction?”

Luckily I leave in Russia where education is about hating USA, gays and liberalism🤙🏻

Love from India

I never knew Foucault’s ideas were controversial with historians and such i studied archaeology and i’m happy to say that our teachers were quite alright with his ideas and some even tried to instill a love for his ideas or based their teaching philosophy on his ideas.


Never gonna give you up

He should be president 2020

Getting sick of these comments. Frodo isn’t human, but he is the incarnation of human character.

The title of this video is kind of philosophy but it is very exciting topic and interesting. i enjoy watching.

IGCSE literature this Monday 😬

Typing a 10 page essay.