Day 23: Web Scraping in Python Programming – Part 3


Waw, i love to watch your video, so sweet

It’s like debating a Christian…

Devlin rejected the distinction between public and private morality,

Readers must give this site “fetching lobon only” (Google it) an attempt. I can read about all kinds of subjects. Some of the subject areas include medical science, history and modern literature. This website is my personal favorite! It has truly exceeded my expectations. My son is also finding out how to read through the help of this website. It will help a lot.

Surprisingly accurate! (There’s a lot of rumors about Klingon and Klingon speakrs, so therefore extra nice to see someone who’s done their research properly.) {majQa’!} (“Well done!”)

I am a programmer


You might be thinking of “talents” through the lens of, “I’m 13 and I’m as skilled of a painter as an art-school professor,” or “I’m extraordinarily good at sciences or maths.” But you have been misled, my friend, that is NOT what “Talent” is!

Its really freightening how jewish actors are always soooo far better than the rest! Is there a reason for this Mr. Singer?

I checked the Wikipedia. Picture is wrong, the video Lao Tzu wear Chinese Buddhist monks clothing. https://www. google. com. hk/search? q=佛教主持&newwindow=1&safe=strict&hl=zh-CN&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjV2-OJ5IrVAhULlJQKHWCaB94Q_AUIBigB&biw=1280&bih=592

And im English, why else would we be watching this video? no-one else does gsce’s. anyway he just sounded new zealand(ish?) at that point 🙂

d. Businesses pay for the resources on resource market.

I can’t explain why, but the hosts of this subject make me feel uncomfortable. Kinda like being in an awkward scene but you’re the only one who picks it up. I like the female, but the scripting gives me this cringe feeling from both. I have social anxiety and get “sympathetic cringes” often, it’s really hard for me to watch this, even though I really am interested in the subject. I feel almost like the male host is way too stiff and the female host tries to overcompensate. Why is he “Mr.” but no one else on this channel feels the need for a title.

Six months?! Sorry, I don’t have that kind of time.

Why is Charlamagne acting as if he is above Martin? Angela at least seems to understand what Martin’s talking about.

In the end I salute all the Social workers who struggle for this issue everyday. May God really come in the dreams and slap them and wake them up from this stupidity which is harassment to another human. He has no right to serve these rules on anyone on this entire planet

She missed one thing. He also has a tendency to repeat parts of sentences for emphasis. “It’s going to be the greatest wall you’ve ever seen. . .the greatest.” I don’t think he speaks like everyday people. I also don’t think he speaks like a child although he does use very rudimentary, unsophisticated language. I think the cadence of the speech is off.

Looking at the playlist. . . RAINBOWS!!!

Yes, you can, but Trump is not doing that. He’s not that smart. He is just unfiltered, insecure and self-obsessed.


Can you add gone with the wind to your list?


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