Django and Python 3 How to Setup pyenv for Multiple Pythons


Thank god for that coffee machine otherwise they would have faild!

If beauty is about harmony of the sentance and the reader’s experience then i would say the most beautiful line to me is:

….yep….wonderful exemplar of philosophy…..a gay, suicidal, tranny lovin’, HIV positive, freak, writing about treatment of the insane…..damn, how could i have missed that one?

A clock would be right an infinitesimal amount of a time 2 times a day…

0:40 My right ear felt very lonely there for a moment

Similar to 146347458X 😉

Thanks for another great video. I always enjoy watching your videos and agree with almost everything what you’ve said here. I just wanted to point out, for the people that might not be aware of this, that while Linguistics has been a failure so far when it comes to language learning, it has been a big help for example in the field of Natural Language Processing (making computers work with language).

The Aryan Brotherhood is a degenerate pile of shit that would be executed if it walked into National Socialist Germany, you only see what they want you to see, wake up.

1:25 the guy with glasses is sleeping 😂😂😂

Well there’s your problem. Being endorsed by Peter Molyneux is like being endorsed by Hitler. How could Kung Fu Superstar not fail when Peter “I never deliver on anything I promise” Molyneux says it looks good?

Take care and God bless you

Has anyone ever found Tiffany With No Last Name?

This is not accuraten we know that the latin group was there also but is not on this clip.


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