Download and Install PyUSB for Python 2 and 3


Eventhough he seemed nervous, he had the courage to go on TEDx and perform in for hundreds of people live, and millions of people online. He is truly living his life to the fullest.

Incorrect, you dont need a government for roads. Its a commom myth started by liberals. This video is so liberal.

4) again: so many american books and some important absences that could easily have been there: Dostoievski, “la divina comedia” (although not exactly a novel), “Ulysses”, “cien anos de soledad”, “the sound and the fury”, “to the lighthouse”, “the odyssey”… they are grander, better, more original and have influenced much more than those american novels.

Great film

We wouldn’t push the fat man over because we are in no position to judge whether he would be enough to stop the car. We cannot directly weigh the utility of the five lives against the utility of the fat man’s life because we can’t be certain sacrificing the fat man would actually stop the car.

Do not do that ever again. Only markerplier knows how to play this

It’s so amazing how many intelligent animals we share this planet with.

Ma “am liz how many words a person maximum can use while writing task two

I did cure cancer. Fucked those hoes, who disagreed

For example, there was a huge backlash when GTA “only” got a rating of 9 out of 10.


I would have like a comparison for Charlize Theron in Monster

Who the hell talks like that to friends and family you make no damn sense

Sir please start video lecture on sub regional officer in mpcb

This shows of how we humans are destroying earth with life

Edward said an Palestinain treasure RIP warior.


What the hell was the opening discussion of language and grammar? Have you ever touched linguistics or the study of language?


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