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If you think this is fake news because it doesn’t agree with what you believe in then suck it up SNOWFLAKE!

Net neutrality is bring eroded just one way power is trying control the web

Why people resistance change more logical question.

I can’t wait until you make a gaming channel

Brilliant vid, very helpful. Will there be any labour market videos coming soon?

The disregard for authorial intent is why I never enjoyed English. I always found authorial intent so interesting and revealing about the greater context for why that author decided to write stuff.

The most important thing is to familiarise yourself with the sound and tempo of the language. Listen to a radio station or watch movies in target language (no subtitle on, because you are focussing on sound and delivery) and listen and watch how the person moves their mouth and form words and over accentuate this process at first, really enjoying the process of having your mouth and facial muscles form the word and produce the sound. Become an expert at this skill by itself. Once you have immersed yourself for a few months in this then recede to watching very basic programmes with the subtitles on (watching first with target language subtitle on so you get familiar with the words written and spoken, then watch with English subtitle. Watch a particular segment for a few minutes do not read the subtitles and get into the flow of the language, try and see if what is said makes any sense (for instance Italian is obviously Latin based and there is a large cross over of Latin words in English). Then go over the segment again and correct yourself. Do not worry about grammar at all, because you are dealing with material that is grammatically correct, this facility will kick in automatically. Then go back to watching movies, and toggle between higher levels of language usage and the lower levels until you can drop the more basic stuff away. The last step would be to read basic texts, newspapers and also to try converse.


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Si! Ya extrañaba Little Inferno. Ojala este juego tenga una historia y una jugabilidad igual o mejor a la de Little Inferno,

“Kids aren’t afraid to take a chance… If they don’t know, they’ll have a go. They’re not frightened of being wrong” & we program this out of them with tests and curriculum aimed to prepare them for the next level of education.

Wow, finally an easy to access and understand guide about referencing. Great!

So people were not speaking any language until that Anatolian language spread and came to them? And French came from nowhere in the middle-age? (Latin, anyone?)

Great job

You explained succinctly in 2:15 mins what my economics professor couldn’t in 5 lectures. Amazing.

Ahem. Where are the women writers of the 20th century (take Simone du Beauvoir “Second sex” or Toni Morrisons works for influence)? And non-english/non-western culture influential books (I mean what happened to “Crime and Punishment” by D-skij)? Come on, WM, you can dig a little deeper and do better!

From the time we still had tomorrow

I wish I’d found your videos 6 months ago – Thank you so much. Soooooo helpful!!

What a legend, this guy actually taught me French and Maths!😂

…there was no mention of “survival of the fittest”. I think if there was only solid moral reason to eating a person, it would be the first one to die. Just wait for the first person to die (the weakest). In this way, murder is left out of option. I agree with what one guys said, murder is murder”. Period.

Teach me like teaching a child


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