Elizaveta Shashkova Debugging in Python 3 6 Better, Faster, Stronger PyCon 2017


I hopped in the tub, turned on a little Beethoven, and low and behold I was turned on because everyone kept saying finish studying. So I did. I started studying my penis and for some odd reason it started to grow. I thought it’d never stop, but when it did, study time was over. Now it’s time to get out of this tub and go take the test that I just studied for! Hope she likes Beethoven as much as I do!

Please can you do languages? I do french and spanish đŸ™‚

No offense to any religion though, it’s just that when you apply religion to politics in this age, you get very bad results.

Dude makes some logical sense when it comes to life advice like taking opportunities when they are there but then says some stupid shit like that cause he’s butt hurt.

That’d be hilarious if robots became sentient enough to just use us as pets and we’d be living in comfort as robot pets.

Or perhaps someone who is habitually angry it seems; upset at every turn in life and unable to see the positive in any situation regardless of its presence.

But did they get Jeremy Soule to do the music? His score for TA is still my favorite videogame score ever….

The game was released in a completely broken state. It’s impossible to finish any missions. Do not buy.

What goods and services does government provide to businesses?

All correct and convincing, however this is surviving in a foreign country and NOT learning of language. Just read a Newsweek article and sum it up in Chinese or Spanish!

You know this is so stupid and it’s still ongoing in india now. do you believe it

That joke though

Me podrĂ­as explicar la. parte fisica del ejemplo numero 5

Explain Slutwalks held in public spaces. Deliberate desensitization as a remedy to physical objectification? Really? So a Feminist Slutwalk and watching pornography serve the same purpose now? Deliberate desensitization as a remedy to physical objectification.


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