Format A String In Python 3




Dr. Zeus bars!!!

Lady “What matter?”

I am fine with death just not pain

“With time your thoughts will colour your soul.” – Mark Aurel

Solved my problem! Thanks!

I deliberately put him a little to the side of Carnap and W. because he was not very consistent in these views and I know there are quotes from him leaning both ways on the issue.

Some good material I’m going to develop with my students 🙂

It says “for studying” – I opened this because I am doing homework ABOUT beethoven for Music History class…

You need a vagina and you don’t need intelligence or communication skills.

Too bad he’s in prison right now

Keeping your pen on your ear makes you look like a twat, not smart. And what the hell kind of notes are they taking.


This video was very helpful. Thanks 😉😉😉

Seriously, the main character is literally a atheist sterotype, rude, selfish, jackass, hypocritical, worships science, and uses alcohol to fight his crippling depression.


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