Facial Recognition with Python 3: Reconstruction of PCA Eigenfaces from the mean eigenface


Sir, in the start when i was searching a good teacher on YouTube i felt that you were bit fast. But.. When I put your vedios on playlist i kept the vedio on 2x speed and i could easily understand the things.. Actually i made. It fast to avoid distractions while studying. No one noticed it.. If your teach in a fast pace.. There’s no way a student can get distracted or day dream. Thank you sir.. It helped in my exams

“Maria” by Ulas Samchyk

Wow! He said no one is interested in Eugenisism anymore.., even sites Hitler as a Eugenisist. Why did Hitler use floride in the concentration camps?

Hey guys why don’t we help them get 1,000,000 subscribers cause I think that would be kind :3 (By the way Emma you should be a teacher in a advanced school)

This is really cool, keep up the work Tango! Zedaph is alive! Brb I have to watch his vid…

Red team = bad guys 😛

Please upload second lecture sir, I have no teacher to teach like this and no money to admit Tution.

And the the self made hierarchies of putting oneself as better then those that act prejudiced and we end up with a massive self aware feedback loop.


“I am Andrew Ryan. And i’m here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his own brow?”

I can speak Vietnamese and English lol 😂!

*and ceaselessly promoting ‘gender’ and doing away with the relevance of biological sex.


Rythme des paroles trop rapide pour les francophones intéressés par cette analyse….dommage

What’s the song at 15:17 pls, thank you!

Little pep in step Jack love it

Any one there… I have my ielts lrw exam on Dec 9 … will practise together

But he is correct. A business should be run by ideas, not by the power of hiarchy

This man is what we call wisdom

Why they had to stop making sketches tho?


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