Who made python

Python-3 – Decisions and Boolean Logic


Oh come on people just back it god dammit, i know they are being lazy after the money they made from planetary annihilation. But no one else seems to give 2 fucks about the real time strategy market atm or making quirky games. For that reason alone they get my money.

#3. When you first Understand the message Then you will Aquire the language: Comprehension is key

Or you can just not think about it and risk eternity. That’s the beauty of free will, sorry determinism. I dare you, in a playful sort of way, to be objective and look into the material above and tell me I’m wrong.

In my opinion, I agree that exercise… don’t you think there is a redundancy in that statement?


Why is it always “in the us” fucking arrogant americans always forget, if they even learned in the first place that there actually is a whole world outside of us.

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Gives me chills


“BRINGING HOME THE BACON” gets a bacon ad before the video

Hii bro how r u aap ka padana way superb hai

He doesn’t use serial commas ^-^

Iakšaku (सूर्यवंश इक्श्वाकू)

Not from literature but “may the eyes of cowards never rest” Khalid ibn walid

My favorite book, “Eragon” probably follows this pattern, but he never really had any time to have a serious crisis, and in the end spoilers he goes into self exile to serve his new task. The same happens with batman, the dark knight. end of spoilers. Also at “neverwhere” the protagonist spoilers after the whole circle and the change on the way he views life, he realizes he no longer likes the normal world and decides to go back to the special world.

In Russian everything always changes ))


Python 2.7 & Python 3: A Sacred Love Story


.. thanks…

People say nlp make a big diffference in ther life can you tell me please how…..or it s just showing offfffffff.

Jesus this is gory.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet” ~William Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet)

Also, Butler doesn’t appear to be surprised at all that transsexuals get the desired surgery only when declaring they were ‘born in a wrong body’.

Your channel is great. Keep it up!

If we all speak like him, God save us!

Awesome! My students will love this 🙂 NIce and energetic, catchy and easy to understand and i love the references esp to Dr Who!

I get the joke

Cuz memorizing The Notebook is important

I really like your video. Can you please tell me what skills do students need to master in order to be successful in getting the job, or excel in it. Thanks a lot.

Lmfao Mr. Chomsky called google out on bullshit ads for revenue he should’ve called them out on the auto play ad scam.

This video cam out on my birthday and strawberries is my favorite food….please read my Facebook page I have included a personal homosexual homeless story about mind control, dance, mental health, addiction, sex, and how I see the world.

Yea, screetchin Hillary sounds so refined.

Can yield any practical results in terms of actual insight into homosexuality.

This has the same feel to me as idiots who do horrible experiments on kids like depriving them of affection, or giving them awful names. I know that in a way all children are a laboratory for their parents’ theories on child raising, but messing with their language development, which has repercussions beyond communication is morally dubious at best.

Thank you, good work gbu.

These ideas are amazing. #PREACH!

Who did Beethoven listen to when he had to study and concentrate.

From where do you get those ugly pictures?

I Am David, by Anne Holm.


Python 3 Programming Course: 9 – If, Elif, and Else


Great one

Hi, any girls here

But half the world is depressed, or they know of relatives who have depression.

That’s a prime example of a brilliant presentation using Comic Sans.


I think part of Rick HAS to believe in God in some way shape or form, but knowing as much as he does know, perhaps he feels less distant from God in terms of power and prestige and just as he treats everyone he really loves like dirt when things are same old same old, His relationship to God is just the same. The only tender moments are when he’s gotten all the malarky out of his system and its time to really St. Michael down on some last minute forgiveness.

C&C 3 too…

Edgar, eagerly awaiting the next language vid.

That getting laid thing was a joke. Like, about dudes who think that if they know something about feminism they might get laid. Nevermind.

Cause without me rhyming I have a stutter,

This was an amazing watch. Thank you for putting this together for us.

IMPORTED GRAPHICS??? Disliked. Unsubbed. Uncommented.

Omg i cant believe he died :'(

Google “Truthcontest” if you are ready to learn the truth of life.

Juega minecraft story mode

Hi liz, is this for academic ielts exam only or it can be for general exam as well?

Can you do wisecrack philosophy of spongebob??

So much butthurt in the comments. I think the interview was fine on both sides.

I village love story I like y

It’s rare that a youtube video leaves me speechless, but somehow, you do it every single time.

Love it!!! u rock Smart learning for all indeed!


Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 5 – Display Text on Screen


This man will be forever intriguing to me

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“The way you talk to you close friends”

You have to have a certain level of intelligence to understand his music

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I should’ve died many times. Silly, serious accidents; plus a childhood of being demeaned and beaten by mum and her vile husband. I’ve got PTSD now from all of that. Everyone measures you on how successful you are. Like Stephen just said, you end up just thinking of yourself as a cunt.

I knew marvel movies looked kind of bland and ugly but didnt exactly know why. you are the first guy i heard this from and every movie review never mentions this problem and just gives them high scores. good thing wonderwomen disnt look like this but i feel like this was tge main problem for barman v superman.

Thaanks man! You’re really going to save my exam



I don’t usually comment on social media. But this guy compelled me to do so.

Hello, I’m Farah from Malaysia and this is very informative. I hope you have a transcript soon. Thank you.

Easier to explain saying Psycho(mind)linguistics(language), but thats just me :P, i got a friend who is getting is degree on something similar to that


I thought something was wrong with me for thinking so. But now I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks the color grading in these movies are kinda ugly.

Viggo Mortensen isnt amerikan hes Danish

It doesn’t really matter. With just a few words, someone harassing me in the street is showing to me that nothing really matters because whoever wants it can become more powerful than me, can have a power over my life that I don’t want anyone to have: the power of frightening me, of making me feel vulnerable and violated.

Wow, I wanted an essay lecture…. NAILED IT!!!!


Python 3 Tutorial: 20 – More Classes


2017 and its still a gr8 meme

I feel like this is not necessarily the best thing to believe. What if the thing that I feel is my purpose in life is to kill innocent people. It just doesn’t make sense too me, because people may make something bad of their lives and harm other people in turn

That professor reminds me of Benjamin Linus from lost

You are the best Emma. I love you ❤️

Never before in the field of history have so many had so much to say about nothing. Seriously, this video had less substance than vacuum. The educational system is indeed out-of-date, but this video shed about zero new light to that subject. People holding up gay signs to prosaic elevator trip-hop doesn’t equal constructive thinking or artistic value.

“Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night.”

Payment Paypal/Creditcard

Jew voice.

Thank you so much.

Why he say “peace” like a anime character?

“Jounrneys?” Lol @1:17

Am I the only one who read broad strokes of Farenheit 451 in the movie Equilibrium? Or was it too obvious?

They’re talking about Thug like they’re talking about a kid in Pre-K and calling him special

Euhemism is kind of how I feel about the Judeo-Christian-Islamic myth trilogy.


Alex Martelli – Exception and error handling in Python 2 and Python 3 – PyCon 2016


No people has ever lived in peace, ever! I would bet all my money on that “the native amaricans” had fights as well, not to mention injustice! the leader was the strongest and the smartest was the shaman. Now this system would work today too if it was not “unethical” toward the less fortunate in life.

What is SO wrong about caring about the correct usage of a word? It is pretentious and annoying to correct every single mistake but for fuck’s sake can people just use the right form of words like your and you’re or there, their, and they’re. Is it SO hard to spell a word correctly? Most browsers have spell check and grammar check. Pay attention in English class.

Can’t thank you enough for the invaluable insight. Dil maange more.

I’m not crying, you are crying

Hi Liz is there any of your video about body paragraphs???kindly give me the link??

I never realized he sounds like Zoidberg

Just be yourself for God sake it’s innate.

Especially if they are in leadership positions (for more information,

Thus mankind is given a job to create jobs for the robots.

This video is fantastic

Beautiful music, esp love the one about 33 minutes in

“if you want that elbow room just take it”….lol like to see that big bob bout sit down and you taken half his space…..his face reaction….priceless

Easy peasy lemon squeez

Watched all 3 back to back and now I want more! Wish I had this in high school instead of the teacher I got who was sooooo boring and dry good god!

Although I turned down the amount of rhymes for this speach.

Watched over 30 of your videos for my UNC Chapel Hill Econ 101 final. Thank you for making sense. You’re a life saver!

I hope the world lasts for you… Wow.

Quit playing with that rubber ducky, im trying to study!!!!


Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 6 – Drawing Objects / moving objects


Please do a how to learn quotes…! Love your videos x

We can share the question with you on the 28th of July

Whats a good topic

We need to change our method of learning.

Got the exam soon im am going to fail nooo

African Greys are kind of freaky!

The spiritual teachings of all world faiths are one…. “The real teaching of Buddha is the same as the teaching of Jesus Christ. The teachings of all the Prophets are the same in character.” ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá. Baha’i Quote

Can you argue against the following ideas?

Should’ve bred him for smarter parrots for the future. Wasted time already

@xbsl123x I don’t think you have made a mistake, that was what I was taught for A-level economics 🙂

Omg this is supposed to be deep? 😂

Like the AC/DC input 😀

Some good ones in this list also but not near as good as AoE 2 imo…

It’s funny how only white people get offended by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Is that bird person from rick and morty at 10:40?

I find your channel very interesting and though I don’t have the time to watch every episode I can’t resist watching at least one every week.

I like his guy

And now an exstisential crisis

I’m going to practice on my confidence.

The lying thing and the eye thing has been shown to dependent on the person typically lying will involving look to the strong hand side of the person. While remembering the other. Problem is some people are a bit ambidextrous and this makes it hard to tell for sure what’s really going on without doing a little testing on the individual first.

He sounds like “Bad Lip Reading” guy, coincidence?

Errant Academy really helps with these concepts, and they do really effective tutoring and assignment help.

Meanwhile, I see your active communications with controlled by FSB, (Russian’s post-KGB agency) TV propaganda


Python 3 Dersleri #1 – Python 3 ve PyCharm Kurulumu


He looks like an L

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So eccentrics never care what they think about their views okay

Great drawings! And a great topic: empathy. It relates to compassion and the Buddhist view of life in this world as suffering (every sentient being suffers). Splendid video.

Nerdy Tupac lookin’ ass

(Give you up)

It would be straight up remissive of your bitchass if you didn’t catch the motife of fire 😭😂😂😂

Im just wondering. if she finishes her research and everything. what did she accomplish? she proves what to whom? i mean for decades of research what would be her or our benefit? someone help me out here.

I got 16-21 which makes a lot of sense but I feel like my mental age should have been 4-9 just because I related to that lol

Duuuuuude read it

I saw only one video of your channel and i already subscribed to it! your amazing keep up!

No, you’re just jumping to extremes. We can have our culture and they can have theirs and we can learn from them as well. Simple as that.

7 thousand libtards must have found this video.

You put the Marvel and DC backwards.

Like si vienes de ver el video de Dross

Emma u r so pretty and sweet, so helpful love u!!

Don’t think about it.

The Supreme Court needs to approve certain use of resources + certain… um, activities/projects.

Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made

– Alec Baldwin (Donald Trump)

And I mean even the girl is just a wannabe John green

Granth shaib tell shudra should SERVICE OTHERS…pg 469…The Way of the Khshatriya is the Way of bravery; the Way of the Shudras is service to others

Instructions unclear i got a 10 on my essay 😛

You sound like a person who doesn’t go out.






I study acting and we use a lot of these warmups for voice class! Love this.

+Bozeman Science thanks so much I watched all your videos for AP Bio last year and now i’m in AP Environmental Science. Perfect timing!


I come here for the memories, anyone else?

Washington Post= Fake News

Thanks for the advice.

Summer is Rick and summer had a sex change after Rick died it was too much for her to see her Grandpa dead and took up his identity in the future

Praise Paul

Anyone else have this glitch where the video replays itself but still with current audio?

“Weaponized Intertextuality”??? All you said was that bad movies are bad, and good movies are good. I get that it can be over done, but unless you create a new franchise with all the excitement of discovering the Matrix for the first time, there is nothing better than revisiting that world again. I don’t understand how this can be a problem unless the movie is bad… Then you just have a bad movie. Who cares about everything else?

(Just, like, my opinion, man): I don’t think any Marvel movie seemed flat and dull from the first viewing. Only after the second time does it appear so to me. DC movies seem too visually busy the first time and are better the second time around. This means I enjoy going to theaters for Marvel more.

I will finish off by saying everyone has a measure of control over people. We are all “farmers” and we are all slaves (even the government). Also livestock has no voice and cannot speak out against its farmers, we can. We can change governments, legislation and laws.

Kash aap jisa teacherhamei mil gaya hota hum b aapki tarah english bol pate

On the Road

Great! I’m not against robots, I would love to see more homeless people (unemployment). Way to go! Don’t forget, robots cannot replace first responders jobs, even tho its low pay. It cannot replace doctors, because then people wont go to hospital and eventually die. Personally, I’m taking acting classes, I workout everyday, I go to school and I work. I’m a construction worker. Well why? I could’ve just apply at work at McDonalds or Walmart, but no, I chose hard physical job because I like it. I’m a simple guy, I drive a normal (non self driving car) and I’m happy with it. No matter what, even if robots will replace everything here on earth, I will still prepare coffee for myself, get my food ready, build a house with my own hands, drive on my own, do things on my own EVEN when I can just use a robot. World changes, but I’m not. I live my own life. I do things what makes me happy. But there all thousands of people who is not interested in robots, nor career that has to do with robots. So, what that means? We’ll have more employment. And which that means…MORE CRIMES AND MORE HOMELESS! But if that’s what we want…sure. Replacing low cost jobs? Part time jobs? Then where will teens work? Interesting huh? For me it doesn’t matter, even though i work 24/7 and i might get only 2-6 hours of sleep. I’m happy, I’m not working with robots. My job is to be in front of a camera, and the technology that is used, I’m not allowed to use it (like cameras, sound, etc.) So its not a problem. But all I say, is the world will end sooner than you think. We become lazier, we become more geek person. We rely more on technology than we should to our brains. So….with the world that is coming…i don’t wanna live anymore lol. But suicide is not an option…hmmm…but maybe it is for others….think about it. Think about not your self, but others.

India is a wonderful place to visit.

Mam mne graduation m bsc ki h m MBA hr de kt skta hun

I’m southern and I didn’t notice at first he was doing a southern accent. 🙂 🙂 Bless!

This Marxist template was next applied to the black man’s plight in the 50s and 60s,

Theory ftw

Could you re-make these videos? @ACDCLeadership


Setting Up Sublime Text 3 for Python Development [EASIEST WAY]


Stop reading and get writing! Seriously, you’ll feel better once it’s done and you know it. 🙂

I feel this deserves a part two & three. So many great MCs who need to be apart of this discussion. Modern, past, female,

Regarding time series vs cross sectional data, what would be the measure of association for each? is it prevalence for both of them?

What was the green revolution?

@Nate Reynolds jkk

No one likes u

Young Thug speaks desiigner language

In The Great Gatsby, I keep expecting Toby to change into Spiderman. 🙂

Martin shkreli is a fraud he grew up ok

This list appears to have been compiled by a bunch of illiterates who gain all their literary knowledge from Google searches and movie adaptions.

Crowding out = great. Story = fail + sucks. Please edit that shit out.

Carlos, I was a virgin in college, also. But I more than made up for it after commencement.