Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 11 – Buttons p. 1


800 dislikes??? I assume the only type of music they listen to is rap.

Great voice!


I’m 12 and this seems really simple to me, I’m not trying to be mean but during the course of this video I wanted to SLAP YOUR FACE OFF

Min. 30-31, no offence, but that human is disgusting. what makes us human can be found in our genes, but not in this movie (with little exceptions)

Really instructive! I have a question though : are body languages really different in different countries? Especially, in Europe…

This is suppose to be funny but people, this is fast becoming our reality

Hello School of Life,

Feminism is cancer

Short term: State

Number 7 is by maroon 5 not gym class heroes

This guy seriously needs to have a look at India… He will find extremes of all these hypocrisies in education

I speak English and German, but I want to learn Greek, anyone have tips?

I also bet he regretted using the Lance Armstrong example.

Thankyou soon much I used to struggle with essays but now they are fun to write

‘There is a haunting sense of the imminent cessation of being.’ – Angela Carter on Autumn in ‘The Erl-King’

This is great i couldn’t figure it on my textbook

– Give every parent a voucher to send their child to whatever school they wish.

Hi Patrick, this is my first video of yours I’ve come across and it’s really great. I see this video is from 2016, so maybe you’ve already changed this, but just one guy’s opinion: You should use less background music, or at least change your selection. I’d say right now the music competes for viewer attention and doesn’t add or reinforce anything in your meaning. I really think the visuals and your analysis are excellent. They really are strong enough to stand on their own and you should feel comfortable letting them. It’d be better to let those stand out. Just two cents! Thanks for a great watch 🙂

That black dude with the cap needs to be smacked ugly mofo.


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