Deploying Python 3 apps on Google App Engine


Friedrich Nietzsche had a huge impact on my life for a certain time period. But there was always something missing in Nietzsche’s works that nawed at me and produced unsatisfaction. I believe now that Nietzsche was a bit too much of an elitist on the side of AUTHORITY. This is where Focault SURPASSES Nietzsche. Fuck authority. Nietzsche said the French Revolution was bad. FUCK THAT. Beheading the royalty and rich in an orgy of total mass murder was WONDERFUL! Hail Focault!

She’s terrible at presenting

Love your videos! Got 32 out of 35 question on my Micro’s midterm.


They missed Cossacks

Excellent. how I categorize this video or others either it is technical or leadership in order to report it to earn PDUs

I think the goal of the video is to describe, with examples, phonetic differences in the pronunciation of the phrase “night out”, and not to attempt to represent fully the Estuary or Irish accents. It’s about phonetic analysis, not impressionism or voice acting.

Minimum Wage


Thanks to you, I can afford to be lazy!

I love it so entertaining and informative!


THERE WILL BE NO PEACE ON EARTH there will be False peace on Earth thru the anti-messiah before God comes

Jesus Christ….


Before buying on gearbest, know that it’s thieves.

Michael Sandel for President? After watching his series, he seems fair and unbiased enough to be a good fit for the office.


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