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Python 3 Tutorial: 6 – More Functions


I see a trend in the comments. Apparently I’m not the only one who got recommended this out of the blue. Creepy.

Beautiful! anyway did you watch the TED talk from brene brown? I think her talk on vulnerability is the right confidence self improvement to complete this already complete(i think) video.

You know no matter what we think a few thousand year tradition of Caste system will not go away. The government is trying but there are so many rural areas in India that are supersticial and old traditions just don’t go away in a day. It’s sad to watch these kids treat and be treated like that. the old tradition is deep rooted in their brain.

Thank you for the video…it was something that I relate to everyday…it made me realize what I’ve done in my own selfish lifestyle….

Getting smarter

They discovered my bi-polar in jail atage 52. They couldn´t understand an old man in the middle of riots all the time. Lol

You see with my story, there is no resolution. The villain wins.

“Its not black its African American!”

What the fuck is Anna Karenina?

Bless your soul Mr. Clifford

Really enjoyed your AP Seminar this past summer in SD! How is your newest venture up north going?

People who are great to listen to don’t do vocal exercises.

Sometimes I think I’m TOO honest, TOO authentic and TOO loving so that people think I’m faking it to get praised..but that may be a consequence of their prejudice already against me from the former things. I’ve seen more beautiful people with better voice that act and talk like me, being listened too attentively & even praised for the things I have been negatively judged for or just tignored…

How do you choose only the most relevant information when there are so many parts to the experiment? (Diagnostic materials, biomarkers, measuring neurotoxin exposure levels, EPA safety measures, the sources of the neurotoxin, etc). The goal is to study neuropsychological effects of exposure to a specific neurotoxin.

Wasn’t Catalonia communist for a little while (I know that Catalonia is in Spain and isn’t technically a country, but it was independent from the government for a while.)

Hi mr dilip badlani ur lectures r really helpful but there is some problem for the people who doesnt know hindi language so it would b better if u write simple urdu to understand more clearly it would b great then

1:03 is that Andy Griffith (from the “Andy Griffith Show”)?

6.)Secular forces. 2000-3000 A. D

Ollie Bye: in all of the videos made ive seen so far, these are really great stuff!

This helps because our teacher made a elimination for the essay making contest thank you!

Thanks Mr. Armin

And distortion!!


Python 3 Tutorial – 2D Data


I don”t care if it’s old. BUT I STILL LOVE IT.😄😄😄😉😉😉😁😁😁😘😘😘😍😍😍

Imagine if animals and trees can talk I wouldn’t be surprised if they say they want humans to disappear I feel helpless😓

As to the thinks made out of the jarn, please dont sweat the small stuff.

This is very useful video for me.

I want to ask you what is the differnce between these two sentences. Grammaticaly both are right.

Excellent video, but please slow down a bit

Holy crap that metal planet! i guess i should play some games again to catch up the news!

Acdc belt buckle

Happy Halloween!

She said guys don’t mind when someone (or more specific) a girl approaches from behind to a man, that is not entirely true, when i feel someone is right behind me or they suddenly touch me before i even realize they were there, i react very quickly sometimes agressive, i’ve found myself in the akward situations of unintentionally hitting women that approach me from behind

Who here is from youtubers react


Hey, I don’t know if this class and graphs in math have anything in common but I’ve always wondered this. You would think things would be price over quantity since that would be y over x since y over x is slope. Are these related?

Found myself crying, because of the

Wow that was certainly an animation style. Whoever this artist is they are very talented.

For my understanding he had some good tips but a lot of the instruction seemed to be too vague and unconnnected. Need more practical examples of the mechanics instead of vague theories.

Sadly trump supporters don’t care… they believe trump and Conway…

Since some myths are or have been some people’s religion, is CC going to do Theology next?

Noam Chomsky is the MAN!!! You should make a video discussing his other interests. He is arguably the most important intellectual alive, especially in regard to Anarchism. I’m glad I found this through the i Power movement. Keep it up!!!

Lola and the boy next door


Making Basic GUI Applications with tkinter in Python 3


It’s fascinating!

This is fucking stupidity.

Hologram is it that advanced already I have never seen such Hologram presentation before



Any philosophical certainty presented in schools today had better be much more compelling than these lecturers. Don’t mean to belittle anyone but it’s just what I noticed today. It’s sad that times have gotten almost impossibly tangled up. Another brand of political hell endeavored in France today. I am wondering if there is a genuine lack of respect we Westerners just don’t get when it comes to current reporting and what we think of as relished political “freedom” Have we political freedom? Are we asking for too much? If what we write and what we think these days cause people to actually die how do we proceed?

There’s a huge spider in my room and I’ve been standing on my desk for three hours waiting for my mom. Move over Taylor Swift, I’m the most petty human ever.

The giver please.

Human conditioning more than anything else. . .. happens everywhere not just in india, they can free themselves if they wanted to. . . if they knew how.

He just says what fits in the tempo and the bars of the beat.

Why is there no male rape and violence victims show…only females…over 70 percent of rape victimizes are male…

No Battle Realms…

Change them to what? different man made rules?

One thing that is explained different was the chrysalis formation. Instead it forming from outside, the caterpillar sheds its skin at which during that process the Chrysalis is formed from the inside of its before skin.


Installing and running Python 2 & 3 in Ubuntu Linux


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How languages may have evolved? You may have won US$10.000

4:28 wrong…

Although Chomsky is his own thoughtful, insightful and knowledgeable self, I get the sense that the interviewer was ill prepared and even a bit arrogant in his approach.

“natural values of animals: “

This was very helpful. Thank you for taking the time and posting this.

Extremely helpful. Thanks a bunch

You were to fast

That was frickin’ awesome!

What a wonderfully refreshing concept, but im not sure I can trust this after PA

What do you use to edit your videos?

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy lmao

It turns out that these assumptions are reasonable enough that the predictions happen to agree with the observation some of the time.

THIS VIDEO IS AMAZING THANKYOU SO MUCH, taking the AP Exam in a week 🙁

Nothing new really. but good for some people to hear what people from other countries say beyond the news in their own language. enjoyed many stories – how were they selected? some mistakes in translation – means it is yet another glossy picture of “humanity”. I would like to hear more Norwegian, Saudi Arabian, Finnish, Turkish, Georgian, Korean etc. stories. senegalese, french and lebanese are overrepresented. But in any case a mammoth idea to show humanity – dont think anyone can do justice to all the complexity. as soon as you get words out – it just confuses.

I’m on page 8 of a 10-page paper due tomorrow! I hope this music helps.

Does this lady have a point?

I heard somebody said that “a piano speaks louder than words”

I have an exam in three weeks and am majorly stressed! My teacher in school tells me to write 15 paragraphs per essay, is that too much? In my opinion this method lacks detail which brought my grade down (I’m resisting the paper). Should I aim for bigger paragraphs, or simply more paragraphs to gain content and avoid needless waffling?

* white man



Live Matplotlib Graph in Tkinter Window in Python 3 – Tkinter tutorial Python 3.4 p. 7


I’m writing a TOEFL essay, this was very helpful.

Thank you Liz, I got my IELTS result yesterday and I got band 8 overall. The breakdown is:

Sir… Aram se padhaya karo… Aur acha lagega..


I am thankful from your subscribe and i need your further contribution

Nice IELTS Liz it’s nice. i really wana to be in essay writing for my competitive exam in which each essay carry a 100 mark for that high level essay i really need help and practice so please if anyone wana help me or want to practice feel free to add me on skype for essay practice: usman. musazai

Appreciate the information on writing a problem statement. It appear that the literature review will guide the study and provide clarity to the problem statement. I love the videos Dr. White and keep them coming. Future Dr. Jones

17 minutes in at the moment, don’t know if these are mentioned later.

You guys should really do one on either Nisargadatta Maharaj or Ramana Maharshi. Their teachings unify what Buddha, Lao Tzu and Rene Descartes taught all in one. I’d recommend checking out the book “I Am That”.

Https://bitcoinstep. com/index. php? refuser=gorkemsakar&lang=en

He can’t rap fam

Thanks a bunch….mate

The Church wants me to kick it into high gear, but I won’t.

One there was a black girl in there yes only one but still and I like that”s all you concentrate on yes race may have something to deal with what color people are there but you don’t even know what class that is and how can you judge a whole university just by one class? That is not a good observation at all and complain? If you actually watched the video they did not complain once they were showing what they do with their time and how what they learn applies to their life. That was 5 years ago

This guy’s Jared Dunn from Silicon Valley impression is really good

Research paper

I got a better one. Micro = Romney and Macro = Paul


Range vs xrange in Python 2 and Python 3


I love this so much. I love hearing other people’s stories about finding vitality, and I’m crying now because they give me so much hope for my future. Thank you.

IRAN… EEE-RRR-AAAA-NNN, NOT i ran, or anything too do with running… most people in IRAN are not persian, iran is a ethnic mix of peoples, azeris, baluchis, kurds, arabs… persians even since alexander have had “hegemony over all”.

“Has any Dalit topped a board exam?” How can they if they are forced to sit on the back of a classroom! What a moron and lazy this guy is? He get fed to spread lies!!!

B j s for payrises

The key question about that listed stock Mr. Adedipe talked about, should be what stock is it? We have “Recession Resistant Stocks”, can it be categorized as such?

I’m in a very dark place right now and take some comfort that I’m not the only one going through this awful experience.

Send sorry you’re a loser emails to non successful applicants.

You are beautiful!!!!☺☺☺


Me pregunto si al final saldrá el personaje de Little Inferno diciendo:

What I find interesting is how hardly anybody is using a laptop in class. In my classes, atleast 60% of the class has their laptops on

Very well explained and shot. good job! =D

Lets do this it is time to make the places you live in a better places so it is time to start.

Reminds me of dennis from it’s always sunny

My name is Hero.

And stop making spelling mistakes, you’re a bloody native speaker.


Python 3: Introduction to the Twython API


@justgivemethetruth why

Super. the teacher is pretty

She’s genius. They all are-it is ALL part of an elaborate plan to confuse us, befuddle us and distract us – and while we’re on the bandwagon looking at what we perceive to be idiots dancing, they are destroying America, taking over and making this a nation of elite, uber wealthy people with a nation of subservient poor to wait on them. The poor need no insurance, the poor need no health care, the poor need no education all the poor need to know is the job assigned to them by their wealthy…..owner. (hope this helps some)

Wow like spore on crack 😀

Urdu originated in india not pakistan.

This is how people that doesn’t appreciate happinness in their life, they negotiate the fact that their life is already ending, but the real fact is that people are facing nigtmares in everytime and everywhere.

I never said you said that it’s wrong to follow those patterns. I was saying that, so that you don’t assume that I was saying that…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this paradox state that m=2*m, even when the mass (or any other similar quantity) is finite? We can divide by mass which is finite anyway, so shouldn’t it also apply to numbers too (1=2)? Because that would make operations such as division by zero possible (0*1=0*2 ||:0), or any other counter-intuitive statement or operation (0=0 ||*inf -> 1/3=2/3) true, and make oridinary math problems pointless.

This video is too fast…

Love your videos man! big help… cant seem to access question part 2 though really need to study!

And now I am wanting to go to university sooooo bad even though the thought of it got me stressed before. I learned alot about myself and I think it was a good time to reflect what went wrong and know what I really want.

Ich liebte es

Lmfao Mr. Chomsky called google out on bullshit ads for revenue he should’ve called them out on the auto play ad scam.

Chapter five-Discussion

It’s kind of a half “L” half “R”

While this is obviously all true, I’m not entirely impressed by the source. If this is true of any news source, it’s true of your’s. And to far worse ends than any American source.

Both are in a pic they are close together his left arm is down by his side but right arm is around her back but high up around her back. This hand he has sunglasses in. She is centered the middle of his chest with both arms around his waist. She is smiling wide in the picture whereas he has more of a light smile. To me he looks kinda un interested but shes happy i feel like they had something going on but not serious for him but serious for her

7. The war created emergency situation which needed unprecedented powers to be concentrated in less number of hands (Explaining Khomeini and his supporters clampdown on domestic opposition against revolution during unprecedented external threat to the country).

What about an episode on Ibsen?

Worldwide the average coffee grower has increased the amount of acreage under cultivation over the past few years. The result has been that the average coffee plantation produces significantly more coffee than it did 10 to 20 years ago. Unfortunately for the growers, however this has also been a period in whichtheir total revenues have plunged. In terms of elasticity what must be true for these events to have occurred? Explain these events with a aid of a diagram


Unicode is ∂© in python 2, but better in python 3 #MP46


What do YOU prefer?

― Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife

Fan service.

This is stupid

So basically the entire world needs Jesus.

Thanks, got it!

Play more

I’m from northern Germany. I understand Dutch far better than the German spoken in southern Bavaria and the other German-speaking countries – probably due to my exposure to Low German.

PRIYA T: Not a problem :’) glad you think it helped!! I’ve just sent them to you – good luck in all of your exams 😀

Where is the Wikipedia link?

I’ve only recently started reading about Buddhism but have felt a sense of peace ever since

Thank you very much, sir! Although, for me an essay is a bit different because I am only in grade eleven, this was very informative and helpful. I wish to soon major in English and can’t wait! Thanks again. I will be glad to come back and watch some more of your videos.

Why don’t you do it if it can be better

Sir/mam namste,

Why does he start to sound like a pirate at the end

I’ve always suspected that our scientific thought crops out as an evolution of a speculative line starting from the Greeks and including the phylosphical contribution of the so called Christian/ scholastic reflection. A contribution in a dialectic sense, moving on through thesis, antithesis, synthesis : Without scholastic theology there wouldn’t been Duns Scoto, without Duns Scoto no Ockham and no modern science.

The captures are wonderful!!!

Y’all are all talking about studying it’s July no school I’m listening to this bc I like Beethoven

What’s the argument here? That women don’t take jobs in the stem field because of men? That the result of this statistical evidence is because of a patriarchal oppression? If so, I don’t see these arguments having much of a leg to stand on all I see is a non sequitur. Simply because I don’t assume men are being oppressed if there are less men working in a specific field relative to women.


Deploying Python 3 apps on Google App Engine


Friedrich Nietzsche had a huge impact on my life for a certain time period. But there was always something missing in Nietzsche’s works that nawed at me and produced unsatisfaction. I believe now that Nietzsche was a bit too much of an elitist on the side of AUTHORITY. This is where Focault SURPASSES Nietzsche. Fuck authority. Nietzsche said the French Revolution was bad. FUCK THAT. Beheading the royalty and rich in an orgy of total mass murder was WONDERFUL! Hail Focault!

She’s terrible at presenting

Love your videos! Got 32 out of 35 question on my Micro’s midterm.


They missed Cossacks

Excellent. how I categorize this video or others either it is technical or leadership in order to report it to earn PDUs

I think the goal of the video is to describe, with examples, phonetic differences in the pronunciation of the phrase “night out”, and not to attempt to represent fully the Estuary or Irish accents. It’s about phonetic analysis, not impressionism or voice acting.

Minimum Wage


Thanks to you, I can afford to be lazy!

I love it so entertaining and informative!


THERE WILL BE NO PEACE ON EARTH there will be False peace on Earth thru the anti-messiah before God comes

Jesus Christ….


Before buying on gearbest, know that it’s thieves.

Michael Sandel for President? After watching his series, he seems fair and unbiased enough to be a good fit for the office.


Python Advanced Tutorial 3 – Argparse


And yes science is derived from philosophy – but philosophy doesnt have to adhere to scientific logic like all science does

‘Highlighting’ in this context is to indicate, rather than a physical highlight. You don’t need to change the colour of the text or background.

This is making me fkn cry and question why I exist 🙁

What was the Supreme Court reference about????

Love this game! I also love world of goo, tango these games are great!

How about using: “Personally, I think it is…..”

Really help me to study XD

You can already pre-order it

What if you can never come out of depression?…because your problem can never be Solved. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve emerged from depression but then again sometimes I find myself crying at 4 AM in the morning and I don’t know why.

This is great music, calming, relaxing, completely in tune, but I can’t write with it. I guess I need different music from HDSounDI. One of my favorite ones is called “Alive” by Phil Lober. 🙂

Also, for movies In Bruge


What is ignorant is your misunderstanding of what philosophy is. Philosophy is asking questions in order to make thought experiments to bring understanding of all kind of subjects. Every science is a philosophy, some sciences have answer more questions that others but no science has found an ultimate truth. Every science has to still ask questions of the unknown and requires philosophical methods to try to find answers. BTW Theology(religion)is not a philosophy. Because it doesn’t ask questions

Same complaint as last one: this is far longer than it needed to be.

It’s only about of seven minutes passed, and my eyes are already full of tears…

Can u provide me a quantitative technique for manager lecture..

Love your videos, thanks for sharing your knowledge not only with students but with teachers as well!

It’s very useful. thanks alot dear teacher. =D =D

Вы тоже тут благодаря оксимирону?

Hi John! Have you considered doing a video on American Realism? Mark Twain, Stephen Crane, Jack London and the like? I would love to see your take on that era.