Configure WingIDE for Python 3 [Linux / Windows]


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This is very helpful. Thank you!

Dont know what to do im writing an on the spot essay writing for my contest and definitely have no idea what to do can you help me?

Best video for english on youtube

I know this is way old but, WHERE IS EMPIRE AT WAR!!!!!!! NOT EVEN A HONORABLE MENTION!!!!!!!

C&C Generals was also very good back then

Very sad…still it’s happening. .this vedio is 100% true…we had this experience.

With less than 48 hours before the AP test, all I can say is BLESS YOU MR CLIFFORD

Every day life for an american citizen


It’s impossible we killed them all lol

Problems of these are either financial, social or just too much lax of being. financial may be hard to get through if you didn’t have choice over the matter, but being social or too carefree about life can be fixed. it’s a matter of choice and focus. you get the chance to learn and maximize, you take it. if people don’t give you an opportunity in an instant, then make it possible yourself. if you become someone who puts important things aside, then it’s your fault. there’s always a choice.

Such as my reason to live is my love. I read below, coughdrop01’s comment. They said existentialism helped them conquer depression (with the help of ‘god’). That is great. But I got over my depression about the same way. I asked someone I REALLY liked out and they said yes. Its illogical to put this much faith in a single person but it helps me…a lot.

Heard this from a class next door came to see it glad I did

Great Oman

Vocative (Hey who? What?)

Very interesting thank you!

thank u so much sir

Asian Jesus

First, life’s are equally considerable, and it is not fair for one to die, and for the others to be spared. I’d rather all of them die, than to choose one person.

Hello, you can leave know where is the DIrect object of the following sentence: I have been a teacher for fifteen years. Thank u again

You don’t have to go to college straight after high school. Wait a few years, think about what u wanna do.

👈 مکانیک



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