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Buddhism never confronts the question of Origin or destination(where we go when we die) :-/

His linguistic style is distinct, and filled with hyperbole, lies and ungrammatical rantings. I don’t think that’s the way regular people talk. I know it’s not how presidents talk.

That shirt though

Ungrateful dog who bites a hand that feeds him well

Never mind. Social justice warrior

Inside we both know what’s been going on

Holy crap his intro is so much louder now

My nigga yu the best teacher. i logged in to like your shit my homie

Honestly praiseworthy. However learning independently is not so easy, without training.

Scored 1337

Jacksepticeye tomorrow corporation made made goo world too

It was very easy for me to follow you, keep going on.

You are awesome!

Well we know from the most recent episode that he does deeply care and love morty.

PS: if iran stayed under British control for longer its people would have a better life nowadays.


Install Python, Numpy, Matplotlib, Scipy on Windows


What’s that piece at 6:07? The piano piece in the background?

“This is a WatchMojo Video, so here are my predictions.

Who is the girl?

And character of the researcher”.

Una litel nferno para mi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very helpful, thank u jon!!

I’d like to ask how many paragraphs are required for task tow?? And thank you

I got a 9 in English language! https://youtu. be/qKivw6RpmDw

Jij bent meisje djamila mijn zus kijkt jou de hele tijd maar ik vond je echt ehhhh Stom maar ik kijk deze video’s erg vaak en vind ze leuk stomme comment laat maar

Such a small brain yet so effective!!!

This is the prove that good information makes you stay for 20 minutes on a single video

He sounds like Washington

Then there’s also how they feel no shame in saying that they spend practically no time raising their kids personally, preferring to simply plop them down infront of a TV whenever they act up.

Great video, would you use the same structure for AS level essays? For the 20 marker at the end, how much would you do on each paragraph/how many marks for each bit?

Do Hinduism video please

{Use of quotation:


How to install Python 3 and Jupyter on Mac OS


Hey, that’s pretty good

Do my homework!😊😋✏🖍🖌🤓

@ShwangShwing coming from mr ching chong wing wong

Not saying Charlemagne is dumb, but he can be so stupid sometimes while talking to actually smart people, he got lil bro’d on this one.

@arenejo That’s what is being investigated right now. The theory is that their limbic system is under developed, but parts like the occipital lobe are over developed, leaving them in a constant and emotionally crippled predatory state.

Hi John! Please read anything by Jane Austen in your next video. THANKS!

This man is my geography teacher 😂😂

3. Business Administration Department Project Topics and Research Materials for Final Year Students

This is very helpful, David. I showed this video to my class as well. Do you have a video that explains or breaks down how to write effective body paragraphs?

This guy z a douche bag

I’d kill for an HD remake of earthworm jim.

Hope this helps!”

Great Video, how many languages and which languages are you fluent in?


This professor has got the potential of winning the Nobel Prize. His focus and his motives are only worth praising. Our problem nowadays and at the time of filming, is that the majority of people(including participants) are being influenced more and more on how to think and how to act. I could see a lot of the replies were clearly influenced by what the Society and Mass Media present to be morally correct. The core of this exercise is pure genius, but it is almost impossible to be able to achieve a purely unbiased debate with the infected young minds we have nowadays. I would make this course compulsory next to Native Language courses in any country – keep that in place for 20 years(not more than once/week) and we might-might be able to change nations as a whole. In essence, it will really clean people of all the Dirt that society throws at them on an intellectual and subliminal level. The dirt that can’t be seen but it sure as hell can be felt if you look into most civilized nations on Earth.

Love you sir for

Hi Liz, I have a question. Is it important that the example provided in the form of some percentage figures need to be factually correct or is it okay to provide a random number just for the sake of providing with an example?


Python 3 Pattern Program 4 – Printing Stars in Reverse Pyramid Shape


I still don’t understand why they’re locked in a cage though?

(Like if liked my points😅)

Very useful sir thanks for making such videos. sir plz do life science and history too..that would be so helpful to all. and thanks a lot for sharing Saraswati for free..

#KindnessReigns Mary! You are a gifted. Keep advocating. Well done my friend.

How is there a shortage for human body parts when there 7 billion people on earth

Why is Charlamagne acting as if he is above Martin? Angela at least seems to understand what Martin’s talking about.

I still like it more

Add 0

Good point… =)

Thanks A lot You Really Help Me!

Bernstein → not at all like the english “burn”-“steen”, but “e” like in kennel, “st” as “sht” and “ei” like “eye”

Thanks madam

This interviewer is like an uncomfortable robot throwing questions he has on paper with no understanding on Chomsky answers.

Age of Mithology the best!!

If I pass economics it’ll be all because of you, sir.

If not…If you don’t want to volunteer…but you wish to shoot president Trump… you can shut the hell up.

Modi is the best.

Get people’s attention

The explanation is excellent

I was eating and I saw the title and I was like huh?

Sooooo heeellllp fuuuuul

I like it more then ur lesson.


How To Nest A Dictionary in Python 3


Yo wassup INSOC peeps

Total annihilation is still one of my favorite

JusT what I needed! also my sc is freyajfox_xox (I made it when I was 11 😭😂)

He sounds like a toy


Https://plus. google. com/101326074095117533790/posts/huQyy9DjuyJ

Charlamagne shut your dumb ass up for once man. Setting back the black man a decade with that IQ

Catcher in the Rye was a great book. Great Gatsby was extremely boring, though. Maybe there’s a deeper meaning behind it that I don’t understand.

I’m in a very dark place right now and take some comfort that I’m not the only one going through this awful experience.

So its my final test tomorrow and m laughing on f****rs who are reading books of 523 pages..

Eedi musali gudda ki Katrina Kaif.. kharma ra nayana!!

They predicted number1 xd

I came from the house.

I think you can learn from this free video than from the $91 book I had to buy for my English class.

Hi Liz I want to score 8 in writing task

Micro tomorrow guys?

Can I get list of all the movies shown here? Cause I wanna check all the ones he says are good out.

Subtitles should be yellow, or some other color.

You also talked about your prided charities. Is receiving charity sometimes experienced as a personally disempowering event, or is it always experienced as an empowering one?

The comment section here surprises me.

@Professor3131 I didn’t see anyone in the video whining.


Python 3 Tutorial – 12 Clases


“Throughout the first half of the century, most allusions by anthropologists to

I miss horses. Robots are taking over. Make humans great again?

@leah_1235xo is my twitter

Easy to understand, thanks

I am doing Research on HIV

I am the captain of my ship and the master of my faith

Thanks! Hopefully this helps with my BangBros interview..

Sir pls help in macro also, you help me a lot in micro


I would’ve put SC1 before SC2.

Very cool looking, I’ll keep an eye on this interesting project 🙂

You a beautiful ❤

Its sad :’c

Maybe this is just a misunderstanding, but I can’t get on board with the idea that the point of life is the ending of suffering.

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past*”


“Hello World” (Python 3 GUI)


5 Things I’ve Learned:

Can you make a video on précis writing?

– Sonata 16 in G Op.31,1 – III – Rondo allegretto

You may think that you’re a creative, unique snowflake. Actually, you’re not. ROASTED

I still don’t really get what is Deadweight Loss, could please explain it? Thank you

Dhang sai samajna ni diya…😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡

Base. watch? v=31cOKXxn1NU rMVAUcFj3Aw wwfY069iPVI


Better than DC tho

Most devious people already are pretty good at lying. These techniques just help everyone find them 🙂

Can you please tell me which work of C. G. Jung is dealing with myth and archetypes?

Where can i found bbs 1st yr’s statices note, teaching practice in nepali medium

True, these moments can be cheap. I wonder if I’d find the word intertextual in a textbook. 😮


Very boring speech, and long-winded too, don’t you think?

Please do one of these videos on Noam Chomsky.

24:55 I can’t help but notice his so called “declarative sentence clauses end with a rising-pitch intonation”. Just like Mark Zuckerbergs and the rest. “Hello my name is Mark? I’m the co-founder and CEO of Facebook? Hope you’re enjoying our services?” Gosh are you asking me your own name or what?! I know I know it’s here to stay but am I the only one who cringes every time your hear it somebody speaking like that?

Pure genius and sadly very true!


How To Find Keys and Values in a Python 3 Dictionary


Thanks for the five tips

Well, 60% of all degrees, there you go. Full Stop.

Jade start a travel channel! ❤️

*Donald Trump Giving jobs to Chinese people not to American people

I didn’t notice any imabic pentameter in Shakespeare, I just read it as if it were prose so I could be done with it as soon as possible. It was as if someone was trying to make that book as complicated as possible so that nobody would be able to understand it.

╚═╝ ╚═╝ ╚══════╝ ╚═╝ ╚═╝ ╚══════╝

Jack see this I hate 🕷 To

Please do the Pokemon pantheon. Also Dragonball Z

Americans and British should be shameful for their interpretation and organizing the 1953 coup which completely distrusted our democracy and then supporting a dictator in IranAnd nowadays you’re supporting this Islamic fascist regimes by signing agreement without emerging that to do his international agreement such as human rights agreement and agreeing personal freedom.

This is why you should always carry some explosives (in case you need to derail a train).

Lo juraste!!, pone like

You did mostly famous books and not books that stood as the best on there own merits alone

This was great. I appreciate you taking the time to make this video!

Although Chomsky is his own thoughtful, insightful and knowledgeable self, I get the sense that the interviewer was ill prepared and even a bit arrogant in his approach.


Setting Up Your Python 3 Environment (II)


Nagyszerű ember, le a kalappal előtte.

Davahzul, dragon tongue, skyrim, Bethesda name an entire language

I feel really bad about putting my hands behind my head now…

I’ve learned more from you than I learned from my three months classes

Thank u

You are a wise man and i love your videos but, we cant do anything, the goverment owns this and we cant do it, Im sorry

A linguist?! She seems to not have a clue. This linguist has no insights whatsoever. What a waste of an education, if that’s all she can elucidate after 2 years of study. Sad. If I spent 2 hours, I could come up with a more enlightening linguistic study of Trump’s use of language, and I’ve never studied linguistics; all it would take is a modicum of common sense (and a little data science). I’m embarrassed for her and for her professors.

I was dying a little on the inside. I was yelling “Use the Jump” for a solid thirty seconds

I love that no you have not part

Trump is so racist and childest

This looks even bigger then Planetary Annihilation!

In the words of xxx,…

A majority of these students will learn all this and become the biggest scamsters of the world. Instead of creating a just society, they will justify murders using the arguments provided in this class. Future Trumps and Clintons of the world!!!

To be honest, I always recommend your youtube channel to my friends who are preparing for IELTS. Thanks again

you’d probably be the caveman equivalent of Davy Crockett mixed with Macgyver.

Would realy like to hear that xD

Это кино должно быть переведено на все языки мира и показываться на уроках в школе для старшеклассников и тогда весь мир станет добрее.

You wouldn’t need any scripts, preparation, or in her case:

Thanks for the five tips


Python 3 How to convert string to bytes


Early no one have finished

“Reading Mind’s by Watching the Eye’s” You lost me right there.

Hah I’ve lived in Northern Holland and speak fluent Dutch really looking forward to you speaking Dutch and going to Holland ps love your videos 💚

#7 “LOL it can’t be right period.” it is wrong according to Jesus

I expected it to be another lame video, but surprisingly it was very informative and detailed with added perk that funny voice. loved it. Keep the good work up.

Closest to his SUN*

Kepp making useful videos like this…

I have a different handwriting to every page my handwriting will be differ then wat about my personality as per my different handwriting

This has been debunked. There is currently no animal (bird or mammal or whatever) that can produce free will outside of instinct, instead many animals are good at mimicry/imitation, this is done through blackmail ( blank+blank+blank=food). Scientists have poured millions if not billions of dollars into these sort of studies and still can’t produce any exciting results. The only thing we can do is make some animals imitate something we want but they don’t know why they are doing it, what they are doing, they just know they’ll get a treat at the end of it all. It’s like I take the stupidest man on earth and give him the answers to a test on Quantum physics while promising him a tasty meal at the end of it all and then I go to a forum of Scientists and state that my subject has passed a Quantum physics test at 100%.

I majored in Philosophy for two years and had always pronounced Nietzsche and Sartre as “knee chee” and “sar tare” so I was already put off and then 7:13 happened. What. The F?

@Russell5892 Woah–very good point! It didn’t even occur to me!

Http://www. syntheticphonics. com/DH_Reviews_two_phoneme_charts. pdf


5. Continue this will a couple more techniques of your choice

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Not sure how it works if honourable mention is meant to be higher than the others, but Harry potter should of done better if it’s not, maybe not number 1 but at least top 10. The book has in it’s series the fastest selling product with 15 million sold in one day.

Which type of paper did u use?

You are so confident in your assertions about your interpretations of these people you make me quite sick.

Dicks out for harambe

Thank you for this simple overview.