Core Algorithms – Finding Max/Min Element: Python 3



Thank you!


A short kaptainkristian video but a kaptainkristian video nonetheless insta like

Who is gonna put hot dogs with wheels 😀 no? Ok I’ll go home XD

Mate, you bored me to deathhhhhhhh!! Jeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz

Viggo doesn’t reaaaally speak norwegian though, but he can fake it pretty well 🙂 He is really danish – not american, and danish and norwegian have a lot in common.


2. What’s the difference between Emerson and Rousseau? Pantheism? Are there any others?

Eventhough he seemed nervous, he had the courage to go on TEDx and perform in for hundreds of people live, and millions of people online. He is truly living his life to the fullest.

“Aliens are stupid.” – The 5th Wave, Rick Yancey

We need to move away from the notion that every human needs a job.

Doesn’t the anchor look like Vladimir Putin?

Oh my god, looking back at this video…Just….Ahhhh….Jack sounds WEIRD!!

His arguments are so steeped in genetic determinism in spite of growing evidence to the contrary. He brushes off all other arguments by saying that if there is no innate universal grammar then language acquisition must be magic. His arguments lack contextual understanding and are deeply rooted in a mechanistic Weltanschauung… a worldview constructed with reductionism, determinism, and materialism.


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