Diferenças entre o Python 2.x e o Python 3.x


Thank you

Back across the square red rock in the sea. His head opened and stuff

Hehe I want to to F. U. Floating University FTW! *seriously though that was a great lecture on politics so many thanks to BigThink

Robbins is the best out there, but he has a strange sense of fashion.

If he would have been my professor at uni I would have had a huge crush on him..

I came here 2 days before he started this and from this series i got addicted to his channel

Damnit shes hotter than a 1000 degree glowing knife

Has this guy analyzed Simlish yet??

Eccentric, and has a strange obsession of hats….I hope she doesn’t wear

– King Charles V King of France

Modern Marvel movies have a bizarre combination of character styles they are trying to unify.

This was so helpful please do maths x

Endure work bow unemployment need flee sort lucky analyst.

Rubbish Kumar is the biggest asshole who is completely sold out pimp of NDTV.

Title should be “Steve Jobs talks about himself”

First time I realized the term Educated Idiot was real… My little brother came back from college and kept using big words as If he was so smart. Then life caught up.


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