Core Algorithms – Linear Search: Python 3


Read this book in middle school. It was an eye opener.

I like all your videos. Keep it up Paul and a happy new year

Thank you 🙂 Yes I should have stated in the video that to get good at this you’ll have to practice. I’m working on some practice videos now to help people. They’ll be free of course.

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These games mostly seem like trash though? And most of them only barely exist even as concepts. Don’t agree with these picks, and I’m not a fan of the narrator. He drones on for far too long.

Watching this now when GCSE Results Day is in 6 days…

Ur tawkin crap lady, i dont knw anyone who speaks like him. P. S. Made urself look stupid on YouTube lady.

Iranians, but we got so much suffering pity jobber and robber inside Iran is a lot we can progress I’m a young 24-year-old unemployed.

Greeting from Saudi Arabia 😘🌹🌹

What is the music called in the intro?:-)

FOOTBALL player!!

Great video! I just don’t see how I can write this in a 5 page essay??? Anyone want to help me?

It’s helpful. Thanks

When you dev guys(men and ladys) ready please restart (steam, sony, ms xbox, nintendo switch??)



Sadly, when schools force teachers to “fit” the content of the first YEAR of language into one semester (18 weeks), we don’t have a 5 month silent period. Our “standards” require that students be able to read, listen, speak, write, and compare cultures. Suggestions?


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