Dictionary Methods – Python 3


We’re definitely just livestock.

Can we partially agree with this statement

I found this video helpful. So, thanks a lot.

The h and the a can be applied to speaking the i and the a take time to confirm

Please do one for science and maths as I struggle with maths the most!! Ly Eve this was rly helpful xxxx


Hurrr durrrr, we are all slaves to our phones and Capitalism is BAAAAAD!!

I watched this in sixth grade and it still is etched into my brain. it’s been a very long time

I feel this deserves a part two & three. So many great MCs who need to be apart of this discussion. Modern, past, female,


We as weaders.


The lady sounds like his mom

For number 4 you said price never shifts the curve but the increase in price for hamburgers shifted the curve?



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