Curso Python. Sintaxis Básica I. Vídeo 3


Who is this guy? He’s adorable! I wanna marry him on my grandmas patio. 💋🤓

I love you Thug.

What was your concluding song called

“Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood.” 1984, George Orwell

Why is this in my mix?

LAYLOWLOLA: Glad you think it helped :’) I just sent the notes to you – good luckkkk!! 😀

Why this dude look like a discount father gabriel?


Why can’t we update our measuring instruments?


Wow, such true ideas, brilliantly explained and illustrated. I really hope we can become an empathic civilisation one day, we all have it in us.

When human appreciates something, it appreciates — classic example of human gives meaning to something.

I thought the tell me about yourself is taking to 30 seconds to 60 seconds only? Well she talks to much. very exaggerated.


Progress will only come from a common sense middle ground – so if you want positive change, live in that realm.


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