Who made python

Steve Dower I Installed Python 3 6 on Windows and I Liked It PyCon 2017


Charlemagne ruins the show

Friend :’ (-_-) ‘

Piano Sonata No. 32 in C minor, Op. 111; II: Arietta: Adagio molto semplice e cantabile.

I said biiiiiiiiiiiiitch.


I would also like to point out that this automated read mispronounces Charles Sanders Peirce’s last name. It reads it as “Park”, so wherever you hear “Park” it is referring to Charles Sanders Peirce (pronounced “purse”).

Government main job main compalsary kar do, apne aap global bhasa ho jayegi.

He just tells you what you want to her.

U r red lipstic is fabulous

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Happy New Year!!

Rick and Morty is the best show ever hands down

So its utter fucking fake

– the people who oversee the slicing and packaging of the bread;

I honestly prefer when fan service is subtle or actually makes sense to the plot. To me Legend of Korra despite its many short comings handled it’s fan service very well.

Dennis Reynolds knows so much about accents

Is cheaper to have payed workers than slaves.

Sins of a Solar Empire

You are awesome! When I have some difficulties I just watch your videos and I understand your explanations very quickly. Thank you very much professor!

This is such BS.

Have we seen any English, American, Japanese, French, Australian individual use Hindi or Sanskrit or any Indian language word/phrase when they wanted to find a synonym or a better word to explain something? I guarantee that the answer will be a big NO. But what do we Indians do when we are having conversation in Assamese, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telegu, etc…we inadvertently slip in a English language word and that apparently is so common-place and rampant almost like as effortless like breathing air in our speech… Now, tell me that you find that downright insulting, slave-like, humiliating behavior?! And on top of that pseudo-liberals in India instead of making us move towards Indian languages actually think that using Sanskrit is an “imposition” …. wow! just wow!



How To Install Python 3 On A Mac


Based on the sparkle in her eyes when referring to him, “This Linguist” is willing to be used as yet another one of Trump’s cock holsters. Follow the money, she’s most likely on his payroll somewhere…

I speak American, Australian, Canadian and British

Part 2 pls

“You have to hire ideas not hierachy”

Six months?! Sorry, I don’t have that kind of time.

Anyone remember Broken age, it got like 10 times what it neede to finish the entire game and yet they spent everything with stupid shit and now they did a second kickstarter to finish the game, it’s fucking ridiculous and i’m never helping double fine again……

For economics b do we need to distinguish between micro and macro? Also because the case study is on market failure, should we just focus on this topic?

― Jandy Nelson, I’ll Give You the Sun

Where is Suggestion #4?

I got bored. :/

Sir, you say HR function is not an important function. But I believe that all the other functions do their job skillfully because of the HR function. Because they find right people for the job, they find ways through many process such appraisals, benefits to keep the employees motivated and do their job skillfully. They find ways to retain good talents. As said marketing team is important because they sell even the worst products but the best talents in marketing is brought to the organization by HR.

The audio at the start of this episode was awful. You can do better than this Crash Course! >:[

Bro add CH 1 basics of macro economy

Part 2.


In French nouns have pretty much lost their inflection, although adjectives maintain at least a gender inflection. However, verbs have an extremely complicated inflection which even French native speakers get wrong in the extreme situations.


How could you miss animal farm?

Lol who else watching this the day before their a level ECON3 exam :’)

5:10 made me laugh out loud. Thanks.


Python 3 Programming Course: 1 – Installing Python on Windows 7, 8, and 10


Who’s with me when I say that now it’s our task to rescue earth?

You been helpful

“maman died today. or yesterday maybe i don’t know.”

I’ve been saying that for years and I am not a linguist…. I figured that out after listening to “Digits.” Now we got a white man saying it. So everyone will understand. Lol…….. Black people…..!!!

As his writings seem to express one tendency here, and another there.

And even if there was such a certainty, the workers at the trolley line assumed a risque that something like that would happen, while the person that just happened to take a strall there at that moment had no choice.

The psychopaths, the tortures, the sadists, the bullies, the emotional manipulators – they all have empathy: this is what makes their abusive behaviour so effective – they KNOW exactly how you feel. Lack of empathy is not the problem. For instance, what good is empathy without compassion? Jeremy Rifkin needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.

Love the channel. Much appreciated.

Sadly, Chomsky will ultimately be remembered as a Zionist gatekeeper – you can do a search “Chomsky gatekeeper” and see for yourself. Vote Green.

Are you watching while doing Squanches?

For my GCSE I’m doing inspector calls, Frankenstein and Romeo and Juliet, everyone else is doing mice of men or whatever it’s called. 😭

In Africa there is a reason for them hating white people though, Colonialism.


So I see it going 1 of two ways. 1: Since robots can pretty much work for free with the exception of electricity, oh wait that can be produced by robots that work on solar farms. Since robots can work completely void of any cost, could they then technically be used to create a utopia because no has to pay them, therefore anyone can go there with no cost? Robots can produce everything and can do anything meaning that they could in theory create something like this. A world where no one has to work and we can whatever we want (not anything criminal) all the time. 2: The big corporations use robots to take over all the jobs and make it so no human can work which will lead to mass looting, and a lot of crime related to getting food. By the time these corporations realize the mistake it is too late and we are mostly back to cave men and women. I would love for it to be #1 but I have a funny feeling it won’t be.

This guy fucks

This is really, really shitty. It’s so full of errors–from the very first frame!–that it would take probably more than ten times the length of the video to explain. What a lousy, misleading piece of shit!

When he does little girl voice he sounds like gru from despicable me

Starcraft? You gotta be shitting me. AoK defined the genre and was the ultimate achievement of RTS. Counterunits meant you actually had to use strategy instead of mindlessly going through a clickfest rush.


Snapchat name: maisie_wallace came here from snapchat;)


Python 3 Tutorial 5: Printing Special Characters



I have a maths test on Tuesday and a geography test on Wednesday!😫 any tips for revision?!

Please look up jordan peterson and his comments on postmodernism if you find anything this dude says compelling.

I love your videos but i so disagree with you here

I agree & disagree on various aspects.

When Sri Iyer speaks, its very loud and when Swamy speaks, its a bit low.

I’ve not checked all the posts

You are a very good professor..

Solo un obtuso puede ver que mas alla del humor la igualdad nada tiene que ver con eso y probablemente usen este video para legitimar opiniones racistas, machistas y homofobas…

I listen to this when i do my homework.. totally helps!!!

Civilisation is built on Empathy… and that is mostly a good thing.. bu there is adra side to empathy. Have a look on Prezi. com at prezi on Empathy = Civilisation

Thank you sir for your wisdom and worldview

How do you feel on Mongolian scene 41:36

Actually everything Apple makes apart from the Mac is a toy. The Mac isn’t even a serious contender in the computer market.

You videos was most effective that makes me able to pass my CPA exam

Pretty sure Frodo was a Hobbit, not a Human..

Prince: “we are the problem”

So basically you’re telling me that I’m a shy, introverted, intense, logically son of a b*tch, that is overly self critically. Welp, I mean it matches my 16 personality quiz results. I’m a freaking perfectionist that hates people, dammit, and I’m proud.

Anyone notice that the animations of this video looked really good compared to the others? They have been improving a lot.


Victor Stinner Optimizations which made Python 3 6 faster than Python 3 5 PyCon 2017


@skullja1 he was truly a great man

Am i the only one who got scared of the paranormal activity scene while knowing exactly what was gonna happen? anyone? anyone? okay..

I like The Settlers, Rise of Nations, Battle Realms, Any from C&C series, LOTR, Age of Empires series, Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon. actually any of Real Time Strategy game I came across. just came here to find another game to play. 😂

This is an absolutely fun-looking game! 🙂 I’m going to have to look into it since I love programming and this is also a great way to TEACH programming to kids! Thanks for sharing, Generikb! 😀

In your first analysis, at the end, do you need to explain what x efficiency and productively efficiency are. Because you just mention it rather than explain it.


Nice Video, Very Helpful..

Animal Farm by George Orwell, and Lord of the Flies by William Golding should have been on there.

When we changed the scenario in the cannibalism situation to where it was a form of consent, if that was the case then by definition it would no longer be murder and would then be assisted suicide. Therefore, they legally shouldn’t be tried for murder. In this case, if we were to change the story, because of the consent, I feel, the act in question would be morally justified.

Not French and not US.

One of Nietzsche’s “four big errors’:

Please could you do an essay on how to compare two poems on a single theme or idea, when they both present it in very different ways? Thanks, love you!

That need views

Warcraft 2 was way better than Warcraft 3.

Hermann Hesse!

Following your instructions will make my report a jujubee, easy to digest and finish very quickly.


Harley Davidson Fatboy Python 3 Exhaust | Before & After


Obviously Trump didn’t get the memo.

From 4000 bc, a group of people today known as the Indo-Europeans began to spread from the western Steppes, and dominated everything from Gaul to India by 500 bc, yet not mentioned by any ancient writer, why? because its a bogus theory.

These short presentations are awesome! Thank you! 🙂

The dialect coach makes some great observations, but the video title needs work. “Movie accent expert breaks down 31 actors playing real people.” Really??? 😂 It should read something like, “Movie accent expert breaks down 31 performances in biopics.” Come on, WIRED.

What if judith butler is secretly this small-scale sociopath whose entire life’s work is just a ploy to get people to argue on the internet and now she’s just sitting back and laughing maniacally? sometimes you have to ask the hard questions.

With all due respect, this woman may want to consult with her colleagues in the Psychology Department before further analyzing why he talks like this.


Mr. Clifford is wearing an AC-DC belt buckle

Bhi ji app kha rata ho pls, address send kar tho

My god is Crom

So grateful for these videos. You’re the best.


Your cute

Ahh, somehow I want to buy all of them

This video should be kept in a time capsule.


Python 3 exhaust sportster 2007


> must be clever, ordered information and highly argumentative

Monday 😂😂

Thank you so much ✌️

This is such a great channel




What about Philip Seymour Hoffman playing Truman Capote? I mean this was some amazing stuff right there

When do we need to change pharagraph

Bruh love uh..😂😂


Once I had one for a year and a half but it died. I really felt sad that time, it was very friendly, than I bought another but after a week it also died, I think i’m not lucky with them, but I will get another one after I finish my studying.

@TheBlackVoidrae That has nothing to do with age. That’s just how most people are.

Overly self critical

Please don’t waste 4 minutes telling me economics is not boring.

My brain hurts…


Cuanto tiempo esperando esta serie…. nada más falta randals’friday :v


Yeah, but the idea of suffixes to tell how information was acquired is an inspired idea. It’s unique among the languages I’ve read about.

To all the lingo fans, linguistics is not science it’s pseudo science

Thank you i keep repeating this

“Sanskrit as Link language in place of English” — Non-Hindi Speakers wants it in place of Hindi because even after 70 years, Hindi failed to get the acceptance of all Indians as a link language. There are lots of Indians who can’t (or don’t want to) use Hindi….


Dictionary Methods – Python 3


We’re definitely just livestock.

Can we partially agree with this statement

I found this video helpful. So, thanks a lot.

The h and the a can be applied to speaking the i and the a take time to confirm

Please do one for science and maths as I struggle with maths the most!! Ly Eve this was rly helpful xxxx


Hurrr durrrr, we are all slaves to our phones and Capitalism is BAAAAAD!!

I watched this in sixth grade and it still is etched into my brain. it’s been a very long time

I feel this deserves a part two & three. So many great MCs who need to be apart of this discussion. Modern, past, female,


We as weaders.


The lady sounds like his mom

For number 4 you said price never shifts the curve but the increase in price for hamburgers shifted the curve?



Como instalar Python 3 no Android


It’s slowly taking a huge tow


Using that nomer to define the very discipline they’re practising: QUEER academia.

This is an interesting story. Thanks for sharing


I didn’t liked at all the man who said “in my household, the man is the man of the house”… so freaking antiquated….

Pretty disappointing that you mention Supes and Bats as “mythological,” but then only speak to Batman V Superman’s intertextuality in its own context as an action movie, when it’s clear that Snyder’s vision calls to mind grand dramatic tropes and intertextual references from religion, world mythology, the Western Canon and even classic art.

I think number 5 would be great toy for my cat

The first few seconds make me feel depressed already. So I stopped watching this video. How terrific it is!

You life does not matter, just as much as any other form of life does not matter.

They make it sound like international trade and it’s rapid liberalisation is the answer to all of the world’s problems. however, if an underdeveloped country opens it’s markets to a flood of foreign goods, its own industries, unable to compete, will suffer and may not develop at all. furthermore, the trade agreements imposed on the less economically developed countries are often unfair, e. g. making them open up their agricultural sector (most vulnerable in the case of liberalisation) when the western countries’ own agricultural sectors remain closed and highly subsidised.

I wish you guys would do a philosophy of californication

Demand-Pull Inflation

-Recession: When two successive quarters, or six months, show a decrease in real GDP → depression = severe recession

This helped a WHOLE lot.



Python 3.x – Tutorial 15 – L’istruzione IF ELSE


Good luck with your health care assholes! Haha!

Thank you so much Sir

For a Wide Range of Social Media Jobs on Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This interviewer is insincere, fake and albeit subtly, he is rude. A great example of the millennial generation who believe with outlandish and unprecedented hubris, in the who what where, rather than the how or why — blinded by an absurd faith in technological applications that are purported to solve our deepest human conundrums. Perhaps unfairly born into the digital age, millennials, of which this interviewer is a prime example, live by this dogma that will be their downfall, as the upcoming generation, raised by conscientious gen Xers who appreciate the likes of a Noam Chomsky, will crush them and their delusional way out of the picture.

Клас просто клас лайк от Украины))))

We saw this video in my education class, and I loved it. Your message speaks to the heart of students like myself. Thank you, sir.


Sir u r gret..luv u

Love this but studing programming

The intro was a perfect 5/7 liked and faved

All the way from Trinidad and Tobago you have made me enjoy Micro 5 days before my exam! currently doing a bachelors in business admin, thanks for this great package you offer everyone!

Strange, plenty of languages missing and from turkey language disappear. I guess, I just don’t understand what they trying to say with this video 🙂

My Language teacher

Can anyone please tell me what video was he talking about at the end of his speech? thankyou!


Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I think what this video is trying to say is not that technology isn’t useful, but most people DON’T use it right, most people DON’T use it for what they should, etc.

The Indo European languages are first attested in Turkey (Hittite lang) but that is because the Indo Europeans didn’t have a script before they came into contact with the Semites. The Hittite languages were indeed were an early offshoot migration from the steppes. They didn’t originate in Turkey

Sorry but jump is like a loop doing inbox outbox inbox outbox etc. isn’t the most efficient way, you can use jump to go to the start of the program… sorry Im at minute 4

To put it differently, the gay bot is really trying to mate with a masculine principle,

History of the Conquest of Mexico by William H Prescott.


As it went along, my mind and heart was preparing me for today’s presentation