Game Development in Python 3 With PyGame – 15 – Button Events


Too vague built a shelf :L

Negative marking ahe na?????


What is the name of the music????

Fuck this brahamanism Hinduism don’t go to any temple never pay money to idols so called god start producing 5 child each family and unite

Personally, I think it’s a department they don’t want to pay for since they spit out movies all the time

People are buying it on ebay for $600 wtf

This has inspired me and is so beautiful… thank you

I read Paper Towns today and I finally understand “This Machine Kills Fascists” on his laptop wowie

Music is so distracting I am sorry!

2. [ʔəhː] 2a. add [ǃ͜k̚]

Hasan Khalil isn’t a very good interviewer, he seem to only have a wikipedia understanding of who he’s talking to and doesn’t seem listen to the responses.

My idea before the video starts: I assume it didn’t work out because the child would need an environment in which everyone spoke Klingon, or at least have a parent who was fully fluent in Klingon without hesitation. That’d be too hard unless this guy was completely fluent in Klingon and the language itself is fully developed. I assume its not since its not widely spoken and was made up.


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