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If you think this is fake news because it doesn’t agree with what you believe in then suck it up SNOWFLAKE!

Net neutrality is bring eroded just one way power is trying control the web

Why people resistance change more logical question.

I can’t wait until you make a gaming channel

Brilliant vid, very helpful. Will there be any labour market videos coming soon?

The disregard for authorial intent is why I never enjoyed English. I always found authorial intent so interesting and revealing about the greater context for why that author decided to write stuff.

The most important thing is to familiarise yourself with the sound and tempo of the language. Listen to a radio station or watch movies in target language (no subtitle on, because you are focussing on sound and delivery) and listen and watch how the person moves their mouth and form words and over accentuate this process at first, really enjoying the process of having your mouth and facial muscles form the word and produce the sound. Become an expert at this skill by itself. Once you have immersed yourself for a few months in this then recede to watching very basic programmes with the subtitles on (watching first with target language subtitle on so you get familiar with the words written and spoken, then watch with English subtitle. Watch a particular segment for a few minutes do not read the subtitles and get into the flow of the language, try and see if what is said makes any sense (for instance Italian is obviously Latin based and there is a large cross over of Latin words in English). Then go over the segment again and correct yourself. Do not worry about grammar at all, because you are dealing with material that is grammatically correct, this facility will kick in automatically. Then go back to watching movies, and toggle between higher levels of language usage and the lower levels until you can drop the more basic stuff away. The last step would be to read basic texts, newspapers and also to try converse.


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Si! Ya extrañaba Little Inferno. Ojala este juego tenga una historia y una jugabilidad igual o mejor a la de Little Inferno,

“Kids aren’t afraid to take a chance… If they don’t know, they’ll have a go. They’re not frightened of being wrong” & we program this out of them with tests and curriculum aimed to prepare them for the next level of education.

Wow, finally an easy to access and understand guide about referencing. Great!

So people were not speaking any language until that Anatolian language spread and came to them? And French came from nowhere in the middle-age? (Latin, anyone?)

Great job

You explained succinctly in 2:15 mins what my economics professor couldn’t in 5 lectures. Amazing.

Ahem. Where are the women writers of the 20th century (take Simone du Beauvoir “Second sex” or Toni Morrisons works for influence)? And non-english/non-western culture influential books (I mean what happened to “Crime and Punishment” by D-skij)? Come on, WM, you can dig a little deeper and do better!

From the time we still had tomorrow

I wish I’d found your videos 6 months ago – Thank you so much. Soooooo helpful!!

What a legend, this guy actually taught me French and Maths!😂

…there was no mention of “survival of the fittest”. I think if there was only solid moral reason to eating a person, it would be the first one to die. Just wait for the first person to die (the weakest). In this way, murder is left out of option. I agree with what one guys said, murder is murder”. Period.

Teach me like teaching a child


Definitive Guide To Pandas For Python – 3 ***2017***


E-ffect on reader

Nobody exists on purpose

Thanks sir

I was taking my oral exam in French and my professor asked me a question and I accidentally answered in Spanish. She counted it correct then proceeded to ask me the next question in Spanish. It just ended up with us both looking awkwardly at each other for a second then laughing. Now whenever we see each other around we end up speaking in a mixture of english, spanish and french.

Sad but true

Excuse the tangent, if you will, but the thing about atheism is that it requires faith. Atheists state an absolute without proof as fervently as theists state the opposite absolute. I once was an atheist, but I realized that no one knows one way or the other. No one has proof. Every single person that ever lived could be completely off the mark when it comes to their beliefs. Eventually, I discovered a philosophy that closely matched my own thinking. I now consider myself an Absurdist.

Specialists there squeezed out a hitherto-unknown malignant B. M.I. (Brain Mass Index) analysis that was nothing less than SHOCKING!

Thank you for this!

שלמה קוגן דואר ישראל

Of this world. Stomach this, 90% of Youtube users.

The day will arrive when they’re redundant & I’ll be watching from a distance to take glee in their ultimate demise.

Subelo mas porfa!!

Thank you so much! More of this, please!

Greetings from Colombia

Not even an honorable mention to Mrs Dalloway or The metamorphosis??

Are the hungarian and german versions available anwhere?

You look so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so Good & Handsome 😭 tell me you don’t i might get over it! Just found your channel today 😯😢


Regular Python 3 Test mode VS NC Python 3 test mode


Is there somebody interested in learning spanish? I am a native speaker. I am interested in improvising my english skills, and I am learning french, portuguese and german. In these three last, I am in a basic level.

This video just confirms that stupid people are attracted to him.

Thanks it’s helpful

So can i speak Ancient English in 6 months?

Although many would argue that idea is the most important factor in teaching language, I think personality of teacher has a far greater impact. Thanks Emma.!

OUTPUT Love this video and game Genny, keep it up!

This video took you 900 hours to get done. Soon a robot will make it up in 90 minutes. Be prepared.

Althought it long but lot of things to learn

My entire life in one video kkkk

Sr mughee aap importanceee question bta ksteee plz

If you want to find the creature, Narstak. blogspot

Koiran= dog’s

I really want him to be more popular he is such a good video maker person or what ever u call it lol

Too skinny to be smart


Django and Python 3 How to Setup pyenv for Multiple Pythons


Thank god for that coffee machine otherwise they would have faild!

If beauty is about harmony of the sentance and the reader’s experience then i would say the most beautiful line to me is:

….yep….wonderful exemplar of philosophy…..a gay, suicidal, tranny lovin’, HIV positive, freak, writing about treatment of the insane…..damn, how could i have missed that one?

A clock would be right an infinitesimal amount of a time 2 times a day…

0:40 My right ear felt very lonely there for a moment

Similar to 146347458X 😉

Thanks for another great video. I always enjoy watching your videos and agree with almost everything what you’ve said here. I just wanted to point out, for the people that might not be aware of this, that while Linguistics has been a failure so far when it comes to language learning, it has been a big help for example in the field of Natural Language Processing (making computers work with language).

The Aryan Brotherhood is a degenerate pile of shit that would be executed if it walked into National Socialist Germany, you only see what they want you to see, wake up.

1:25 the guy with glasses is sleeping 😂😂😂

Well there’s your problem. Being endorsed by Peter Molyneux is like being endorsed by Hitler. How could Kung Fu Superstar not fail when Peter “I never deliver on anything I promise” Molyneux says it looks good?

Take care and God bless you

Has anyone ever found Tiffany With No Last Name?

This is not accuraten we know that the latin group was there also but is not on this clip.


Python 3 Interactive Quizzing and Long Term App Success


Runt by Dane Bauer is one of my favorite book and is hard to find now. My Quail Run is the only school in my distract that has it.

Also please do a french/language video!!

Am i the only one thats here and actually like this song?

Thank you for this. I was making it harder than it needed to be!

When I was in high school it was mandatory to take one of these 3 languages: French, Spanish or Latin. I should have taken Latin because it’s the root of most languages. I too Spanish but only remember a few catch phrases. I think that it should be mandatory to learn several languages, starting in grade school.

Imma try it tomorrow!! Thanks for the videos. They help everytime!

I just finished watching the first interview.. only cried 4 times already.

2.) if so, should i go the full length and get a degree?

I thought this guy was supposed to be brilliant and having something to say.

Packs of cigarettes were 1$ most. Cars in the 70s and 80s were 2500$-3500$ the median. Heck, I saw prices rise almost 3fold in 5 years of adulthood.

He eats shit what he is💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🎶💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😥😥😥😥😥😥😥🎶🎶🎶🎶 you are really 💩💩💩💩💩like

Can you explain why Asians have an asian accent?

So she said philosophy majors go on to be full time parents? whatttt kind of profession is that??

I love your teaching method

We do STOP replacing fossil energy by nuclear energy!

So you talk about how “great” Catcher in the Rye is because of its appeal to teenagers, but you don’t even mention The Outsiders??

They can alter brain structure.

I want to learn German, I can help you with Romanian and English haha 😀


Introduction to Python 3 (part 1)


What about dragon speak from the elder scrolls 5 skyrim??? I’m really intrested in it.

Intro forgot

Uniform blood reference… 😂

Agreed. Stupid. Empathy museums? Wtf

The Catcher in the rye in the top right little quote bubble has strangely really bad quality, I cant read it on anything

The situation at 3:00 is quite different since the people on the plane would die regardless of what you do, therefor it seems foolish to not attempt to avoid a large crowd.

Therd is a duality to it. cultural a situation is created where a shirt might support sexism AND where women are less interested in STEM sciences. without the culture both might not exist. The problem now is that idealists want to make use of one without accepting the other. If you want to argue that stem numbers are a cultural created situation that could be different, you also have to accept that the shirt effect is cultural created and needs to be unlearned. so yeah, if you want to be liberal, dont be a dick about a shirt, but be invested in teaching CHILDREN about equality

3. Ulysses – James Joyce (extreme variety of narrative)

@Dinyang man how many times I have to repeat this to you until you get it, yeah its tax law, BUT it’s joke and not an accurate prediction of getting maximum of revenue, it wont work in global economy just like giving tax breaks to the millionaires didn’t worked last time.

So nyc

What happens if we’re all one global family, but there is no enemy?

I would have appreciated a team of psychiatrists, brain surgeons, neurologists and specialists in latent advanced stage syphilis and Alzheimer/Parkinson’s as opposed to a bobble headed Trumpist linguist lip farting her babble.

HR got fukked when pu$$y started to dominate the operations. My opinion.

This is stupid. Who knows if these assholes even know what they’re talking about. Captions make these videos unwatchable.

Yes. le aao wapas comment to sanskirt mei likh dete


I don’t care that I don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

“I’m buried six feet under, and no one hears my screams.”

Isn’t the 2nd noble truth, “suffering is caused by our misinterpretation/ignorant view of the world as having inherent existence?”

9. – Tom’s Midnight Garden


Python 3 | How To Make. py to. exe (Cx_freeze)


For all those who think Chomsky has won the debate over language, his arguments were more than adequately answered many years ago by Kenneth MacCorquadale and others. I would like to know where Chomsky now exists in either the laboratory or the clinic. Strong claims that people process language as Chomsky suggested have minimal to no experimental support and almost all therapy that treats communication problems of autistic children is based on Skinner’s work. Finally…(see next post)

I like it so much

There is nothing big in this big think. It’s obviously small thinking from small brains. Ted. com and “big think” are ideologically biased to the core.

One day in the future there will probably be a news feed about Matrin Shkreli being found dead in an alley with pilled stuffed in his mouth…

Thanks emma

Emma! thanks.

Please, there is no thank you in Klingon

Why You Cancel it. Everyone wants to see robots And aliens fighting todos dead

I think the Matrixy aspect is in thinking this is the only way a market economy can be organized (there isn’t a need for such a artificial division between households and businesses, and how do households control the resource market anyway?). Not to mention of the 4 factors of production, one is a special case (inelastic) and is controlled mostly by government (land).

Assume the multiplier of an economy is 6 and an investor enters the economy with $ 200m: i) Calculate the value of the Marginal Propensity to Consume (MPC). ii) By how much does equilibrium GDP will change with the injection of the $200m?

This video fucken sucks

I can’t believe you bought the Szechuan sauce lie. just because Rick says something does not mean it’s true. he genuinely CARES for Morty and Summer, but he has lost so much it profoundly scares him to be close to anyone. and the one time he tries Tammy kills Birdperson, his best friend.

Example; Religions create division, economic inequalities generate

Hood Rat

You guys are really great and everything, but you talk too fast! 😮

Ay I’m not gay nibba but nice belt

Don’t usually liars say “believe me”?

It was just a self-serving ploy after all.

Wow……8,000 people disliked this video. 8,000 people hate their planet earth. why……..why, do you hate your environment? the place where you live, hangout, and depend on. do you hate your great grand kids? DO YOU hate your future. do you not want to live a peaceful life in the future? DO YOU hate everyone else’s future…..because you only care about your own, because you want to become rich or famous. look at what money has done to us. people kill for money……people will do ANYTHING for money, ANYTHING. i hope people like prince ea help save our environment. i hope we all save our environment. i hope there are absolutely NO nuclear wars. you know what? im only hoping not helping. so, i WANT there to be trees in the future i WANT the environment to be non affected by nuclear weapons. i WANT people to care about our environment. it’s ok if you disagree with me. it’s ok if you want our future generations to be having a horrible and sick lifestyle. im just here putting it out there that people like you and i are dying, losing their homes, getting diseases, and being killed for doing nothing, nothing at all. while you’re smoking, drinking, or doing drugs…..people are dying because of that, and you don’t even care…..people are trying to tell you, but again no one listens until it happens… one listens until someone they love dies because of it. stop being ignorant, please, and I would also like to say thank you for listening to my thoughts. i hope you feel the same way…….

Why is he yelling i am scare

😱mind blown


Пишем парсер web-caйта [Python/Практика]


“….when philosophers become kings, or kings become philosophers.” – Plato

Indian bastard

What an icon.

So people like Steve Jobs will never work with you

My ears are ringing, my palms are shaking, my heart is racing

Noam was always a great hero of mine until, in one of the interviews, he replied, “who cares?” when asked about who killed JFK..


During the night does anybody else pee on the side of the toilet to make less noise?

Favorite part.

I am from ontario but I talk a lot more like the maritime provinces. I pronounce car as cer xD

You can’t please everyone. No matter what you say and/or do someone, somewhere will take offence. It does not matter who is right and who is wrong. I learned a very important lesson when I was picked on when I was younger, just ignore them or fight back. Grammar Nazis and trolls are nothing but bullies, preying on those they deem vulnerable. The more you let them get to you the more they peck away. I have also learned that the vast majority of these new types of bullies are in fact very insecure and afraid to let their vulnerabilities show. In a sense, they are cowards, a very pitiful creature. “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.” Even then it still does not matter for there will come a time when the universe will end, even time itself will cease to exist and no one and no thing will be around to even care.

This is something I am not sure of. People are offensively sexist in every field. I would like to see a study that shows whether sexism in professional life is dominant force that leads women to make particular career choices or not.

Please guys can I get 10 subs and watch my new video

Gimmie dem strawberries 😀


Python 3 Install On Windows – wxPython Phoenix


Religion poisons everything. “We carry dead bodies that have been cut in to pieces from the train”. HOLY SHIT. I thought my job sucked

Wait, wait, wait, Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood shouldn’t even be in here. As fun as I found that movie when it came out(don’t judge – I was 15), he didn’t even frigging try. I was really disappointed.

3 leaving the ordinary world (marching to war)

Im tripping balls

I think they released the game just so we could see this trailer.

@curtskene Would you coach me with being interviewed? Also, how to dominate this question.

Hi, im so stressed about thsi one question, if i didnt finish the 25 markers in both eng lit exams and only did 2 paragraphs could i still get an A?

Does this game remind anyone else slightly of Total Annihilation??? anyone???

Steve was a genius and no other businessmen can beat him.

I don’t think people understand. They know people won’t buy it, so it is intended for those who want to really support the game and get their hands on it early. The price will drop significantly once it is out of its alpha phase. Don’t be a dick.

Thank you so much!

Deception is the name of the game in this era and the only way to win is to not believe anything. Media mocking Trump, for example, should be a sign that he’s been doing something to piss them off or smth, so it should be good for the people and bad for big brother. Right? NO, for all i know perhaps the big bro realised he’s not fooling anyone with the media anymore and decided to use counter psychology in order to make Trump’s image better for ur newly”awakened”,see through bull shit people. Hell i even doubt that this is waking reality, cause for all i know, my dreams feel as real as this.

I love Don Don no homo.

Lots of opinions on the intellect of the students in this video and yet I don’t see YOU making an argument or sharing your thoughts on the topic discussed. It’s erroneous of you to pick THAT comment to focus on here in this discussion.

A estado 1 año para llevar 3 cajas de un lado a otro

Donde esta chuck norris con su comentario del comentario con mas likes es gay? 🙁

I am sorry, but real life heroes are alone, fearless and go on adventures of their own volition. And real life adventures have only one end-Death.

She didn’t mention Trump also says “Believe me” when he’s lying

I’m so grateful for this project. We are facing our own extinction as a human race if we don’t create a significant shift in how we view ourselves and others. Our values systems must change from one based on money, to one based on the well-being of this planet and all life on it. The only thing that is truly belongs to us is our minds. We need to create a world in which our minds can be free – a world in which we all want to be. We are all connected, and though we spend our days looking toward the stars for answers – we will find that the answers have been within us the whole time. Empathy is the highest form of human knowledge. When we can see ourselves in the eyes of another, the world changes.

Came here looking for hope, peace after trumps win.

Can consumer expectation in the future shift supply curve?

It really ain’t that deep


Select query from mysql with Python 3


But if the student choose to follow values of other people, isnt that then the bad faith?

Sir economics ke sare chapter ki videos upload krdo

Where’s Empire Earth? That game was one of the best too!

Yep. Just like Ford didn´t invent the automobile, McDonalds didn´t invent burgers, Microsoft didn´t invent operating systems and Intel didn´t invent computer chips.

Can anyone translate that Galifrean on the board?

I feel so relieved to find this video!

Lao Zi it´s pronounced ´Lao Zuh´ like grunting, sort of. It´s not hard, honestly.

Requiem is pronounced ‘Rek-wee-em’

White Guy : “he’s delievering emotions

Perfect teacher!!!!


Lance armstrong didn’t have an arm band with motivational words on it, he had veins full of drugs!

If u tried to sum up what he said u will struggle quickly

Thank goodness this sickness hasn’t made an impact across the pacific or atlantic yet…

Very interesting to see this and definitely saddening, one thing im curious about… would he be able to understand written notes? thanks

Si un litle inferno para miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Interesting there weren’t any questions specifically on anti-capitalism and only two pertaining to anti-statism. i’m sure there was a slew of em requested.

You know, while searching and reading all of these things about UBI, robots replacing us, our future in an utopia, i was trying to think of a way that didn’t made our lives meaningless in this possible utopia, and suddenly, a rang a bell (this’ll probably sound stupid, but it’s the only reasonable thing that i can think about know): probably, the best way to fight these meaningless lives would be to compete between ourselves.

My score 320 I’m nine and it says 9-16 in my opinion I have a mind of a bit of a child a tween and a bit of a teen so it’s right

Yet another awesome video. You saved my exam once again. You’re a life saver for science students like us. THanks a billion.